With the growing popularity of backpacking, many new destinations around the world are opening themselves to tourists. There are numerous backpacking destinations popular with the backpacker for their own unique travel experience.

Nepal is one of such popular backpacking destinations renowned for its natural beauty, rich tradition and culture, and an overall sense of mystique.

Nepal can be your ideal backpacking destination while traveling as a couple, with a group or even solo.

Backpacking in Nepal offers its visitors a wide range of exotic sceneries, wildlife diversity and a unique blend of cultures and lifestyles. What’s more? Nepal is also one of the cheapest countries for backpacking.

When said ‘NEPAL’, one might imagine a Himalayan country enriched with cultural diversity. Well! it is not these two that attract thousands of tourists to Nepal every year.

In this article, we have summed up all the info that explains to you why Backpacking in Nepal is worth your time.

So let’s dig into it.

Things to know before backpacking to Nepal

There are a few things that we recommend before backpacking in Nepal. It’s best if you have some basic information before starting your adventure. Knowing the following things will definitely ease your stay in Nepal, and make your backpacking adventure more enjoyable.

1. Introduction to Nepal

View of Nepal

Nepal is a small landlocked country in south-east Asia. Nepal is wonderfully blessed with beautiful sights, unique lifestyle, culture, and traditions. Nepal has a wide diversity in flora and fauna, and also is home to a few rare species. one-horned rhinoceros, red panda and Bengal tiger are the endangered species found in Nepal.

Talking about Nepal, one cannot do without mentioning the majestic Himalayas. Eight out of the top 10 highest peaks in the world are in Nepal. One of the best things about Nepal is the hospitality of Nepalis, which will make you feel at home away from home.

2. Language

Thamel Evening View

Nepali is the main language spoken in Nepal. But there are 123 different languages spoken in Nepal. Amazing isn’t it?

Do not worry If you don’t know the Nepali language. English is spoken and understood in major cities of Nepal. Local indigenous people also do have a hint of English and can be great fun to hang out with. But if you travel to the remotest parts of Nepal then you might have some communication issues.

So knowing a few Nepali words might come handy in such situations. Like :

Hello  – Namaste

My name is … – Mero Naam …. ho

How are you? – Tapailai kasto cha?

Help me – Sahayog garnu hos?

Where does this way go?  – Yo bato kata jancha?

How much for this? – Yo saman ko lagi Kati paisa ho?

Thank you – Dhanyabad

These were some quick tips to aid you in backpacking Nepal.

Learn basic English to Nepali conversion here.

3. Weather


Nepal has varying weather conditions throughout the year, and it has a 4-seasons cycle.

December – February: This is the winter season in Nepal. Heavy snowfalls cause many famous sites to close during this season.  It is recommended to avoid this period if you are planning to travel a lot and sightseeing.

March-May: This period is the spring season which is generally the best time to visit Nepal. You might want to schedule backpacking between this period. You will lots of other foreigners dwelling around the country during this season.

June – August: it is the Monsoon time, so expect regular rainfall, fog, and mist during this season visit to Nepal.

September – November: Autumn Season. Another suitable time for backpacking in Nepal. You can expect sudden weather changes which can be foggy, rainy or hot.

2. Religion/Culture

Religion Culture of Nepal

Nepal enjoys a unique blend of religion, culture, and harmony. Boasting a glorious history, Nepal is home to heroic Gurkha soldiers renowned in the world for their loyalty and bravery. ‘Messenger of Peace’- Lord Buddha and was born in Nepal.

Hinduism is the first religion in Nepal, followed by Buddhism, Islam, Christianity and others. As Nepal is a democratic, federal and secular country, you can expect a peaceful stay. You will find many temples, monasteries and historical places throughout your visit.

Lumbini and Janakpur are the major religious sites of Nepal while the capital Kathmandu is known as ‘The city of temples’.

Want to know why? Pay a visit and find out for yourself.

Nepal is home to 125 ethnic groups. No wonder it has a phenomenal amalgamation of cultures, traditions, and rituals. Each ethnic groups have their own lifestyle and culture, but all of them welcome and treat you with immense humbleness, gratitude, and respect.

5. Visa for Backpacking Nepal

Nepal has a system of ‘on-arrival visa’ for most of the foreign countries. You can get a tourist visa under the Department of Immigration.

Check the link for further information: Visa for Nepal

Cost for the on-arrival visa in Nepal :

  • 23 USD – for 15 days stay
  • 40 USD – for 30 days stay
  • 100 USD – for 90 days stay

Note: You cannot pay the visa fee in Nepali rupees so make sure you bring USD for payment and exchange.

6.  Currency

Nepalese Currency

The currency of Nepal is Rupees, and 1 USD is equivalent to 113 Nepali Rupee at the present exchange rate. Use this link for conversion. (USD to NRS). Nepali currency is a ‘closed currency’, meaning you cannot get it before arriving in Nepal. If you are bringing cash in Nepal, USD is recommended as it is easy to exchange.

Many hotels and restaurants accept credit cards and the number is growing, but it is better if you carry some cash with you as it is easier in local areas. ATM services are also available throughout but they charge a considerable amount. So it is better to take a handful of cash before roaming around the country.

7. Accommodation

Homestay Accommodation in Nepal

There are many hotels and lodges in Nepal, ranging from global 5-star brands to deluxe hotels, local guesthouses and home stays. The price varies according to the location, luxury and services provided.

When you’re in Kathmandu, be sure to checkout Thamel and Jhochhen areas for a cheap hotel. Other areas for a cheap night stay can be Paknajol and New Buspark area. You will have lots of options to choose from.

If you’re in Pokhara city, the Lakeside area is the most famous place for travelers and backpackers. You will have a range of hotels to choose from. Make sure to bargain a bit and you can enjoy a comfortable stay at a lesser price.

Avoid any package trips in the country as much as possible if you are on a budget. You can ask the locals of the areas for help or you can look for hotels online.

Trust us! This can be a major money saver for budget backpackers.

When you’re visiting in remote areas and villages, you can expect numerous homestays. Locals will be more than happy to accommodate you in their houses, and you can enjoy local food and warm Nepali hospitality at a minimal cost.

Wherever you travel, make sure you carry a tent and a sleeping bag with you. Chances are you might end up in a place with a good view and want to set up a tent. This will be fun and save you a few bucks too.

8. Food

Backpacking Nepal - 2019 Everything you need to know

Nepal offers a wide selection of cuisine when it comes to food. The food-sphere of Nepal is primarily inspired by Indian and Chinese cuisines. But you can find delicacies from around the world here, from continental dishes to local traditional foods.

You must try traditional Newari food when you are in Kathmandu Valley. Enter a local Newari eatery and enjoy ‘chatamari’, ‘bara’, various buff and chicken items and ‘Newari voj set’.

Daal Bhat (steamed rice served with lentil soups, curries, cooked meat and other condiments)  is the staple food of Nepal. You must try it when you’re in Nepal.

Momo is another popular food in Nepal. It’s basically a dumpling stuffed with spicy buffalo or chicken minced meat, served with varieties of sauces and pickles. It is the most commonly available food in Nepal, so make sure you give it a try.

You can find street food in almost every corner of cities like Kathmandu and Pokhara where you can get good dishes for a decent price.

We would like to give a subtle warning here….

Try eating clean, hygienic and well[cooked food wherever you travel in Nepal. Travelers are more prone to water and foodborne diseases, so practice precaution. And be modest while eating spicy foods, you don’t want to ruin your holiday reaching for tissues and running to the bathroom DO YOU?

9. Backpacking Nepal Budget

Nepal is a country that fits into a decent budget limit for any backpacker. If you are a low budget backpacker planning a visit to Nepal, then expect to spend up to USD 50 – 60 per day.

You can enjoy a decent stay in Nepal at this budget. But of course, the price depends upon your food choice, type of accommodation and which part of Nepal you are in.

Places to visit while backpacking in Nepal

Nepal takes pride in its own history and unique existence. The whole country is a unique portrayal of natural beauty, art and architecture. But with the limited time and budget of a backpacker, you definitely cannot travel the entire country.

So, we have listed 4 best tourist destinations in Nepal that will live up to your expectations.

  1. Kathmandu Valley
  2. Pokhara
  3. Chitwan
  4. Lumbini

1. Kathmandu Valley

Boudhanath Stupa

The capital of Nepal, Kathmandu is the most developed and facilitated part of the country. Despite being the capital, this city has a major issue of air pollution, so take precautions.

The only international airport of Nepal, Tribhuwan International Airport (TIA) is in Kathmandu itself. So when you backpack to Nepal, Kathmandu is where you will first land.

Three cities – Kathmandu, Patan, and Bhaktapur comprise the Kathmandu Valley.

Historically, each city was once a separate kingdom. Thus you can find three separate Durbar Squares (Palace Squares) in the respective cities.

Kathmandu valley is inhabited by Newar ethnicity as its indigenous group. But in recent decades, owing to urbanization and rapid migration, various other ethnic groups live here now. People from all around the country have come to settle in Kathmandu. Their trait, tradition, and lifestyle have now merged with the valley, creating a vast cultural amalgamation.

Kathmandu Valley has a wide selection of places that you can go to and return within a day.

Top 7 recommendations would be :

  1. Durbar Squares ( Kathmandu, Patan, and Bhaktapur )
  2. Pashupatinath
  3. Swayambhunath
  4. Boudhanath
  5. Chandragiri
  6. Nagarkot
  7. Thamel

Kathmandu Valley is rich in art and crafts. It has a fabulous display of the temples, sculptures, monuments, pottery, and historical buildings.

There are numerous places to spend your day and catch a quick bite in Kathmandu, and various cuisines are another attraction of the valley. You can find a unique merge of tradition, religion, and modernization in these three cities.

2. Pokhara


This metropolitan city at a distance of 204 km from the capital is another major tourist destination of Nepal. This place greets thousands of tourists from every part of the world. Backpacking in Nepal would be incomplete without a glimpse of Pokhara.

A beautiful and calm environment and jaw-dropping natural sceneries make Pokhara a major tourist hub. It is also the starting point of many world famous treks like:

  • Annapurna Circuit Trek,
  • Ghorepani Poonhill Trek,
  • Ghandruk Trek,
  • Mustang Trekking,
  • Mardi Himal Base Camp Trek and
  • Annapurna Base Camp Trek

Also known as ‘The City of Lakes’, there are a total of 7 famous lakes in Pokhara. Among them, Lake Phewa and Lake Begnas are a hit among tourists.

Lakeside in Pokhara is the hub with major tourist attractions. It is the area near to the Lake Phewa. There are many things that you can engage in at Lakeside.

  • You can enjoy the boat ride in the pristine lake,
  • view sunset along with the panorama of Annapurna Range adding serenity to the view,
  • stroll near the banks of the Lake
  • enjoy delicacies in many of the diners, cafes and pubs around the Lakeside,
  • go cycling in and around the city of Pokhara,
  • enjoy the nightlife that Pokhara offers to its visitors.

If you are an adventure lover, Pokhara also has a list of many adventurous sports to indulge in. These include rafting, paragliding, ultra-light flight, zip flying, cycling, bungee jumping and trekking.

3. Chitwan

Chitwan National Park

Chitwan is the best place to be if you are a wildlife and nature lover. Located 98 km away from the capital, Chitwan is renowned for its dense forests and vivid wildlife. You can enjoy an entire day strolling into the deep jungles of Chitwan National Park.

Chitwan is home to 68 different species of mammals, 544 different species of birds and 67 species of butterflies. It definitely can be your ultimate getaway into nature.

You can either book an elephant ride or a jeep to take a safari inside the forest of Chitwan National Park. You will come across various animals in the national park such as deers, wild buffaloes, various species of birds and reptiles and many more.

And if you are lucky enough, you might even encounter some of the rare species like One-Horned Rhino, Royal Bengal Tiger, Gharials and sloth bears.

Note: Chitwan is a city in the lowlands of Terai, and if you’re traveling here during summer, hot temperature and heat waves might be a challenge. Be prepared!

4. Lumbini


Lumbini is a city at a distance of 259 kms west of Kathmandu. Lumbini is a place with a lot of historical significance and religious importance, as it is the birthplace of Gautam Buddha.

With more than 20 Buddhist monasteries, Lumbini is a famous destination among the Buddhists from all around the world. They come here to pay homage to this cultural and historical place.

Things to do in Nepal

Visited by thousands of backpackers from around the world, Nepal is a tourist hub renowned for both hard and soft adventures, that too at a very economical price.

But you still might still be wondering, what are the activities one can indulge in, while on a backpacking trip to Nepal?

That is where this article comes handy!

We have listed out the top 10 things that every backpacker in Nepal must indulge into:

  1. Bungee jumping
  2. Paragliding
  3. Rafting
  4. Mountain flight
  5. Ultralight flight
  6. Trekking
  7. Ziplining
  8. Jungle Safari
  9. Mountain bike riding
  10. Kathmandu sightseeing tour

1. Bungee Jumping

Bungee Jumping

Nepal is the foremost choice of thrill-seekers all over the world for bungee jumping. Nepal has a reasonable price for bungee jumping, and that’s the reason many backpackers visit Nepal for the sole purpose of bungee only.

Till date, Nepal has two bungee jumping sites: The Last Resort Bungee jumping in Bhotekoshi and High-ground bungee jumping in Pokhara.

Another one is under construction at Kushma. This site after completion will be the second highest bungee site in the world. The site will at an astounding height of 520 meters.

Bhotekoshi Bungee Jumping:

It offers you a jump from a bridge suspended at 150 meters above the River Bhotekoshi. You will experience a free fall till you touch the surface of the raging Bhotekoshi and then bounce back.

Sounds Scary?

Well, bungee jumping is not for faint-hearted anyway.

The price for bungee jumping in Bhote Koshi is USD 128 including one night stay in the resort and dinner. Affordable, Thrilling and Relaxing package in one

Bungee Jumping in Pokhara:

High Ground Bungee Jumping is approximately 20 minutes away from Lakeside Pokhara.

It offers the thrill seekers a jump from the height of 70 meters from a tower. Trained professionals will harness you with safety gadgets. After this, you will jump to a small pond below.

It is less scary and less expensive (USD 68) Bhotekoshi. Anyone can enjoy this sport. The view of delightful Himalayas, hills, and the River Seti, this will be your bonus treat.

Bungee jumping can prove to be your experience of a lifetime and a testimony of your bravery. Give it a go!

2. Paragliding


Do you ever feel like soaring through the sky, like a bird spreading its wings?

I bet you do.

Nepal is a piece of heaven where you can fulfill this dream. You can get a sky-soaring experience and that too at a very reasonable price. YES, it’s true!!

Backpack to Nepal and visit the ‘City of Lakes’ – Pokhara. This city provides many adventurous thrills to enjoy. Among which Paragliding is the most famous one.

You can take a ride on a local bus or a cab to Sarangkot which is about 10 km far from the Lakeside of Pokhara. This is the place for the Paragliding head start.

Some companies that provide paragliding service  in Pokhara are :

Book your flight with any of the companies before you set off to Sarangkot.

You can choose your package for paragliding as follows :

  • Tandem flight: USD 120 per 25 minutes and USD 150 per 50 minutes
  • Solo flight (If you are experienced) : USD 70

You will soar in the sky like an Eagle. To the bonus – a bird’s eye view of picturesque Annapurna Range, shining Lake Phewa and the serene city of Pokhara.

Feel like flying yet?

3. Rafting


Nepal has many fast and fierce rivers flowing down the Himalayan range. These swift flowing water bodies are the main reason for rafting choice in Nepal.

Don’t worry if it’s your first time:

A trained professional will sit in the same raft and guide you throughout. So you can gain the thrill while being in safe hands.

Famous sites for Rafting in Nepal are:

Bhotekoshi river rafting and

Trishuli river rafting.

Many companies provide rafting services to tourists and adventure seekers. Famous ones are :

Book your package at USD 175 for rafting in the Trishuli River and USD 250 for rafting in the Bhote Koshi River.

Note: This price includes your transportation, insurance, rafting fee, lunch, dinner, and accommodation.

Rafting is a must-try while in Nepal if you want to feel the splash of water on your face and the joy of its current.

4. Mountain Flight

Mountain Flight

Nepal rests in the lap of the majestic Himalayan range. Eight out of the top 10 highest peaks of the world are in Nepal. Being an affordable country, many people from around the world visit Nepal.

With the hype in tourism in Nepal, many agencies and flight companies provide this flight. Even to a budget backpacker, it is considerable and affordable.

At an average of USD 194 for the flight of 1 hour, a window seat is a guarantee.

The flight will take you through the mighty ranges of the Himalayas. A close perspective of the world-famous peak – Mount Everest is a moment to cherish lifelong.

You can admire the shining snow, lakes, glaciers, rivers flowing down the Himalayas. Nothing compares to the experience and no words can describe the beauty you will behold.

Come aboard on this tour. Adore and witness the beauty of the Himalayas. You might realize what you’ve been missing this entire time.

5. Ultra-light flight

Ultra-light flight

It is never surprising to see the number of unique ways in which Nepal flaunts its natural vista.

A new way to explore the scenery of Pokhara is the Ultra-light flight. This flight will take you through the Annapurna mountain range. Mount Fishtail, artistic Lake Phewa, the meadows and the city of Pokhara can be observed in the flight.

You can choose your package according to your budget, time and interest:

  • Fly-for-fun: Duration – 15 minutes, Price – USD 112 including VAT, airport tax and insurance
  • The glory of Mount Fishtail: Duration – 30 minutes, Price – USD 197 including VAT, airport tax and insurance
  • Mountain Sky Trek: Duration – 60 minutes, Price – USD 310 including VAT airport tax and insurance
  • In Heart of Himalaya: Duration – 90 minutes, Price – USD 446 including VAT, airport tax and insurance

6. Trekking


Without understanding what makes Nepal unique and beautiful, backpacking Nepal would be incomplete.

Trekking is the perfect way to explore Nepal in its true essence.

Nepal has many world famous trekking routes, which attracts many tourists.

Some famous trekking routes are :

  1. Annapurna Circuit Trek
  2. Annapurna Base Camp Trek
  3. Everest Base Camp Trek
  4. Poon Hill Trek
  5. Upper Mustang Trek
  6. Ghandruk Trek
  7. Mardi Himal Trek

I. Annapurna Circuit Trek – 23 days

Annapurna Circuit Trek

This is one of the most famous trekking circuits worldwide. This offers a delightful trekking experience around the whole of the beautiful Annapurna Range.

This route takes you through the variety of terrains complemented with Mountain scene.

Make your way up to the Thorong La Pass at the height of 5416 meters. Come across Kali Gandaki gorge, Tilicho Lake, Rupse waterfall and conclude in the desert terrain of Manang-Mustang.


  • Estimated Time: 23 days
  • Trekking Difficulty: Moderate
  • Best Season: March-May and October-November
  • Elevation: 5416 meters
  • Estimated Price: USD 1690

II. Annapurna Base Camp Trek – 10 days

Annapurna Base Camp Trek

Annapurna Base Camp trek, commonly known as ABC, will take you up to an elevation of 4320 meters. This trek will mesmerize you with the scenic view of Annapurna South.

To the bonus, you will come across the Machhapuchhre Base Camp along your way to ABC.  View the mighty Annapurna, the glow of the mountain during the sunrise from its foothills.


  • Estimated Time: 10 days
  • Trekking Difficulty: Moderate
  • Best Season: March-May and October-November
  • Elevation: 4320 meters
  • Estimated Price: USD 695

III. Everest Base Camp Trek – 12 days

Everest Base Camp Trek

Plan your trip to this most famous trekking destination in the world. Experience the local and unique Sherpa culture along your way up to the base camp. Rise your way up to the height of 5600 meters at Kala Patthar. Conquer the dazzling sight of the world’s tallest mountain.

All your efforts to reach this height will be worth it once you rest in the lap of the giant mountain.


  • Estimated Time: 12 days
  • Trekking Difficulty: Moderate
  • Best Season: March-May and October-November
  • Elevation: 5600 meters
  • Estimated Price: USD 687

IV. Poon Hill Trek – 4 days

Poon Hill Trek

If you are looking for a quick trekking option then Poon Hill might be your best shot. Being near to ‘The City of Lakes’, you can complete the trek to Poon Hill and reach back to Pokhara in less than a week. Reaching the top of 3210 meters will bestow you the incredible view of the Annapurna and Dhaulagiri ranges.

The trail is all steps. You will be glad that you climbed, once you have reached the top and experienced the serenity of Poonhill. Enjoy the sunrise from here and feel the bliss of nature.

And on your way down take a relaxing natural hot spring bath at Jhinu Danda. Leave behind the exhaustion of the trek.


  • Estimated Time: 4-6 days
  • Trekking Difficulty: Easy
  • Best Season: March-May and October-November
  • Elevation: 3210 meters
  • Estimated Price: USD 700

V. Upper Mustang Trek – 14 days

Upper Mustang Trek

Mustang is also known as the desert of Nepal. The Valley of Upper Mustang is a barren terrain, unique from all the other landscapes in the country.

This place is an ideal spot for experiencing Tibetan rituals and traditions. You will see many mysterious caves, Gompas and prayer flags along your way to Lo Manthang. Beautiful brown landscapes, indigenous Tibetan cultures will bring calmness and content within you.


  • Estimated Time: 14 days
  • Trekking Difficulty: Moderate
  • Best Season: March-May and October-November
  • Elevation: 3810 meters
  • Estimated Price: USD 1695

VI. Ghandruk Trek – 3 days

Ghandruk Trek

Take a walk by the hillside through the typical village of Ghandruk. Get an insight into the lifestyle of the Gurung ethnicity. Inhabitants here are very welcoming to their guests. You will feel the exuberance of being a part of the serene community.

The trail is rhododendron covered forests and the local habitat of the Gurung people. This a small yet well-managed village with a fresh environment. The view of Annapurna range from here is sure to put your stress at bay.

While you are here, be sure to visit the museum of Ghandruk. They portray the rich culture and tradition of this community.


  • Estimated Time: 3-5 days
  • Trekking Difficulty: Easy
  • Best Season: September-May
  • Elevation: 1940 meters
  • Estimated Price: USD 290

VII. Mardi Himal Trek – 7 days

Mardi Himal Trek

Mardi Himal trekking route is becoming popular among visitors in recent days. It will take you through the urban areas to the lush green forests and farmlands and elevated terrain up to 4250 meters.

This is a refreshing trek with the wonderful view of Annapurna, Dhaulagiri, Machhapuchhre and the definitive goal – Mardi Himal. You will come across many scattered villages and you can learn about their lifestyle and culture.

If you are planning for a spring trip, then you can even get a glee of walking through the Rhododendron blossoms.


  • Estimated Time: 6-7 days
  • Trekking Difficulty: Moderate
  • Best Season: March-May and September-December
  • Elevation: 4250 meters
  • Estimated Price: USD 540

With a little strength and endurance, anyone can complete the routes. With prior trekking exercises and bearing precautions, trekking would be relatively easier. The peak time for trekking in Nepal in Spring (March-May) and Autumn (September – November).


You will need a trekking permit and TIMS card from the Nepal Tourism Board or Department of Immigration. The price for the permit is generally USD 80 – 1700 per individual which will be valid for the average of 8 – 12 days. You have to pay USD 50 for each extra day afterward.

But of course,

The charge for the trekking permit depends on the trekking route you choose. This is legal authorization for foreigners to go on a trekking adventure in Nepal.

With strong determination, steady feet and a budget of USD 70 – 80 per day, you will be good to complete any circuit.

7. Ziplining


Sarangot Zipline is approximately 10 km away from the Lakeside Pokhara. Ziplining is another fun way of exploring Pokhara’s landscapes and meadows.

It has the inclination of 56 degrees, a total length of 1.8 km and a ghastly vertical drop of 600 meters. This will give you an unparalleled experience of flying through the vivid Pokhara, green canopy of vegetation below, and a continuous view of soothing Lake Phewa and the blessings of great Annapurna Range.

The price starts from USD 82 inclusive of VAT.

Cheap right?

A perfect treat for the limited budget backpackers.

8. Jungle Safari

Jungle Safari

Home to many rare species of flora and fauna, you can take a quick trip to National Parks of Nepal.

Chitwan National Park would be the topmost recommendation.

Located 98 km away from the capital city Kathmandu, you can get a flight or a bus ride to the plain land of Chitwan. Chitwan is home to:

  • 68 different species of mammals,
  • 544 different species of birds and
  • 67 species of butterflies

Rare species like One-horned Rhino, Bengal Tiger and sloth bears are the pride of Chitwan.

Go on an elephant safari inside the Chitwan National Park and get acquainted with the wildlife that Nepal has to offer.

Avoid package schemes as much as possible and you can save a lot of money.

9. Mountain Bike Riding

Mountain Bike Riding


If you got some stamina reserves, tour around the beautiful city of Kathmandu and Pokhara on a cycle.

You can hire a bike at local vendors at a very cheap price. But of course, you need to know some bargaining tricks.

Shivapuri National Park area can be the best suit for bike riding into the wilderness and wonder. Nagarkot bike ride can also be a challenging quest. Reach the top of Nagarkot hill and view the sunset from the view tower up there.

Bike riding in Pokhara is another popular and more desired mode of exploring the city. Ride your way up to Sarangkot, Peace Stupa, around the city area or around the tranquil Lake Phewa.

You can also challenge yourself for bike riding to the Mustang or even the world-famous Annapurna Circuit.

10. Kathmandu Valley Sightseeing Tour

Kathmandu Valley Sightseeing Tour

Kathmandu has a rich history and mystifying stories. Being the capital, Kings ruled the country from this very city. Colonized by Newars, Kathmandu Valley comprises three cities of Kathmandu, Patan, and Bhaktapur.

These three cities have a unique artistic portrayal of Newari culture and traditions. Observe thangkas, sculptures, wooden carved houses, and temples almost around every corner of the Valley.

Visit all the three durbar squares of Kathmandu valley. Learn about the royal history of Nepal. Roam through to alleyways of the streets where you can find the best little places to eat Newari dishes. Momo, chatamari, grilled buff meat is a must try ones while touring of the valley.

Surrounding areas near the valley are

  • Nagarkot Hills,
  • Chandragiri Hills,
  • Budhanilkantha,
  • Changunarayan Temple,
  • Swayambhunath,
  • Boudha Stupa,
  • Pashupati area.

Hire a guide if you wish to, but you can find your way easily in local transports.

Traits of a Responsible Backpacker


Travelling is always fun, especially when it comes to low-cost countries such as Nepal.

As a backpacker, you have certain responsibilities towards the place you are traveling:

  1. Be respectful towards the people of different nationality, religion, and language
  2. Follow the ethics and etiquette of the place you are visiting
  3. Adhere to the laws and regulation of the place you are visiting
  4. Be humble and helpful
  5. Do not be a nuisance or conduct unsociable acts
  6. Be responsible for proper waste disposal
  7. Reduce your plastic footprint

Backpacking in Nepal can be an adventure of your lifetime. Much more is yet to explore in Nepal.You can travel as much as your feet can take you without getting bored or homesick.

You will come across many backpackers in major cities like Kathmandu and Pokhara.

With parties and events happening every night, you can rejoice and forget the tiring journeys.

Meet new people, make new friends, experience a new lifestyle. Enjoy the heaven that is Nepal.

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