If you need two person tent which is designed to provide fast and solid shelter, then you must get this WolfWise 2-person 3-season backpacking tent.

This backpacking tent is a three-season tent suitable for summer, spring and fall. It weighs around 5.07 pounds. The polyester and mesh combination gives you great protection against different weather conditions. Besides the fabric, the lightweight aluminium poles offer a great support.

This backpacking tent comes with a double cover. The double cover system keeps you dry even during the heavy downpours. The tent has comfortable sleeping area inside which is the best thing any tent can offer. The interior roof of the tent is attached with USB-based LED lighting. It is very helpful if one wants to read something at night.

Specification of WolfWise 2-person 3-Season Backpacking Tent

  • Type : 2-person backpacking tent.
  • Structure : Dual Layer.
  • Design : Freestanding dome design.
  • Weight : 5.07 pounds.
  • Floor Area : 210cm x 140cm.
  • Floor Material : 150D anti-tear Oxford cloth + PU Coating.
  • Centre Height : 43.3 inches.
  • Doors : Dual doors.
  • Flysheet Material : 190T polyester cloth + PU Coating.
  • Poles : Two shock-corded poles.
  • Setup Time : 5 to 10 minutes.
  • Stakes : Eight stakes.
  • Tent materials : 190T polyester cloth and B3 Nylon airy mesh.

Other Specifications

  • Double layer design.
  • Reliable in all three kinds of weather.
  • Illumination design.
  • Excellent ventilation.
  • Lightweight and easy to assemble.
  • Aviation grade aluminium poles.
  • Comes with one-year brand warranty.

Features of WolfWise 2-person 3-season backpacking tent

1. Comprehensive Design

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The tent is designed with double oversized doors on both front and back side. These doors allow easy entry and exit to and from the tent. The doors are designed with mesh. The mesh door design provides great ventilation inside.

It also keeps bugs and insects from entering into the tent. Also, it has a mesh interior pocket inside. The pocket is helpful in storing small items such as wallet, mobile phones or keys. The storage pocket helps you to keep things organized and managed inside the tent.


2. Ultra-Portable

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The total weight of this backpacking tent is 5.07 pounds. The lightweight construction makes it portable. One can take this tent on any camping adventure.

The backpacking tent can be folded into a flat shape. The folded dimension of this tent becomes 24.4 * 5.1 * 5.1 inches. The tent comes with a carry bag and it can be stored in its carry bag.

3. Weatherproof

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Some tents are not fully waterproof. They are water resistant to some level but won’t keep you dry during heavy downpour. The tent should withstand the changes in temperature. Hence, while buying the tent go for a tent which is designed for all kind of weathers.

This backpacking tent is made of waterproof materials. It also includes PU waterproof coatings. Double-stitched seams and stitch taping keeps the tent dry even in the heavy downpour. The ventilation is also great which provides a great flow of air inside the tent.

4. High-Quality Materials

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The backpacking tent comes with a 190T polyester rainfly along with 2000mm coating. The internal of the tent is made from breathable fabric which allows most airflow inside the tent. The floor of the tent is made of premium PE fabric. It is waterproof and prevents soil moisture from getting inside.

5. Dual Doors

This backpacking tent comes with a dual door set up. The dual door has its own advantage. At first, the dual door provides ventilation inside the tent. And next, the dual doors makes entering and exiting the tent easy. It prevents you from disturbing your partner while exiting from the tent as both have their own doors.

6. USB LED Lighting

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One feature that sets this tent apart from other backpacking tent is USB LED lighting. The LED light brightens the tent allowing clear vision inside the tent. With this tent, one does not need to bring any light stand with you on your camping adventure.

7. Storage Pocket

The tent comes with a storage pocket attached to its internal wall. The pocket is very handy in keeping smaller items. It helps in keeping things organized and at hand’s reach. It also avoids messing up of things by trampling on the tent floor.

8. Anti-Tear Fabric

This backpacking tent is made of anti-tear 190T embossed polyester fabric. This fabric provides comfort in sleeping with the shelter made out it. The fabric comes with ventilated mesh and double-stitched seams. It also includes stitch taping and waterproof tent floor. It can easily resist even heavy downpour.

9. Tent stakes & Poles

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The poles of the tent are made of lightweight aviation grade aluminium material. The lightweight aluminium poles provide durable structure support. The tent can be quickly set up because of the shock-corded pole design. This backpacking tent is provided with eight stakes for better stability.

10. Superior Construction

The rain cover and inner tent of this backpacking tent are made of 20D anti-tear grid nylon. The floor material of the tent is made of 40D anti-tear nylon which is twice as durable than the rain cover.

The poles of this tent are of aviation grade aluminium poles which are lightweight. They provide robust structural support. This backpacking tent can be stabilized by attaching the wind ropes with the grounded metal stakes which are grounded.

11. Setting up the Tent

One thing which most of the people find hectic is pitching the tent. The reason people find it hectic or annoying is they don’t practice it before or do not read the instructions before setting up the tent.

It is a very easy task if one goes through the manual instructions. It hardly takes around five to ten minutes to set up this tent. One needs to attach the poles and hooks properly. Once it’s done, just cover the tent with the rain fly and your tent is standing.

It is always recommended to practice assembling the new tent at home before going camping. It helps in finding out any issues in the tent or missing parts. It will also help you skip reading instructions at the time of setting up the tent during camping.

12. Packing up the Tent

Packing up the tent always feels more difficult than setting it up. But it’s not a thing to worry about. One just needs to be a bit tricky to pack up the tent. One needs to make sure to fold it wisely. The main trick lies in folding it to the width of the bag.

At first, hold the tent from the roof at its centre point and drape it on the ground. Next, fold it from sides until its width is equal to the carry bag width. Once it’s done, put it in the bag and you are ready to move. It’s as simple as that.

If you are planning to store your tent for a long time, it is recommended to keep it spread if you have got the space. Also, make sure to clean the tent before storing it away. The dust and dirt in the tent can damage it and make it useless.

13. What comes with this Tent

It comes with a tent that opens to 82.7 inches wide, 55.1 inches long and 43.3 inches high body with rain fly. Additionally, it has got a carry bag, wind rope, two-shock corded poles and eight tent stakes. The tent accessories assures you the best camping experience.

Points to consider while getting a backpacking tent

1. Size of the Backpacking Tent

You should know how much space you need while going for a camping adventure. One needs to confirm about the number of people that are going to stay together or share the tent. It helps you decide how much space your tent should have.

This backpacking tent is a three-person tent which is quite spacious for two peoples. The floor area inside the tent is 210cm x 140cm which will easily accommodate two person and their gears. Additionally, the tent comes with an extended vestibule for more storage.

2. Centre Height of the Tent

The centre height of the tent shows how long the tent stands. More centre height means more space inside the tent to sit and stand. Higher centre height also gives you ample headroom.

This backpacking tent stands 43.3 inches high which is fairly tall. It is not the tallest among the similar backpacking tent categories. But it does a pretty well job and gives a comfort stay inside. One can easily change clothes inside this tent.

3. Vestibules and Doors

It doesn’t matter with whom you are going camping, you will never like to disturb your partner while getting out of the tent. Hence, one should always look out for a dual door tent. It gives you an extra access to get in and out of the tent. Also, it is very good in windy and stormy weather as you will have a door opposite of the wind direction.

This tent comes with a dual door having one on front and other on the back side. It helps both people sharing the tent have their own door for easy access and exit.

Vestibules are the extended area on the front side of the tent. Having vestibules option in the tent is very helpful as one don’t need to worry about the storage space. It gives you space to store your gear or dirty boots. Luckily, this tent has got vestibule area and makes it quite spacious to store your gears.

4. Durability

One of the most important things a backpacking tent must have is durability in a long run. It mostly depends on the thickness of the tent walls as well as doors. If tent materials are thinner, it can be more vulnerable to get puncture by rocks or sticks.

This tent is made of double layer of highly durable polyester fabric. It makes the tent extra durable and sturdy. It is also provided with mesh panels for proper ventilation. Besides mesh, it also includes aluminium poles to provide premium support.

Pros WolfWise 2-Person 3-Season Backpacking Tent

  • Dual doors for easy access and exit.
  • Strong sturdy zippers that are snag proof.
  • Embedded USB LED light.
  • Big and spacious in size.
  • Suitable for summer, spring and fall.
  • Lightweight and easy to assemble.
  • Complete waterproof shelter for two peoples.
  • Aviation-grade aluminium poles.
  • Comparatively lower price than other tents of the same category.

Cons WolfWise 2-Person 3-Season Backpacking Tent

  • It doesn’t support footprint.
  • It doesn’t come with guy lines.
  • Feels heavier for a two-person backpacking tent.

Final opinion about the Backpacking Tent

1. Interior Space (4.5 out of 5)

This backpacking tent has enough space for two peoples. Two people can easily accommodate inside this tent. It even comes with vestibules on its front side which is very useful to store camping gears. Overall, this tent has good space for two peoples.

2. Weight (3.8 out of 5)

The total weight of this backpacking tent is of 5.7 pounds. The weight seems to be slightly high for a two-person backpacking tent. But it can be easily carried if the tent parts are distributed among two peoples.

3. Features & Ease of Use ( 4.2 out of 5)

It is lashed with different features to provide you comfortable and great camping adventure. It has a double layered fabric with mesh walls to provide proper ventilation. It has a double doors with mesh fabrics for continuous flow of fresh air inside the tent. It also comes with embedded USB LED light inside the tent to provide lighting inside the tent.

4. Reliability ( 4 out of 5)

This tent comes with various features to give you great camping adventure. It is a great choice for summer, fall and spring. It can even handle moderate cold but is not advised to be used in winter season.

5. Pricing (4.8 out of 5)

This tent is priced very low besides having numerous of features. The tent is quite budget friendly and affordable. You may get doubt about the quality seeing the price. But the tent is durable and strong along with being budget friendly.

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