If you are a nature lover, there is nothing better than spending time in nature exploring the beauty of it. The best ways to reconnect with nature is to go trekking, camping or mountaineering. To have a comfortable shelter on such natural expeditions, we all need a good quality backpacking tent.

If you need comfortable backpacking tent, you should consider Weanas three-season backpacking tent. This tent is a great choice for two-person. It offers adequate space for two-person for a comfortable stay in the woods or on hills.

It is a feature rich two-person entry-level backpacking tent. This tent can be the best choice for budget-conscious shoppers. The standard features of this tent are aluminum poles and factory-taped seams out of the box. The fabric of this tent is UV resistant and silicone coated to make it waterproof.

Specification of Weanas three-season two-person backpacking Tent

  • Type : 2-person backpacking tent.
  • Design : Freestanding Dome style
  • Seasons : Three-season
  • Sleeping capacity : 2-person.
  • Floor Size : 78 * 50 inches.
  • Floor surface : 32/42 square foot.
  • Floor material : 150-denier polyester Oxford with 3000mm polyurethane coating
  • Center Height : 43 inches.
  • Doors : Dual doors.
  • Total Weight : 4.2 pounds.
  • Flysheet : 20-denier durable nylon ripstop with a 4000mm silicone coating.
  • Poles : 8.5mm Diameter High quality extruded aluminum.
  • Stakes : Aluminum stakes.

Other Specifications

  • Dual doors and vestibules for easy access and extra storage.
  • Seam-taped & full coverage waterproof rain fly.
  • 4000 mm waterproof index.
  • Wind and Cold Resistance.
  • Well ventilated.
  • Fly’s 2 skylights provide airflow to prevent condensation buildup.
  • No-see-um mesh and fabric wall panels keep out biting pests.


  • Easy to install. One person can install the tent easily and quickly.
  • Tent door uses a two-way zipper for more convenience and durability.
  • Two sides of the Ventilation windows can be closed or opened
  • The tent has wind ropes fixed all around for making it windproof.

Let’s discuss some features of this backpacking tent.

1. Weather Protection

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This weanas two-person backpacking and camping tent is a three-season tent. It is a perfect choice for camping during summer, spring, and fall. Also, it can easily handle heavy rains and cold weather to some degrees. But it is not a suitable choice for camping in winter.

The rainfly of this tent is of Deluxe 20D 380T Nylon fabric. It comes with Silicone coating and Waterproof PU1000 mm along with UV30+ protection. It prevents any water leakage inside the tent. The UV30+ protection also saves us from harmful UV rays of the sun. Plus, the seam-taped construction and rainfly are enough to make it waterproof.

It is a three-season backpacking tent but you can use it in the winter with a good quality sleeping bag. Though it is not made for the winter season, still it can manage to keep you warm inside when paired with a good quality sleeping bag.

This tent features a mesh screen which prevents condensation inside the tent. The no-see-um mesh panels provide proper ventilation. You can properly ventilate it with doors, windows and mesh panels. Further, you can close them down in cold night or heavy rains.

2. Comfortable Design

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The interior space of this tent is 78 * 50 inches. It is quite roomy and spacious and provides livable environment inside. Even the headroom is also spacious to provide a comfortable shelter away from home. There is enough space inside the tent to move around, sit up or change clothes.

3. Great Ventilation

Human body sweating and breathing can form condensation and moisture inside the tent. They create an unpleasant environment inside the tent and makes it difficult to breathe. This tent comes with a double layer of walls for preventing moisture formation. It also features mesh screen to prevent the condensation inside the tent.

The tent features mesh panels on its windows, doors and on the roof. The mesh panels provide proper ventilation to the tent by keeping the airflow continuous. The mesh walls is an added benefit to those who camp in hot regions.

You can even sleep under stars removing rainfly. The mesh panels will not let the mosquitoes and small insects enter the tent. You can watch and record stargazing from this tent at night.

4. Tent Fabrics and their Quality

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First, the canopy of this tent is constructed of durable ripstop nylon. The floor material is of 150-denier polyester oxford. Also, it comes with 3000 mm polyurethane coating for making it waterproof.

The rain fly fabric is of 20-denier durable nylon ripstop. Moreover, it comes with 4000 mm waterproof Index silicone coating. So this tent has the capability to withstand heavy rain as well as UV rays.

The poles of this tent are 8.55 mm diameter high quality extruded aluminum. They keep the tent stable even in windy and stormy weather.

5. Dual Doors & Vestibules

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This tent features dual door design for easy access and exit. The dual door prevents partners from crawling over each other during entry and exits to the tent. The doors come with a two-way zipper to tighten and add the door curtain to pull. The dual door makes stay more convenient.

Also, this tent features dual vestibule one on either side. These vestibules are extra space to the tent. You can keep your backpack, shoes or dirty clothes in the vestibule area. The vestibules can be closed with a zipper which makes it secure.

6. Mesh storage pocket

This backpacking tent comes with two mesh storage pockets on its corner. The pockets are attached at corners of the tent. These mesh pockets are very useful in storing smaller gears within the reach. Also, it prevents the damaging of smaller things by trampling on the tent floor.

7. Setting up the tent

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This tent is a freestanding dome design tent with a simple structure. The tent comes with 8.5mm diameter high quality extruded aluminum poles which provides sturdiness and stability. It is very easy to set up this tent. You need to go through the printed instructions and you can do it easily.

The tent can be easily set up in 5 to 10 minutes. To set up the tent, make the criss-cross design by attaching the poles. Next, attach the canopy with the tent using clips provided in the package. When the canopy is attached, cover the roof with the rainfly. And it is done. Though the instruction says two people, it can be done easily by a single person.

You should try setting up the tent once at home before going for the camping adventure. It helps in finding flaws in the tent if any exists. Also, it trains you to set up the tent with perfection at the camping site.

8. Packing up the tent

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Most of the people find it difficult to pack up the tent than setting it up. It is because almost everyone tries to pack the tent with force without properly folding it up. The actual way to pack up the tent is to fold it into its bag width and then pack it up.

To do so, spread the tent on the ground and start rolling it. Next, fold it tightly and make it equal to the width of its bag. Once you fold it, put it in the bag and close the zipper. Keep the stakes and poles separate from the fabrics. They may damage the tent fabric making it useless in future.

It is recommended to keep the tent spread if you are not planning any camping adventure for some time. It will prevent the fungus formation and save the tent for further usage. Also, make sure, the tent is free from dust and dirt before storing it. They can damage the tent, hence clean it properly before storing.

Points to consider before buying backpacking tent

1. Space inside the tent

If you are camping alone, space won’t matter a lot. But if you are with someone, you need to think of a backpacking tent with a spacious interior. It’s difficult to carry many tents with you on an adventure. Hence you need a tent which can at least accommodate two-person.

This Weanas three-season two-person backpacking tent is quite spacious. It can easily accommodate two persons with their gears. Plus, the vestibules space is an added space to the tent. You can store dirty clothes, shoes or backpacks in the vestibules.

2. Center height of the tent

The center height of the tent shows how tall the tent stands. The more is the center height, the taller the tent stands. It is easier to stand, sit up or move around in the tent having higher center height.

This tent has the center height of 43 inches which somewhere ok. It gives enough space for moving around or sit inside the tent. But one will feel difficulty in standing straight though one can change clothes comfortably.

3. Weight of the backpacking tent

One should always look out for lightweight backpacking tent. They are comfortable to carry even on longer treks. One can easily carry a lightweight tent with other accessories.

This Weanas three-season two-person backpacking tent weighs 4.2 pounds. It is a very lightweight backpacking tent for two-person. One can easily carry it even on longer trips. If they feel heavy, the tent’s segment can be distributed among the two which makes it extra light.

4. Quality & Durability of Tent materials

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This tent is compact and very light compared to other two-person tents. Setting up this tent is quite easy task. It comes with rope and extra stakes to secure it in different weather conditions. The aluminium poles make it extra sturdy and durable. The tarp included with the package prolongs its life making it more durable and strong.

5. Three-season or Four-season

It is a three-season backpacking tent. This tent is a perfect choice for camping in spring, summer and fall. The mesh walls and windows provide excellent ventilation for a comfortable stay. It also prevents condensation inside the tent.

This tent is not a suitable choice for camping in cold winter. Though pairing with a good quality sleeping bag, the temperature inside the tent can be managed around 1-degree Centigrade. But if you love camping in cold and winter season, then it’s better to get a four-season backpacking tent.


  • Very light and compact.
  • Aluminum poles feel really solid.
  • Mesh walls for hot dry summer nights.
  • Attached rainfly works well enough in summer rain conditions.
  • Tent clips to the poles instead of poles sliding through sleeves.
  • Comes with a footprint and tarp.


  • A little tight if you want any gears extra than people in the tent.
  • Not good choice for people who are taller than 6 feet.
  • Includes only 2 mesh corner pockets.
  • The vents on the fly could be a little larger.
  • Not much of a vestibule space.

Final overview of this Backpacking Tent

1. Interior Space (3.5 out of 5)

The floor area inside the tent is of 27 square feet. This space is enough for two-person to spend the night. Plus, the vestibule space gives the storage area for backpacks, boots and other gears. The center height is of 43 inches.

It is quite comfortable to sit, move around or change clothes inside the tent. Also, it has two mesh storage pockets to keep small gears managed and organized.

2. Weight (4.5 out of 5)

The weight of this backpacking tent is 4.2 pounds. It is a very lightweight tent for a two-person tent. It includes lightweight aluminum poles and stakes which reduces weight. Besides being lightweight, it is sturdy and durable to face any weather condition.

3. Reliability (4 out of 5)

This tent is a two-person three-season backpacking tent. This tent is a perfect choice if you are camping in summer, spring or fall. The tent has been designed to give you a comfortable stay during these three seasons. It is also equipped with various features to protect you from rain, wind, and storm. Using a good quality sleeping bag, it can also be used in normal cold weather.

4. Features & Ease of Use (4 out of 5)

The tent comes with different features to provide you with a great camping experience. It is well ventilated and has double doors for easy access. Moreover, it can be easily set up within less than 10 minutes by a single person.

5. Pricing (3.8 out of 5)

This backpacking tent is quite affordable while looking at its price. It will give you a great camping experience at a very low price. It is a feature-rich tent which comes at a budget-friendly price.

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