Clicking photograph is easy.

Hold a camera, find the subject, and press the shutter button.

Sounds simple!

But, it is more than that.

A randomly pressed shutter button may give you the image, however, may not meet your demand. Or, that may not catch your viewer’s attention.

So, if you are a beginner in photography, besides owning a camera you need to learn some basics about photography as well.

You need to be very careful about what you click, how you click, and the basics of the camera to get the desired shots.

Here are some of the photography tips you may want to adhere to get the best photographs as a beginner:

Carry the Camera Most of the Time

If you are really into clicking photographs, then you should carry your camera almost everywhere you go. Because you never know when you will get the perfect shot. Sometimes you may miss clicking some special moments just because you forgot to carry your camera.

So, carry the camera with you almost every time so that you do not have to regret later.

Plan Beforehand About the Shots

They say “Proper planning yields better results”. This is true for photography as well. If you are traveling to some specific place then you will definitely research about the place beforehand.

While finding the place if you plan about what type of photographs you wish to click, then you will not be confused about what to click. You can just go there and start clicking as per your planning. Sounds productive, right?

Learn About the Camera Settings

When starting photography you need to possess some knowledge on the camera setting and how it affects the photograph. The basic knowledge you need to have while using a camera is the ISO setting, Aperture, and Shutter Speed. These are the most important aspects of photography. Photography is not just clicking randomly whatever you see or get. You should learn about how the specific function helps the photograph stand out of the crowd.

Click Photos Frequently

The more you click, the more you will develop photographic skills. You can learn the methods and tricks of photography but, to polish that skill you need to click frequently.

When you stop clicking you will slowly lose the confidence in clicking. This in return hinders your photographic skills. So, if you really wish to learn photography you must click frequently.

You may or may not get the perfect shots in the first attempt but that should not stop you from clicking. When you become more familiar with the camera and photography then you will gradually get the desired shots.

Do Not Hesitate to Click

In the beginning, many photographers hesitate to click in front of others. They feel shy to show their imperfect shots in front of others.

If you have such habit, or if you feel awkward clicking in other’s presence then you should stop the habit immediately.

You should not feel demotivated by other’s presence. Rather, you should be more focussed on your work. You should not let the circumstance demotivate you. After all, practice makes man perfect.

Click Whatever You Find

When you are learning photography you should not wait for the perfect moment to happen. To learn and get habituated with photography you need to click anything that comes in front of your camera.

When you experiment on different images, objects, and camera angles then you can decide properly which genre to follow in the future.

Without experimenting on your photographic abilities and passion you will have a difficult time finding the subject that you are actually seeking for. So, as you begin, it is good to click whatever you find as a photographic subject.

Carrying a Tripod is Beneficial

In the beginning, you may not feel confident while holding the camera. As a result, you may face camera shake resulting in the blurred images. You may feel demotivated with such shaken images.

So, it is a good idea to use a camera tripod or monopod while clicking a photograph. With them, you can have a full balance over the camera without having to worry about photodamage.

Plus, when you have full control over your camera you can focus on the shot properly.

Move Close to Your Object

While in photography you must have a closer connection with your photographic object. When you are close to the subject you can depict it in better ways. So, instead of taking shots from far, you should move closer to the subject and know it better.

While moving near the object you can try clicking form different angles. This way, you can project the same object from different perspectives.

Do Not Just Click, Direct Your Objects

This rule holds if you are clicking people. While clicking, you or your camera should try to make a connection with the object. When you communicate with your subject in return they will become comfortable and communicate properly.

With such connection, the capture becomes amazing. Also, do not just click the inactive object. Communicate with them, direct them and you will portray them beautifully.

With the right direction and timing, you can click the same object in multiple ways.

Focus on Eyes

Focus in every photograph is what draws the viewer’s attention. If you are clicking portraits then you should focus exactly on the eyes of your subject. Eyes are the perfect focus points in photography.

Plus, eyes are the real story-tellers in your photograph. If you are clicking a picture and the eyes are not properly focussed then the photo fails to communicate with the viewers.

So, do consider focussing on the eyes of your subject when clicking portraits.

Learn the Rule of Thirds

It is the most prominent rule in photography which focuses on photo composition. This photographic rule teaches you about how to frame the subject. With this rule, you learn where to place the subject in the photo that makes it more appealing.

Photography is an art and it targets to entice the viewers drawing their attention. So, to catch their attention you need to learn the rule of thirds. Placing the object randomly in the frame may not always attract the viewers.

Join Photowalk

Photowalks is when you join a group of photographers and click photo jointly on a specific place or setting.

As a beginner photographer, the more you join photo walk the more you will learn about photography. Sometimes the technique you’re following could be less effective, but you may not be aware of it.

For such reasons, if you join photography group then you get to learn about the most effective photographic methods and tricks.

With the frequent interaction with experienced photographers during photowalks, you will get a chance to grow.

Start Shooting in Raw

You can begin clicking images in the normal JPEG format. But as you become more habituated with the camera along with different . you can start clicking in raw format. They are the high-resolution sharp images.

And, during post-production, you will have an easy time playing with the lights and compositions of RAW images than the photos in JPEG formats.

Be Careful About Lighting

Photography is all about playing with lights in various forms. Clicking photo means you will be freezing the light with your creative skills. So, when clicking you need to make a light balance between the subject and its background.

Good light helps to make a perfect image with an amazing point of contact with the viewers. To know how light affects your photograph you can try clicking in different light conditions.

Usually, the golden hour- the sunrise and sunset, has a soft and lighting which gives the spectacular shots.

Experiment on Different Photographic Ideas

Every photographer clicks pictures. But not every photographer or their photographs are identical. This is because everyone tries clicking something different to stand out of the crowd.

So, instead of imitating others you can learn the tips and tricks from others. And, you can make your own style that meets your expectations.

To experiment, you can try shooting in different backgrounds, or click in multiple light conditions, or try shooting in a unique way.

When you have your weapon- the camera, you can play with it and bring the best out of it.

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