I believe you will agree with me when I say that it is impossible to travel without your electronic gadgets.

You’ll need your electronics when you want to take photographs, share it on social media or simply want to take a break from boredom.


Electronics are expensive! If they are lost, they will cost you fortune.

So you should take precautions to protect them. Here are 12 smart tips to protect your electronics when you are travelling.

1. Attention while getting on board

You might have heard numerous reports of people engaging in conversations while boarding their plane and forgetting their gadgets such as iPads and laptops in the terminal.

Before boarding :

Scan where you’ve been seated to see if you’re forgetting your gadgets there.

2. Keeping it safe during Flight

It might be a good idea to keep your backpacks that contain eateries or clothing in overhead compartments in your flight.


Keeping your electronics there can be a catastrophe. With all the dangling of bags in the overhead bin, your laptop might suffer a blow. Therefore you should keep your laptops under your seat where you can easily access and monitor it.

3. Carry an Anti-theft BackPack

Pickpockets are everywhere!! They account for the thousands of daily incidents..


Worry Not!!!

There is a great range of anti-theft backpacks available. They keep your electronics safe from pickpockets. They are light, flexible, anti-sweat, cut-proof and durable. So buy one and get a step closer to having a safe trip.

4. Locking your vehicle

How many times have you forgotten your cell phone or your camera in your car? It happens to everyone. Make sure that you have locked your car or have not left any windows of the car open. Burglary from a car becomes that much easier if you don’t.

5. An eye on the luggage

With all the excitement and fun you’re having while travelling you might easily lose track of your luggage in case you’re travelling by taxi. Not all cab drivers are gracious enough or able to track you to return your items.

And Don’t Forget:

You should make sure that you have got hold of all the items that you carried along with you before getting out of the cab.

6. Securing it in the room

If you have to leave your room while travelling, make sure that you keep your laptop or tablets in a drawer and lock them. You wouldn’t want you gadgets visible to the staff, who have access to your room.

In case your bags are too large to fit in a drawer, you can attach your bag to an immovable item in the room. You can also carry bags which have special locks to provide extra security.

7. Charging your devices

It is easier to get out of touch with your device if you are not using it regularly. You might have often forgotten to track your cell phone when switched off. So make sure that you’re constantly charging and using your gadgets so that it becomes a habit to use and track it.

8. Constant Checking

As travelling requires constant movement from one location to another, make sure that you’ve reviewed if you have got your cell phone in your pocket. You probably won’t have the time nor the energy to go back to where you’ve left your cell phone. You can avoid the hassle by tracking it regularly and never letting it get out of your sight.

9. Scanning while leaving

A lot of hotels and motels have a great assembly of chargers their customers have left behind while checking out of the hotels. This might be due to the fact that the hotel residents forget to check for their chargers before leaving. Make sure that you don’t make this simple mistake.

10. Appropriate Protective Cover

You might have been a tad too lazy to buy a good protective cover for your phone or your camera. Buying sturdy covers might not be very fashionable. However, having a very good protective case is crucial while you travel. Having a good protective cover will make you feel relaxed about your devices even when you are travelling across busy streets or playing with your friends.

11. Getting a Travel Insurance for electronics

In very exceptional cases, travellers despite their best efforts to keep their devices safe are not able to do so. In case you’re fully loaded with a range of electronics such as laptops, cell phones, cameras and iPads, it becomes all the more important to take an extra precautionary measure and get a travel insurance for belongings. Besides, travel electronics insurance is extremely cheap and will barely add to your holiday cost!!!

12. Travel with your friends

Everybody knows that friendship is what makes life beautiful. And if you happen to be travelling with your friends, they not only share your excitement with you but your sadness as well. So in case you are wondering where you have forgotten or lost your gadgets, your friends will definitely bail you out of tough situations and in a foreign land.


With these five simple steps, you can plan your next trip to wherever you want to go without worrying even a little about the protection of your gadgets. So follow these and enjoy a carefree travel. After all your gadgets add an extra spark to your travel and make them more memorable!!

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