Sosoon laptop business anti-theft backpack carries all its duties in a great way. It is an anti-theft backpack which can be used for different purposes. The backpack is made of a high-quality material, nylon 1680D. The material used is water repellent, tear-resistant and anti-scratch in nature.

All of us love travelling but the news of travellers getting robbed and their bags getting slashed scares us. Nothing could be worse than getting robbed and being alone in an unknown, foreign place. But you can drop off such fears related to travel-theft if you get Sosoon Anti-theft laptop backpack.

The backpack comes with various safety features in it. Besides, it also features well-padded laptop sleeve, shoulder straps and back panel. Sosoon Anti-theft laptop backpack should be a one-stop selection while looking for backpacks.

Physical overview of the Sosoon laptop anti-theft backpack

This backpack is made of 1680D polyester, which is a cut-proof and scratch proof material. The total volume of backpack ranges from 20-30 litres. The physical dimension of the backpack is 19.5 * 14 * 5.7 inches and weighs about 1.9 pounds.

The backpack has a main compartment, 2 front pockets, 2 side pockets and 1 back pocket. Looking inside the main compartment, it has 1 laptop or iPad sleeve, 4 inner pockets and 4 pen/pencil slots.

Feature the backpack has to offer

1. Safety Features

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There are various anti-theft features in this backpack. These features will secure your belongings from getting stolen or looted. The security features present in the backpack are explained below:

The backpack does not feature any visible zipper. The zipper of the main compartment is fully hidden making it virtually impossible for the thieves or pickpockets to reach inside.

Looking at the backpack, it is quite hard to understand how to keep things inside it. The main compartment is hidden from normal eyes. The hidden pockets are organized to not be visible while looking at the backpack.

The front pocket of the backpack is quite handy and organized. It helps to keep regular items organized and accessible. The front pocket is fully zippered and safe. It will help you to keep your cash, cards, keys, etc which is needed quite often while travelling.

2. USB Charging Port

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The backpack comes with an embedded charging port on one of its sides. The charging port of the backpack helps to charge our gadgets without getting the power bank out. A wire is connected to the external port and goes inside the front pocket of the backpack. You just need to connect the power bank inside and the device outside. And the device starts charging without any hassle.

This is quite a handy feature of the backpack. It solves the hassle of pulling out power bank to charge our gadgets. Additionally, the backpack offers a free data cable for iPhone users.

3. Dedicated Laptop Sleeve

Sosoon business anti-theft laptop backpack comes with a well-padded laptop sleeve. The laptop sleeve of the backpack helps to keep laptop and tablet safe during journey or travel.

The laptop sleeve can hold a laptop of the screen size up to 17 inches. The backpack is available in 4 different models and sizes. The laptop sleeve of the backpack absorbs the effects of falling down or shaking of the backpack.

4. Water Repellent Fabric

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If you are concerned about your belongings getting destroyed by water spilling, you can drop your concern if you have Sosoon anti-theft business laptop backpack with you. The backpack is made with a water repellent material. Even if you spill water mistakenly, it won’t do any harm.

The material used for making the backpack doesn’t let the water go inside. The water simply slides above the material as it is water repellent in nature.

And in case of heavy rain, a rain cover can be used to cover the backpack which would keep it completely safe. The rain cover doesn’t come included with the backpack. You will need to buy one separately.

5. Multiple Organizational Pockets

Sosoon anti-theft business laptop backpack is a lightweight and portable backpack. There are two compartments, one in front and the main compartment is hidden at the back side.

The front compartment is smaller in size and it provides good option to store smaller items. The items like keys, USB drives, pens and similar items can be kept here. The main compartment has a good laptop sleeve and several functional pockets. These functional pockets will allow you to keep your gears organized in its place.

The backpack can easily fit a laptop, pens and notebooks, water bottles, clothes and a pair of shoes. It offers more space than one expects from the backpack of similar size. Hence, you can always carry an extra pair of clothing if you have Sosoon anti-theft laptop backpack.

6. Side Pockets

The backpack comes with pockets on either of its sides. The side pockets are stretchable and can accommodate a big water bottle or rain cover. The side pockets can be used to keep things which are not of high values or scrap items along with your journey. The side pockets are also suitable for keeping water bottle and rain cover.

7. Weight Distribution

Most of the backpack these days claim to have good weight distribution. But do they offer what they claim? I don’t think so. But the Sosoon anti-theft laptop backpack is an exception.

The Sosoon anti-theft laptop backpack is designed with an innovative weight balance feature. It makes you feel 20-25% less weight than the actual weight of the backpack and things inside it. Plus the body side and shoulder straps have nice thick and breathable mesh padding. The thick and wide padding offers your back and shoulder plenty of cushioned comfort.

8. High-Quality Material

The material used to manufacture the backpack is water repellent, anti-scratch and tear resistant 1680D polyester. Needless to say, it is a high-quality material. It is coupled with reinforced stitching for high durability. The quality of the backpack is perfect for business travels & outdoor activities. It can also be used for day to day commute or as college/school bag.

Additional Features

Along with the security features, the backpack houses some more features. Let’s have a look at these additional features of the backpack:

1. Unisex Design

Sosoon laptop anti-theft backpack is designed considering both male and female body. The backpack fits well on both male and female body. It is a unisex backpack which can be used by both males and females for travelling and day to day commute.

2. Quick Access Pocket

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The backpack features quick-access pocket on the shoulder straps. This pocket is handy for keeping passport, transport card, gift card, id card, or travelling tickets. The pocket is safe and convenient to use.

3. Luggage Strap

Sosoon anti-theft laptop backpack comes with an embedded luggage strap in it. A luggage strap allows to attach the backpack to the suitcase/trolley while going for trip. You can get rid of the backpack on their shoulder while travelling with luggage.

4. Versatile

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Sosoon anti-theft laptop backpack is perfect for peoples of every age group. The backpack is quite comfortable for different usage. It can be used especially while travelling as a travel backpack. It is also quite handy for business or leisure trips, or even for outdoors and college/school student.

5. Warranty

The manufacturers offer a one year limited warranty for any quality related issue. The warranty offers free repairing of the backpack. So, this is an added advantage of having this Sosoon anti-theft laptop backpack.

Trade Drawbacks of Sosoon anti-theft laptop backpack

1. Missing Slashguards

Sosoon anti-theft laptop backpack has no slashguard in it . Slashguards are lightweight and flexible stainless steel wire. It is embedded inside the fabric of the most of the backpack gives extra protection. Sadly, the manufacturer disappoints us missing this feature.

2. Illuminating Parts

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Most backpacks comes with some glowing parts attached to it which help the person carrying a backpack be spotted at dark or night hours. It makes walking or riding at night safe as the person can be visible from distance. It also helps avoid collision from backside.

3. Proper Ventilation

Though the back panel of the backpack is well padded, it lacks proper space to let air pass. The ventilation of the backpack is not satisfactory. Carrying the backpack for longer hours results in sweat on the back side of your body.

4. Not Fully Waterproof

The backpack is water repellent to some level. But it fails to stop water getting inside if it rains moderately or heavily. The backpack is not completely waterproof. Nobody would love to see their belongings ruined because of rain. Hence, the manufacturer should have considered about making it waterproof. They could have provided a free rain cover with the backpack.


Looking at every detail of the backpack, I have summarized my entire experience with Sosoon anti-theft laptop backpack

1. Usability (4.5 out of 5)

It is sure that the backpack has many anti-theft features. These features make it a perfect backpack to have for going on any trip or vacation. It is perfect for every age group. The backpack can be taken into use for different purposes such as school/college or travel.

2. Internal Organization(4.0 out of 5)

The backpack has 1 main compartment, 2 side pockets and 1 back pocket. Looking at the internal of the backpack, there is one laptop or tablet sleeve along with 4 smaller pocket. There are also a few slots to store pen or pencil.

3. Comfort (3.7 out of 5)

The back panel of the backpack is well padded. The shoulder straps can be adjusted according to the comfort of the owner. It gives a nice comfortable feeling while carrying. However, the lack of proper ventilation makes your back sweaty while carrying it on your back for longer time.

4. Construction (4 out of 5)

The backpack is made using a high quality 1680D polyester. It is a fabric which is tear proof, scratch proof as well as water repellent. The fabric used is long lasting and is tough to invade inside. Even the stitching is of great quality which doesn’t seem to come off easily.

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