Traveling around the world, and capturing the stunning beauty it offers is a dream of many people. As a way of fulfilling this dream, people travel to various places and get awed by nature and architecture there. But traveling, that too as a photo enthusiast, means you a lot of loads to carry.

So quite naturally you would want a camera backpack that can hold all your essentials with comfort and great customization. Mindshift rotation180° 22L Panorama Camera Backpack meets such needs.

About Mindshift Gear

Mindshift has a group of committed professional photographers and designers. They are dedicated to create backpacks that are the best to wander in nature. Their slogan “engage with nature” persuades people for healthy engagement with nature. Mindshift backpacks are fit in any natural condition ranging from scorching heat to chilling colds. Therefore, they have a reputation for the toughness that they have to.

Summary of rotation180° 22L Panorama Camera Backpack

Mindshift rotation 180° 22L Panorama Camera Backpack is a two-in-one bag which is roomy and flexible. It is a backpack along with a beltpack. The beltpack rotates and allows rapid access to essential items along your travel trails.

This easy to carry backpack is waterproof and durable. The backpack is comfortable and has an expandable storage. This motto of the backpack is “no more on-again of-again”. This motto defines the easy accessibility feature of the backpack.

A detailed review of Mindshift rotation180° 22L Panorama Camera Backpack

External dimension of backpack

9.8 x 19.7 x 8.3 inches (w x h x d)

External dimension of beltpack

9.8 x 8.2 x 5.1 inches (w x h x d)


The capacity mentioned here is of the backpack along with the beltpack.

The backpack, in whole, supports a hydration reservoir of up to 2L. It can carry a DSLR body with a medium ranged mounted lens. You can also add 2 extra lenses and other bulky accessories. It holds a tripod. The backpack also has a 3-tripod carrying option. It has a padded compartment to fit a tablet of up to 10 inches.

Roomy and padded compartments

There are side mesh pockets which keeps your small necessities. The rotating beltpack can hold your camera equipment. You can also separate it from your backpack and carry only as a camera beltpack.

The padded compartment can hold a tablet of up to 10 inches. It has a dedicated hydration bladder pocket of 2L. There is a pocket at the bottom-front of the backpack to hold a tripod. There are extra rooms and net pockets to fit extra accessories. The accessories can be a hat, gloves, jacket, lunch, etc.

The top pocket gives quick access to small items. You can carry the removable beltpack with or without the backpack. If you get yourself the optional panorama photo insert, it will fit in the top compartment. This insert is medium-padded and allows you to add more gear.

Load lifting air-mesh straps

There are load lifter straps on beltpack and shoulder harness. This divides equal weight all over your torso. The shoulder harness is breathable and padded which allows airflow. The straps at the front hold your tripod.

The optional attachment points allow you to attach a tripod suspension kit. There is a modular rail to attach a lens switch case or filter hive.

Designed for comfortable traveling

The backpack is designed for travel and rapid access to your gears. It is available in Tahoe Blue and Charcoal. The curved back panel with aluminum maintains the stability of backpack.

The backpack is lightweight and comfortable to carry. It weighs only 2.9 lbs but can carry a lot of items. There is an optional 2-seamed rain cover with the rotation design. You can use this feature for extra protection during heavy rain.

A backpack durable enough to go through any challenge of nature

The zippers of the backpack are of YKK zippers. These zippers are famous for its durability. The durable water repellent coating on the exterior makes the backpack water resistant.

The underside of the fabric has a polyurethane coating and 420D high-density nylon. This makes the backpack light, breathable and abrasion resistant. 350G air-mesh makes the backpack breathable.The ultra-stretch fabric makes it safe from impacts of stretching and pulling.

This backpack has fabric of 3-ply bonded nylon thread. This material provides a lot of strength to the backpack. The quality of the backpack does not degrade by normal mechanical conditions.

Pros of Mindshift rotation180° 22L Panorama Camera Backpack

The backpack has a generous amount of storage. The color scheme is pretty good. The load lifter straps do not let the weight be a burden to you. The curved back panel makes the carriage comfortable. This rotatable beltpack makes your equipment accessible.

Cons of Mindshift rotation180° 22L Panorama Camera Backpack

The backpack looks bulkier than it actually is. The padding is quite thin which keeps your camera at a risk when you drop your backpack from a height. There is no space to fit your laptop and editing materials.


Durability Rating

4.8 out of 5

The materials speak for themselves. They have used many kinds of qualitative fabric. Qualitative materials make the foam and mesh pockets. The backpack is stretch-proof, abrasion and water resistant.

Capacity Rating

4.2 out of 5

The best part about this backpack is a generous amount of storage capacity. It has many compartments to fit a lot of your things. The 3L hydration reservoir keeps you hydrated. It can also fit your lunch and clothes. The backpack was designed keeping traveling in mind.

Design Rating

3.8 out of 5

This travel 2 in 1 backpack would look better in a sleek design. The rotating design of the beltpack makes the accessibility of your equipment quick. The color scheme is nice and the backpack is flexible and light to carry.

Comfort Rating

4.5 out of 5

The curved back panel makes the backpack comfortable to carry for your torso. The back and straps are stuffed with air-mesh. This allows airflow and keeps the backpack breathable. The load lifting straps keep the burden on your body to a bare minimum. Hence, this backpack is the best choice for comfortable traveling.

At Last

Observing every aspect, I’ll rate this backpack with 4.5 out of 5

The backpack is the best pick for comfortable traveling. The backpack can go through tough challenges that nature traveling throws at you. It makes equipment easily accessible. If you are a person who needs to carry a lot of items while traveling with comfort, Mindshift rotation 180° 22L Panorama Camera Backpack backpack is the one for you.

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