Trekking and camping are one of the most loved adventures among each of us. It is the best way of reconnecting with mother nature and skipping the regular day to day life. But trekking and camping without proper gears can be a big headache.

Along with everything, you need a good backpacking tent for a proper night stay in the woods or on the hills. A backpacking tent is the most essential thing while going for trekking and camping. There are numerous of backpacking tent available to choose from in the market.

But if you are looking for the most comfortable and reliable backpacking tent then you should consider this Marmot Crane Creek Backpacking & Camping Tent. It comes in two sizes for two and three people. It is somewhere between camping tents and backpacking tents by weight. Hence, it is both versatile and suitable for different purposes.

Specification of Marmot Crane Creek Backpacking & Camping Tent

  • Type : 2/3 person backpacking tent.
  • Design : Dome style
  • Floor Size : 50 * 88/ 63 * 88 inches.
  • Floor surface : 32/42 square foot.
  • Floor material : Polyethylene
  • Center Height : 43/46 inches.
  • Doors : Dual D-shaped doors.
  • Weight : 4.8 pounds/5.8 pounds.
  • Flysheet : Fully waterproof polyester fabric.
  • Poles : Durable 7000 series aluminum poles.
  • Setup time : 10 minutes easy setup.
  • Stakes : Aluminum stakes.

Other Specifications

  • Dual overhead vestibules for more storage.
  • Seam-taped & full coverage waterproof rain fly.
  • Proper mesh openings & windows for ventilation.
  • Freestanding dome design.
  • Extra vents in vestibules for ventilation.
  • Storage pockets inside the ten.
  • Sealed zippered doors to keep rain away.
  • Versatile and reliable backpacking tent.

Features of Marmot Crane Creek Backpacking & Camping Tent

  • Full coverage weatherproof rainfly to help you against rain and snow.
  • Freestanding dome design.
  • Inner mesh to provide better ventilation.
  • Double D-shaped doors for easier access.
  • Dual vestibules for extra space.
  • Dome structure for easy setup and carrying.
  • Vestibules with mesh vent for additional ventilation.
  • Aluminium poles for better stability in harsh weather.
  • Easy two-pole-set-up with shock-corded poles.
  • Seamed-taped floor to help you keep the tent dry inside.
  • Comes with a separate footprint to prevent water pooling between the tent and footprint in rainy weather.
  • Hanging hook for lights and storage pocket for keeping smaller items managed.
  • Entry level pricing.
  • Perfect choice for two/three people camping.

Let’s discuss some of the features of this backpacking tent.

1. Weather Protection

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While choosing a tent for yourself, make sure to know about the weather protection feature of it. Normally, every tent comes with a waterproof material. One should make sure the tent stays stable in all weather conditions than just in rain.

Marmot Crane Creek backpacking and camping tent has a nice weatherproof shield. It helps you in every weather situation. It is water-resistant and keeps you warm in cold weather. The tent is also well-ventilated to provide fresh air in summer and warm weather condition.

2. Ventilation

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This backpacking tent comes with inner mesh in its wall for ventilation. The mesh in the fabric of tent walls provide flow of fresh air inside the tent and skips the warm carbon dioxide.

It has vents in the vestibules equipped with Velcro stiffeners and it can be kept open all the time. One can also partly unzip any of the vestibules and have more air flow when needed.

3. Storage Pocket

The tent comes with a storage pocket inside. The pocket is attached to a wall inside the tent. It is very useful in storing small necessary gears inside within reach. The pocket is also useful in avoiding the meshing of gears on the tent floor and being trampled.

4. Floor material

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The floor material should be of a great quality in the tent. It keeps us safe from the moisture of the surface and even the bugs and insects. This Marmot Crane Creek backpacking and camping tent has a fully waterproof fabric on its floor.

The fabric is seam-taped with the wall providing full coverage protection from water pool inside.

5. Temperature inside the tent

This Marmot Crane Creek backpacking and camping tent is a three season tent. It is a great choice for summer, fall and spring. Though it can handle the moderate cold, it is not made for extreme winter.

Still, the tent can maintain temperature around 0 to 1 degree. For that, you need to use warm clothes and seal the vents properly. But it is recommended to get a four-season backpacking tent if you plan to go camping in winter.

6. Tent materials & construction

The tent has been constructed very nicely and gives a great impression wherever you look. It comes with dual mesh doors along with long zippers. The zippers can be rolled to the side and fixed with toggle.

The dual vestibules come with central zippers and can be rolled to the sides. One can also roll a single vestibule and keep other as the windbreaker. The tent comes with various options to provide you great camping experience.

7. Tent Poles

The tent comes with three aluminium 7000 poles. Two poles can be used to make the X shape which supports the dome structure of the tent. And the third pole is used to attach the inner tent to make the door completely vertical. This gives maximum headroom inside the tent.

The poles make the structure complete freestanding once they are attached in four corners. Keep in mind, there are no sleeves in this tent, instead, it has clips to attach the inner tent to the poles.

8. Setting up the Tent

Setting up this tent is quite an easy task. One just needs to go through the instruction manual that comes with this backpacking tent. Though the instruction manual recommends two people for setting up the tent, it can be done by a single person with an ease.

The tent comes with aluminium poles which are to be pushed inside the fabric. It makes the X-shape to give the dome shape of the tent. Next, just attach hooks and clips of the tent and it is standing freely on the ground.

Once the tent’s setup is complete, strap the rainfly to the upper poles of the tent. It covers the entire upper area of the tent and makes it waterproof. The vestibules need to be attached to the outer poles on both sides for extra space.

It is always advised to try assembling the tent once at home before going for camping and trekking. It helps in finding the flaws in tents as well as make you clear about the procedure. It will also save your time of reading the instruction while setting the tent during camping.

9. Packing up the tent

Packing up the tent is always more hectic than setting it up. One needs to do it with proper care else the tent fabric may be damaged.

Dismantling the tent is not as tough as it seems. But it needs a bit practice to put back the tent into its carry bag. The tent poles and stakes should be kept separate than the fabric. This way, one can avoid damaging the tent fabric.

The most important trick is to fold the tent fabric equal to the width of its carry bag. One needs to spread the fabric and roll it tightly to fit the match the width of its carry bag. Once it is rolled properly, it can be easily fit into the carry bag.

It is suggested to keep your tent spread out if you are keeping your tent for a longer time without any use. If you don’t plan or think to go camping in near future, then it is better to keep tent spread out in order to save the fabric. Also, clean up the tent well before storing it after the usage.

Points to consider while buying a Backpacking Tent

1. Size of the Backpacking Tent

The size of a tent plays an important role while selecting one for yourself. One needs to understand how much space they need to have inside the tent.

Marmot Crane Creek Backpacking and Camping Tent comes in two different sizes. The two-person tent has got space of 32 sq. ft. which is enough for the accommodation of two people. The three-person tent comes with the interior space of 42 sq. ft. Hence, one can choose from multiple options based on their requirements.

2. Centre Height

The centre height of the backpacking tent determines how tall the tent stands. The more is the centre height of the tent, the easier it is to stand inside the tent. The taller tent gives more headroom and more air to breath inside.

Since this backpacking tent is available in two options. Both of them have different centre height. The two-person variant has a centre height of 43 inches while three-person variant is 46 inches high at the centre.

Both version of tent gives enough space for standing inside, though it is not so great for a taller person.

3. Weight of the Backpacking Tent

The weight of the backpack is also an important constraint to look at while selecting a backpacking tent. The less the weight is, the easier it is to carry the tent.

This Marmot Crane Creek Backpacking Tent is available in two different options. Hence, it has different weights based on its options. The two-person backpacking tent weighs 4.8 pounds while the three-person tent weighs precisely 5.8 pounds. The weight is quite optimal and can easily be carried by a single person.

4. Quality & Durability of the Backpacking Tent

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This Marmot Crane Creek Backpacking Tent is made with great quality materials. The tent fabric is tear proof and fully waterproof to keep you dry in the rainy season.

The stakes and poles of the tent are made of durable 7000 series aluminium metal. It is of great quality. The zippers are also of great quality and are not affected by water. The overall quality of the tent is quite good and affordable too.

5. Three Season or Four Season Backpacking Tent

While selecting a backpacking tent, one should be clear whether he/she wants three seasons or four seasons backpacking tent. A three-season backpacking tent can be used in summer, fall and spring weather conditions. While a four-season backpacking tent can be used during any season.

This Marmot Crane Creek Backpacking Tent is a three season tent. It can be used in moderate cold. But it is not advised to take this tent in winter season as it is not designed for cold weathers.

Final overview about the Backpacking Tent

1. Interior Space (4 out of 5)

Both version of this backpacking tent has enough space for the respective number of people. Though there will be space shortage for the gears and other items inside the tent. But it comes with a spacious vestibules on both the sides with zipper. Hence, the gears can be stored there.

2. Weight (4.5 out of 5)

Looking at the weight of this backpacking tent, both of the version are quite lighter. The two-person version weighs 4.8 pounds and three-person variant weighs about 5.8 pounds. The weights are quite low and can be carried by a single person easily.

3. Reliability (4 out of 5)

This Marmot Crane Creek Backpacking Tent is a two/three person three season tent. This tent is a perfect choice if you are camping in summer, spring or fall. The tent has been designed to give you comfortable stay during all these three seasons. It is also equipped with various features to protect you from rain, wind and storm.

4. Features & Ease of Use (4 out of 5)

The tent comes with different features to give an extraordinary trekking and camping experience. It is well ventilated and has double doors for easy access. Moreover, it can be easily set up within less than 10 minutes by a single person.

5. Pricing (3.5 out of 5)

This Marmot Crane Creek Backpacking Tent costs a bit more than other tents with similar features. The Marmot Crane Creek brand has been providing quality products since long. Hence, if you consider the brand value, the price is not so high.

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