If you are planning a trekking or camping trip with your friends or family, you will need a spacious tent. The extra space can accommodate one more person or you can use it to store your gears inside the tent beside you.

So, if you are wondering which tent should you look for, then you must check out this SEMOO backpacking tent. It is a three-person backpacking tent which can easily fit in four peoples with comfort. The tent is quite spacious provides you with great camping experience.

It is an extremely lightweight tent which is perfect for hiking and travel camping. T he tent frame is of shock-corded fiberglass and comes with clips for easy setup and stability. The canopy of this tent made of durable polyester fabric keeps you dry even in heavy rains.

Specification of SEMOO Double layer backpacking Tent

  • Design : Freestanding dome design.
  • Floor Area : 82 square feet.
  • Total Capacity : 3-4 Person
  • Weight : 7.26 pounds.
  • Center Height : 51.2 inches.
  • Tent dimension : 126 x 94.5 x 51 inches.
  • Packed Size : 25*6*6 inches.
  • Body Material : High-quality polyester with mesh panels.
  • Seasonal/Temperature Use : 3 Season usage.
  • Tent Pole Material : Shock-corded Fiberglass poles.
  • Vestibule Space : 17 sq ft / 1.58 sq m
  • Max Length : 126 inches.
  • Max Width : 94.5 inches.
  • Floor Material : PE 110g/m2 durable Polyester.
  • Rain Fly Material : Durable and Waterproof 190T Polyester
  • Vents : Yes
  • Doors : Dual D-shaped doors.

Other Specifications

  • Dome-shaped design for better stability.
  • Mesh D-style door for easy entry and exit with great ventilation.
  • Mesh windows for proper airflow and ventilation.
  • Hooped fly frame to protect against rain.
  • Made from a durable and strong Polyester.

Features of this SEMOO Double layer backpacking tent

  • Lightweight and spacious tent which can easily accommodate 4 peoples.
  • Roomy vestibules for extra storage space.
  • High strength fibreglass frame.
  • Specialized inner tent material for great ventilation.
  • 2-ply design for better rain protection.
  • Poly rainfly and shell for lightweight and durability.
  • Easy to set up and disassemble.

Let’s discuss some features of this backpacking tent.

1. Weather Protection

It is a freestanding tent which provides excellent weather protection in every weather. It is designed to stand still even in harsh weather conditions such as heavy rains or strong winds or storm. Plus, it is a three-season backpacking tent which is great for usage in summer, spring, and fall.

It comes with a high strength fiberglass frame. It provides stability and extreme weather protection during rainy and stormy weathers. Plus, the dual doors provide an entry and exit from the opposite direction of the wind.

The durable polyester coating on the rain fly is enough to keep you safe and dry even in the heavy downpour. The tent also features a waterproof base which doesn’t let water get inside the tent from the ground. Plus, the seams are taped from the factory, hence you do not need to do extra waterproofing.

The polyester material features mesh panels for allowing continuous airflow inside the tent. The mesh panel provides ventilation to keep the tent cool in hot summer.

2. Ventilation

A tent must provide continuous air flow to maintain a cool temperature inside. Human body’s sweat creates condensation inside the tent if it is not well ventilated.

This tent comes with dual D-shaped doors which provide great ventilation inside. It comes with a double layered fabric with mesh panels. It prevents condensation and provides excellent ventilation.

3. Tent dimensions

This SEMOO double layer backpacking tent is 126 inches in length and 94.5 inches in width. It is quite spacious for four peoples to stay inside along with their gears. The center height of the tent is 51 inches. Plus, the vestibules area give more space to store backpacks and other camping gears.

One can easily sit, stand or move around with comfort inside this tent. The ample headroom lets you stand and change clothes with an ease. Even someone of 6 feet and taller can also stand inside in comfort.

4. Dual Doors & Vestibules

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One should always look for a tent with dual doors. It lets you get in and out of the tent without crawling over your partner. Also, it provides you an exit and entry from the opposite direction of wind and storm.

This SEMOO double layer backpacking tent comes with double D-shaped doors. The doors are provided with zippers for safety of your belongings. Also, the doors feature mesh panels to provide excellent airflow inside the tent.

The tent also comes with dual vestibules on either side. These vestibules are extra space for the tents. It is helpful in storing camping gears, backpacks, and dirty clothes or boots.

5. Storage pocket

This SEMOO double layer backpacking tent features storage pocket inside. This pocket is very helpful for keeping phones, keys, wallets or a power bank. Also, it prevents your gadgets from getting damaged by trampling on the floor.

6. Tent materials and its construction

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The interior fabric is of 210T breathable polyester and high-density nylon mesh. This fabric combination is very strong and durable besides being waterproof. The canopy is double layered with mesh panels for providing continuous airflow. It helps to maintain proper ventilation in the tent.

The floor material of the tent is of 210D PU400MM polyester. It is also durable and waterproof. It prevents the soil moisture from getting inside the tent. Also, it stops insects and bugs from getting in the tent. The seams of the floors are taped from the factory only to make it waterproof. Hence, you don’t need to do extra waterproofing.

The fly material is of an anti-tear checked polyester coating. It is a very good quality fabric. Along with waterproof, it even protects you from harmful UV rays of the sun. The seams of this rain fly are also sealed to make the tent complete waterproof.

The poles of this tent are made of shock corded fiberglass and steel stakes. It doesn’t get rust and is durable in long run. It keeps the tent stand still even in the heavy rain as well as windy or stormy weathers. Overall, the quality of tent materials is great.

7. Pitching the tent

It is quite easy to pitch this tent. You need to go through the instruction manual that comes with the package. Every step is clearly mentioned in the manual for proper pitching of the tent. Though the manual recommends two people for it, but it can be set up easily by a single person. It hardly takes 5-10 minutes to set up this tent.

This tent comes with shock-corded fiberglass poles and steel stakes. They are quite sturdy and strong. It is also durable as it can’t be attacked by rust. To set up the tent, join the poles to make criss-cross design and attach the canopy with clips provided.

Once the tent is standing, cover it with the rainfly to make it waterproof. The rainfly covers the entire area and prevents any kind of leakage. Next, attach the vestibules to the outer poles for extra space.

It is recommended to practice setting up the tent once at home before the camping adventure. It saves your time of reading the instructions and also trains you to pitch the tent perfectly. Plus, it helps you to find if there are any flaws in the tent.

8. Packing up the tent

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Disassembling and packing up the tent always feels difficult than pitching it. But it is not so hectic task at all. Most of the people fail to pack it as they roll it unevenly and try to push in the carry bag with force.

But one can do it easily following the trick. The main trick lies in rolling and folding the tent to the width of its carry bag. At first, spread the tent wide on the ground. Next, roll it up and fold from the sides tightly till it is equal to the width of its carry bag. Once you fold it, put it in the bag and close the zipper.

Keep the stakes and poles separate from the fabric as they can damage the fabric and make it useless. Also, make sure the tent is clean and free from dust and dirt before storing it. If you are storing it for a longer time, it is recommended to keep it spread. It prevents tent fabric from getting damaged.

9. What’s included in the package?

The tent package contains following items:

  • 1 inner tent.
  • 1 rainfly tent.
  • 1 polyester carry bag.
  • 2 inner poles.
  • 1 rainfly poles.
  • 19 steel stakes.
  • 6 guy lines.

Points to consider before buying a backpacking tent:

1. Space inside the tent

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Before buying a tent for yourself, be assured how many people can sleep comfortably inside. There are different tents available in various size and dimensions. Always look for a tent which provides more storage along with the living space for storing gears.

This tent features floor area of 82 square feet which is quite spacious for four-person. It also comes with mesh storage pockets in the corner to keep smaller items organized. The vestibules provide extra space to keep dirty clothes, boots, and other gears.

2. Standing room space

Standing room space refers to the center height of the tent. Not every tent provides enough center height for taller people. Before buying a tent, make sure that its center height is tall enough to stand or move around inside easily.

The center height of this tent is 51.2 inches. This tent is a great choice for taller people. They can stand, change clothes or move around with comfort.

3. Portability

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Portability defines the size and weight of the backpacking tent. A tent should be lightweight and portable to move with. A standard tent comes with a carry bag for easy portability.

This SEMOO double layer tent weighs 7.26 pounds in total. For a four-person backpacking tent, the weight is quite lightweight. Since it is a four-person tent, the parts of the tent can be distributed among members for portability.

4. Seasonality

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According to seasons, tents come with various features in design, structure, and components. If you are going camping in summer, you can look up for a two-season tent.

If you are a casual camper and go camping in moderate weathers, then a three-season tent will be great for you. A three-season tent will be helpful in summer, fall and spring. It can even handle strong winds as well as heavy rainfalls.

And if you are a wild camper and go camping at any time of the year, then go for a four-season camping tent. They can withstand weather conditions from extreme hot to extreme cold.

5. Tent Shape/Style

There are different design and styles of tents available in the market nowadays. You can get one for yourself considering your wishes and requirements. Every tent has their own pros and cons.

For example, a dome design tent provides great stability against the winds and storms. And the A-frame tent comes with vertical wall and provides most headroom.


  • Pole pockets help people to set up the tent easily.
  • Mesh windows and D-style mesh door for protection and ventilation.
  • Fly frame of hoop design allows protection from rain.
  • Made of polyester and polyurethane material
  • Floor of polyethylene and frames of fiberglass.
  • Freestanding dome design.


  • Doesn’t include a footprint for basal protection.
  • he slightly heavier frame makes it not suitable for backpacking.
  • Does not provide adequate insulation for cold climate.

Final overview of the tent

1. Interior space ( 4.5 out of 5)

The interior space of this tent is of 82 square feet. It is enough for four-person to sleep with comfort. The storage pockets help to store the gears and smaller items and keep them managed.

Also, the vestibules provide extra space to store trekking boots and backpacks. The space of this tent is enough for comfortable stay of two-person.

2. Weight (4 out of 5)

The weight of this tent is quite heavy for a single person to carry. This four-person tent weighs 7.6 pounds. It can be easily carried by distributing the parts among other members. But it is not advised to carry the entire tent by a single person.

4. Features & Ease of use (4 out of 5)

This tent comes with a variety of features which makes your camping adventures great. It is very spacious and reliable for four peoples. The walls and roof of this tent are provided with mesh to provide continuous air flow inside. It also comes with storage pockets to store different items.

5. Pricing (4.5 out of 5)

This tent is priced very low beside having numerous features. The tent is quite budget friendly and affordable. You may get doubt about the quality seeing the price. But the tent is durable and strong along with being budget friendly.

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