From going through villages to streets, a photo enthusiast always needs THE BACKPACK. Backpacks are not only made for treks and tours. Even if you want to go to the nearest corner, you will need a backpack to hold your essentials.

It is easier for you to go through any path with a comfortable, quick access and versatile backpack. These features of your backpack do not make your equipment feel a burden for you.

You don’t carry Lowepro Photo Hatchback 16L Camera Backpack! The backpack floats on your spine.

About Lowepro

“Creating inventive solutions” is the main motto of Lowepro. Lowepro is the first company to create lightweight and foam-padded cases. It has been providing varieties of backpacks with tough durability for 50 years.

Summary of Lowepro Photo Hatchback 16L Camera Backpack

Lowepro Photo Hatchback 16L Camera Backpack is a daypack Style Backpack. This backpack is for DSLR cameras and Mirrorless Cameras which is lightweight. A backpack with various compartments: this backpack is durable and breathable.

This backpack has three primary compartments with versatility as a concern. This backpack has smart designed split padded straps. This comfortable backpack is perfect for city-stickers and rural adventurers alike.

A detailed review on Lowepro Photo Hatchback 16L Camera Backpack

External Dimension

10.83 x 7.28 x 18.50 inches (w x d x h)

Dimension of camera compartment

7.68 x 4.33 x 5.91 inch (h x d x w)

The capacity of supporting light camera equipment

The camera backpack can support a DSLR with attached lens (up to 18-55mm zoom). It also supports 1 to 2 extra lenses or flashes. The other compartments hold a tablet, a water bottle, and other accessories.


This camera supports CSC with attached kit lens and 2 to 3 extra lenses or flashes. It also holds a tablet, a water bottle, and other accessories.

Multi-functional and thick padded compartments for a versatile organization

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The camera compartment has a removable, padded camera box. The camera box is customizable to meet our style of organizing the equipment. The camera compartment comes with thick-padded dividers that keep your gear protected.

The sides of camera compartment are sleek synthetic material. There are 7 thin stripes of velcro so you will have to figure out a fixed way to customize the interior.

The camera compartment comes with a handle that helps you remove the camera box. This feature allows you to convert your camera backpack into day backpack. The camera box is also protected with storm-flap closure.

Even the pockets are well padded. At the top of the bag, there is a padded pocket in which you can fit a tablet of up to 11 inches.This gives extra protection to anything that you keep inside the bag.

There’s a large top compartment. You can use to keep your small camera accessories there. There are small net-pockets where you can keep smaller accessories like your phone.

At the back of the main compartment, there is a zipper compartment where you can keep your wallet, money or cards. There are also some clips to hang your keys. The main compartment can also fit your thin jacket and other essentials.

The sides of bag consist of stretchy mesh pockets. They are fit enough to hold your small tripod or a gorilla tripod. They can also hold your water bottle or a bulky umbrella.

Thick padded and smart designed straps that keep you cool

The shoulder straps have mesh material lining and split padding. This helps air to pass between the backpack. This feature keeps you cool and the weight feels lighter. The shoulder strap consists of clips. You can use this to keep the shoulder straps sliding from your shoulder.

The stabilizer of the strap connects to a slider which makes it adjustable to fit in anybody type. The straps are smart detailed. We can use the horizontal bands to attach a smaller accessory.

Fancy and versatile design

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It has a smart designed; well padded with squishy mesh which makes it soft and breathable. The backpack is available in blue, pepper red, grey, slate grey and galaxy blue color . It is a stylish camera backpack that you can convert into day backpack.

Its’ materials don’t weigh much but they do feel durable and sturdy.


The zippers that this camera backpack has used are high-end YKK zippers. They are famous for tough durability. Use of 600D Polyester fabric makes it safe from the impact of abrasion.

Use of nylon on its exterior makes this backpack beneficial on the basis of durability. It makes the backpack easy to wash and strong with insulating properties. Polyurethane makes it safe from scratch, thermal and medium water impact.

The backpack has the quality of supreme weather resistance. It also comes with a weather hood that keeps your bag protected in any kind of weather. The reinforced stitching does not let the connections of the backpack to go loose.


The load lifting feature of this backpack does not let the backpack be a burden on you. It is a versatile backpack with fancy looks. The backpack ahs ample amount of dedicated storage for your equipment. The backpack is padded with qualitative materials for tough durability.


It would have been better if the backpack had some anti-theft technology. The backpack would been more convenient to carry if it had quick-accessibility features.


Durability Rating:

4.1 out of 5

This backpack has supreme water and weather resistance. Use of nylon,
600D polyester and polyurethane keeps the backpack safe from abrasion, scratch
and thermal impact.

Capacity Rating:

3.8 out of 5

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The bag itself weighs only 2 pounds but it can hold a lot. Even though the backpack looks slim and sleek, it can carry enough for an outdoor fashion shoot. It would’ve been better if the backpack could carry a laptop of 13 inches.

Design Rating:

4.3 out of 5

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This backpack comes in various colors. It has a sleek design that looks awesome in any context. The logo is too big to fit into the proportion of the backpack. The backpack is space efficient and stylish.

Comfort rating:

4.2 out of 5

This backpack is very comfortable. The backpack is mesh-padded which makes allows airflow. Air ventilation keeps your back cool even in hot days. It is lightweight. Hence, it is comfortable to carry and wander around the city for a long time.

At last

The specs of the backpack, in deep observation, says that it deserves 4.1 out of 5 from me.

This backpack is stylish and versatile. You can carry this backpack for any time in any environment. This is a fine product for stylish, comfortable backpack with versatility.

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