Photography is an art.

It is the art of playing with light in different situations. So, the creativity of the person to display the same thing differently matters the most in photography.

But to begin clicking photographs you need to get general ides on the basics of photography. You need to understand the basics of it ie about Shutter speed, ISO, and Aperture. If you learn to play with these you will slowly master the photography.

Here are a few photography tips and tricks to help you play differently with your camera.

Shoot in Aperture Priority Mode

Many people love the image with the blurry background. When you are clicking portraits you may also want a properly focused image with the blurred background. This is possible when you set your camera in aperture priority mode.

With this mode, you can set the aperture manually while the camera automatically adjusts the shutter speed and ISO. So, you can set this mode in the camera the way you want to make the background appear in your image.

Click in Burst Mode to Cover Variation of Emotions

When you are clicking people they display a number of emotions.

And looking at a range of emotions of the same person in a different time period is the most amazing feeling. So, when you are clicking people or children or some action events you can click in the burst mode.

With this mode, you can click every minute change in the emotions of the subject. This makes the most beautiful pictures.

Be in Two Places in a Single Photo with Panorama Mode

Want to try this trick?

But, do you know how to do it?

This is possible when you click in panorama mode either in the camera or in the smartphone.

You can start the camera in panorama mode then frame yourself in a place then move to the other side from behind the camera. This way you can get the same person in a different location in the same frame.

With this mode, you can place yourself or your object in as many places as you want in a single frame.

Take Vertical Panorama to Click Waterfalls

Clicking panorama helps you cover a wide area in a horizontal sphere. With this, you can move the camera towards the left or the right to frame a wide area.

But if you use the same panorama to click vertically, it gives an interesting upside panorama that you may not have clicked before. You can change the panning direction of your camera and instead of clicking horizontally you can click the panorama vertically.

While clicking this way, you can either move your camera upwards from the ground or vice-versa. This trick works best to click waterfalls. You can click the whole length of the waterfall even without having a wide angle lens.

Use Macro Filter/ Extension Tubes for Magnification

You may be interested in macro photography. And for the macro shots, you need to get a lens that magnifies the object and highlights the details. But buying a dedicated macro lens is not everyone’s cup of tea.

The cost of a good lens is normally high. But, such cost should not stop you from clicking the best macro shots. You can rather get a macro filter or extension tube which you can buy at a quite cheaper cost than the macro lens.

A macro filter helps create a shallow depth of field which makes the macro object in the image more focussed. While the extension tube helps to magnify the object and it also allows you to click the minute details of your subject.

Use Water Droplet to Click Macro Images

Not everyone has a DSLR camera. But they may be interested in clicking minute pictures or macro photos. In such cases, you can make good use of your smartphone to click the macro image.

You may ask, “ How can I click a macro photo with my smartphone?”. Trust me, you can easily do it without any doubt.

For this, you need water droplet and a smartphone with a good camera. You can use a straw to put a drop of water on the lens of your phones’ camera and start clicking. The droplet helps to magnify the object which helps you click macro shots even when you do not have a macro lens.

But when moving the phone, you need to be very careful not to let the water droplets fall off the lens.

Use Slow Shutter Speed and Pan to Click Motion

Experimenting with shutter speed is the most playful thing you can do with your camera. With a shutter speed, the exposure and the sharpness in the image varies. The fastest shutter speed freezes the movement of the object while the slow shutter speed captures the motion of the object.

If you want to click a moving object while showing the motion of the things around it, then you can use the slow shutter speed. Plus, you can also pan or move the camera slowly in accordance with the moving object.

This helps to focus on a specific part while framing the motion of the things nearby. This is how people click the picture of a rider properly focussed while the surrounding near him is blurry.

Shoot from Different Angles

Everyone has a different perspective. You can see the same object different from a different perspective. So, instead of clicking from the same point or framing the same pose, you can try shooting from different points.

When you experiment with the photographic angle, you may find the best shot of your life. So, do not just stick to the same old pose or camera angle. Rather, start focusing on the angle variation.

For example, if you are clicking a person you can try to click the close-up of the face, or you can frame the action or movement. But remember, when you are clicking people or any living object, you should try to make them feel comfortable. If they feel awkward, the disturbance gets reflected in the image.

So, before you click you should be very careful of checking your surrounding and making your subject feel comfortable.

Try Clicking in a Different Light for Photo Variation

When you click the picture you can try clicking in different light condition. An image in the same type of light every time appears quite common. It no more attracts the viewers. It also creates a kind of monotony in the photographer as well. So, you can try clicking in different light conditions.

For example, if you want to click a warm image with soft light you can click during the sunrise or sunset. Or, if you love the silhouette, you can click during the golden hour or even in the daylight but by tilting the camera upward towards the light source.

The light variation in the image is what makes it more compelling and stand out of the crowd. You can also play with the shutter speed, aperture, and ISO to click in the varying light condition.

Use Flash in The Harsh Light

When you are clicking in the sunny light then the harsh light may cause a shadow in the face. But the background may appear extra dazzling in the sunlight.

The overtly exposed background may disturb the picture and you may also lose the point of contact. In such situations, you can use the flashlight which increases the exposure in the face of the object while reducing the dazzling/ disturbing light.

The flash plays an important role in maintaining even exposure throughout the object be it in shade or the dazzling sunlight.

Go Close to Your Subject

The most important thing one should learn in photography is to click the subject as intensely as possible. To make the picture appealing you need to move close to the object, make a connection, and click the best out of it.

Photographing is not just clicking a random picture from the least connected sphere. You need to feel connected to your subject and show that connection to your viewers later on.

So, before you click an image, go closer to your object to make it speak to the viewers.

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