A tent is a must-have gear while going for a trekking or camping adventure. A tent is one of the costly gear which anyone takes on the adventure. But it is not mandatory that every good quality tent is highly priced. If you need a backpacking tent without breaking your budget. Then, Mountainsmith Morrison two-person tent will be a perfect choice for you.

Mountainsmith is a renowned brand in the backpacking tent market. They have produced various high-quality tent at a budget-friendly price. This tent features a 35 square feet space inside the tent. The space inside the tent is enough to live in for two people.

This tent offers fast and intuitive set up which provides great weather protection. The rain fly covers the tent and safeguards you against all the weather conditions. If you are planning a hiking, camping or trekking with your friend, this tent will provide you with a comfortable and safe shelter in the woods or hills.

Specification of Mountainsmith Morrison 2-person 3-Season Backpacking Tent

  • Type : 2-person backpacking tent.
  • Design : Freestanding design.
  • Weight : 5.08 pounds.
  • Dimension : 92 * 56 * 43 inches.
  • Floor Area : 35 square feet.
  • Floor Material : 190 T D Poly PU 5000 mm.
  • Centre Height : 43 inches.
  • Vestibule length : 17 sq ft (1.6 sq m).
  • Doors & Vestibules : Dual doors & dual vestibules.
  • Setup Time : 5 to 10 minutes.

Other Specifications

  • Two-person three-season backpacking tent.
  • Dual doors and dual vestibules.
  • Bathtub floor construction.
  • Footprint to protect floor available separately.
  • Taped floor seams.
  • No-see-um mesh wall panels for improved ventilation.
  • Clip-pole attachment for reduced weight and improved breathability.
  • Detachable ceiling pocket lofts.
  • Interior mesh storage pockets.
  • Reflective guy lines.
  • YKK zippers.
  • Fire retardant coating.

Tent Materials include

  • Body : 185T Breathable Polyester.
  • Floor : 190TD Polyester + 5000 mm PU Coating.
  • Rain Fly : 185T Polyester + 2000mm PU Coating.
  • Stuff Sack : 30×244 Denier Nylon.
  • Stakes & Poles : 7075 Aluminum V Stakes + Poles.

Features of Mountainsmith Morrison 2-Person 3-Season Tent

1. Weather protection

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It is a two-person three-season backpacking tent. This tent is a great choice for summer, winter and fall. It has a high-quality rain fly which will avoid rain water entering even in a heavy downpour. Even the ground cloth which comes with the tent is waterproof. It prevents moisture or water from getting inside the tent.

It is a well ventilated tent with ventilation panels in the fly for better airflow inside the tent. The walls are properly ventilated to balance internal temperature. Additionally, the no-see-um mesh walls is a great addition to the tent walls. It provides an flow of fresh air inside the tent.

2. Comfortable Design

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This tent is manufactured with a comfortable design. It provides a great livable environment inside. The area inside the tent is 35 square feet which are quite spacious for two-person to live in.

It has a comfortable dual door provided with YKK zippers. The dual door provides an open air and extra view outside. The doors come with a nylon panel. Nylon panel helps in keeping extra warmth and preventing ventilation in cold weather.

4. Tent Materials

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The rain fly of this tent is made of 185T polyester. It is provided with 2000-millimetre rated polyurethane coating. The floor of the tent is made of 190T polyester. It is also provided with 5000-millimetre rated polyurethane coating for better protection. The tent comes with a storage sack which is made of 30-denier 244T nylon.

The floor of the tent is designed as a bathtub. The bathtub design makes sure that water or snow doesn’t enter inside the tent.

5. Tent poles and Stakes

The lightweight 7000 series aluminium poles are quite robust. They are capable of handling any adverse weather conditions. It stands still even in a windy storm or heavy rainfall.

The simple pair of poles cross frame attaches via simple grommets enabling the quick set up.

6. Dual Doors & Dual Vestibules

The tent comes with a double door designed with a double layer of fabrics. The double layers are mesh layer and panel layers. These layers are for the user comfort. It can be used in different weather situation requiring less or more ventilation.

Either of the doors has their separate zippers which are strong and durable YKK zippers. The zippers are sturdy and don’t get affected by rain or snow. The tent also features a dual vestibule on its either side. The dual vestibules provide extra space to store camping boots or other gears. Though the vestibules are short yet it provides some added space which is an advantage.

7. Storage Pocket

This tent features three mesh storage pocket inside at the corners. These mesh pockets are very helpful in keeping things at hand’s reach and managed. It is very helpful in keeping smaller things like phone or keys. It avoids trampling of smaller items and keeps them organized and safe.

This tent also has a removable gear loft. It is great for keeping things and even drying clothes. It is detachable in nature and can be left at home if one feels it useless.

8. Adaptability

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The tent is quite spacious for two peoples and easily adaptable. The double layer door offers great adjustability whenever you are inside the tent. The spacious sleeping area is quite adaptable for two people. And it does not feel congested inside.



9. Excellent Mesh Walls

The walls of this tent are provided with no-see-um mesh which is a great addition to it. The no-see-um gives added benefits to those who go for camping in hot regions. It prevents condensation inside the tent by providing extra ventilation inside.

You can sleep under stars removing flysheet and enjoy the view of the sky. The mesh panels will prevent the mosquitoes and tiny flies entering the tent and irritate you. It is really helpful for those who wish to view stargazing at night.

10. Setting up the Tent

The tent is quite easy to set up. It hardly takes more than few minutes to have it standing tall. The instructions to set up the tent are printed on the stuff sack which makes it quite easy.

Even it is quite easy to set up and take down the tent. It is recommended to try to do it once at home before going on the adventure. It will help you in finding flaws in the tent if any exists. Also, it will help you in gaining confidence while doing it on the trail.

Follow these steps to set up the tent

  • Each component is colour coded, hence one needs to separate them based on colours.
  • It comes with two poles and can be placed with a little effort.
  • The aluminium poles are tough and lightweight, so won’t damage easily.
  • Following the colours on the relevant clips, simply slide the poles through.
  • Then stake out the corners of your tent and insert the poles into the grommets by matching the colours.
  • After matching colours, attach the tent clips to the poles.
  • Now it’s time to attach the fly to the tent. It’s simple, as the webbing attachments on the corner of the fly correspond with the webbing on the tent itself.
  • Now you are ready to peg out the front and rear guys to create the vestibules.
  • Finally, peg out the remaining guy lines, and simply adjust by using the handy tension locks.
  • Vents on either side of the fly can be adjusted to reduce or increase airflow. It helps to keep you cool or reduce condensation inside the tent.
  • You will find the whole process pretty intuitive, even if you are a complete beginner to camping.

11. Packing up the Tent

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It always feels tedious to disassemble and pack up the tent than pitching it. The tent should be disassembled and packed up properly to avoid any damages to its fabric.

The primary trick is to fold the tent to the width of its bag. For doing so, spread the tent fabric on the ground and roll it tightly until it matches the bag’s width. Once it’s done keep it in the bag and close the zipper.

It is advised to keep tent widespread if you are planning to store it for a long time. Just make sure to clean the tent properly before you store it.


12. What comes with the Tent?

This backpacking tent comes with the below-given items.

  • Mountainsmith Morrison 2-person 3-season tent
  • Rainfly
  • Gear Loft
  • Tent poles
  • Tent Stakes
  • Guy Lines
  • Carry bag

Points to consider while buying a backpacking tent

1. Space of the Tent

One needs to understand well the total space he needs inside the tent. It helps in choosing the right tent as well as save the money.

The Morrison 2 is a comfortable tent with an interior space of 35 square feet inside. It gives perfect accommodation for two peoples. There are three pockets and a gear loft which allows storing the things. Plus, the dual door provides an ease to both people to get in and out of the tent without disturbing their partner.

2. Center Height of the Tent

The total height of the tent is defined as its centre height. More centre height means taller tent as well as more space inside the tent.

Morrison 2-person tent stands 43 inches (110 centimetres) high. It is fairly tall and gives a comfortable space to change clothes inside. A taller person would face some difficulty while standing inside the tent.

3. Weight of the backpacking Tent

The weight of the backpacking tent is an important point while buying it. The weight should be least as possible and portable.

The Morrison 2-person tent weighs total 5.7 pounds. Though it is not an optimal weight. It can be carried easily by distributing between two-person. The weight of this tent should be negligible seeing the features it comes with.

4. Quality of Tent Materials

Budget is a big factor while buying a tent. Everyone wants a quality product while they pay money. So one should always look for a durable quality material while getting a tent.

Though the price of the tent has been kept low. Yet the manufacturers haven’t compromised the quality of materials used in the tent. Though the fabrics used in the tent are of low cost. Still, the tent is sturdy and durable.

The PU coating on the rain fly repels water. It prevents water from getting inside even in the heavy downpour. The bathtub style floor makes it quite impossible for water to pool inside the tent.

5. Three Season or Four Season Tent

When you are on a camping adventure, you never know whether it will rain or be hot humid. Weather is something that cannot be predicted accurately. If you are a regular camper and go camping at anytime of the year, then you should get a four-season backpacking tent. It would be useful at anytime of the year despite the weather condition.

This Morrison 2-person backpacking tent is a three season tent. It is a great choice for summer, spring and fall. It won’t let water leakage in the tent even in heavy rainfall. This tent can also handle moderate cold but it is not made for snowy weathers.


  • Top shelf construction.
  • Quality rain fly with full coverage.
  • Great ventilation.
  • Enough space for 2-person.
  • Three storage pockets inside.
  • Easy set up within 10 minutes.


  • The floor is thin.
  • Doesn’t come with a footprint.
  • Heavy as a two-person tent.
  • Vestibules space could be more.
  • Only two guy lines.

Final Opinion about the Tent

1. Interior Space ( 4 out of 5)

The interior space of this tent is 35 square feet. It is quite comfortable for 2-person. Plus the gear loft and three storage pocket provide more storage to keep your gears managed.

Also, it has vestibules on either of its sides to give extra storage for your bags or boots. The vestibules increase the space quite more. It makes your stay comfortable by keeping things managed inside.

2. Weight (3.5 out of 5)

The weight of this backpacking tent is 5.07 pounds. It feels a bit heavier if carried alone. It is not the lightest backpacking tent. But the weight should not be a matter to wo4rry about seeing the features it has to offer.

It can be easily carried by distributing the some parts between two peoples. The weight won’t make any difference if two-person divides components among themselves.

3. Reliability ( 4 out of 5)

The Morrison 2-person backpacking tent is quite reliable for camping adventure. It is a perfect choice if you are camping in summer, spring or fall. It won’t let a drop of water leakage inside in the heavy rainfall. But, it may not be an optimal choice for winter or snowy weather though.

4. Features & Ease of use ( 4.2 out of 5)

The tent features various handy features to provide you with great camping experience. It comes with storage pocket as well as gear loft for keeping your things managed. The dual vestibules gives you more storage for storing your things. Plus, the dual door makes sure the tent is well ventilated in summer season.

5. Price (4 out of 5)

The Morrison 2-person backpacking tent is quite affordable while looking at its price. It will give you a great camping experience at very low price. Looking at the various features, the price seems quite fair.

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