Photographs are everything!! So you need to make sure that all your memories are well- documented and well- protected. For that, you need to protect your DSLR from different ways you might lose it.

You might think that you are too lucky or too careful for such a thing to happen to you. I am friends with people who thought the same. But when my friends became a part of a tragedy of losing a DSLR, I became determined to share proven methods to help DSLR lovers from losing their cameras.

The following goes without saying:

DSLR is an expensive equipment. They are primary targets of petty thieves and pickpockets who want to make quick bucks. And they do that at your expense!!

Here’s a complete list of 12 things you can do to keep your DSLR from being stolen:

1. Camera Theft Insurance

How to Get the Most Out of Your Camera Bag (3)

Amidst all your excitement of buying a new camera and taking wonderful pictures, you might lose track of insuring your camera. Don’t make the fatal mistake of not insuring your DSLR. There are various companies which provide such camera theft insurance.

In addition:

You might be a travel freak too. And the cases of people who lose their DSLR while travelling is on the rise. Check your insurance company to see if it covers travel theft insurance of your DSLR or not.

2. Note Your Serial Number

How to Get the Most Out of Your Camera Bag (3)

Easiest things are often not done. When it comes to your DSLR, you need to make sure that you do a simple thing of noting the serial number. It will be an essential step for you ( or the police) to track your DSLR.

3. Keep It Close

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Have there been any days where you did not think that some pictures were not worth taking? Probably not! You might never know when you get an idea for a perfect shot. So keep your camera nearby you.

Whenever you are travelling, you need to be extra attentive with keeping your camera close to you. Unattended bags are just what thieves and thugs will be keeping an eye on. When you’re close to your camera, you become that much more protective about it.

4. Don’t Lend

Have you ever been upset with your friend who accidentally dropped your phone? Then you are not the only one. Avoid minor cracks in your friendship by not lending them your DSLR. DSLR are different from mobile phone screens. Mobile screens are replaceable, a broken DSLR is not!!

Yes, I know that selfies with your phones are not as good as DSLR shots. But do you want to risk your camera by asking a stranger to take your photographs? Look for someone who you can trust or are confident of outrunning.

5. No night-outs for DSLR

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Night-outs and are compulsory for you, but not your DSLR. Night-outs can mean drinking and going with strangers. There is a very good chance that you will lose track of your DSLR when you’re breezed with alcohol. And you can’t trust drunken strangers!!

If you want to go out for a nighttime photography, go out with your trusted friends. That way, you can avoid buggery and take pictures you’re craving for.

6. Assess Your Camera Bag

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Camera bags come in a variety of shapes, sizes and forms. Look for a bag that has a cushion for your camera. Anti- theft camera bags will make you feel extra safe about your equipment.

Having a camera with multiple pockets or compartments might make it difficult for you to locate your camera. This hassle might be an attention grabber!! So look for bags with minimal compartments for easier handling.

7. Strap it Properly

Strapping your camera might feel unnatural at the beginning. Having to adjust your fingers along with the movement of the camera strap might be a put off.


If you tighten your straps around your rest, you’ll be able to secure your DSLR in case it falls. It also is a way of preventing theft.

8. Being Selective

Let’s be honest

You don’t take pictures all the time and every day. Avoid the hassle of carrying and being constantly worried about the safety of your camera.

Being selective with taking your DSLR is a healthy habit. You probably don’t need to take your camera in places that you’re not sure is safe. This becomes especially relevant while travelling to places you have not been to.

9. Avoid Large Crowds

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Large crowds often detract you from your focus. With a great number of people that are moving around you, you might not be able to feel your bag against your back. That is when you can be the most vulnerable to losing your camera.

With a background of big city noise and constant humming of people, it might be easier for thieves to track and steal your camera from you. Besides, you might have difficulty seeing and travelling through people to track the thief. It is best if you avoid large crowd altogether.

Exceptions can be made if a shot is absolutely necessary or if you are travelling with a large number of close friends. They will keep the camera safer.

10. Getting an Alarm

Movement alarms and proximity smart alarms might also be very useful equipment for keeping a track of your DSLR. They will help you detect any movement of camera equipment that has not been authorized by you.

GPS trackers might also come in handy in case you want to get a headstart to finding out where exactly your camera got lost ( in case it does).

11. Go with your guts

How often do you listen to your inner voice? Taking all mechanical steps to protect your camera might not always be a good way to move forward. Sometimes, all you need to do is listen to what your heart says should be done. Listening to your heart might have often produced good photographs as well as protected your camera gear in unexpected ways.

12. Reporting

Life offers no guarantees!! In worst case scenarios despite best of your efforts, the DSLR might still be stolen. Report to the nearby authority right away! In such cases information related to your serial number, other methods of identification such as marks or strap or information from GPS tracker will be important.

For that, you need to be aware of the minute details about your cameras as well.


With these easy steps, you can always have a good time with your DSLR without worrying about its safety. Check if you have followed any of these steps right away!!

If you’ve not, start right away!! I couldn’t stand if anything happened to my camera. Could you?

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