Travelling is fun, isn’t it? We all love travelling and visiting new places. But the safety and security concern makes us think twice about going anywhere. Well, you don’t need to worry about the safety of your belongings if you travel with the Kopack waterproof anti-theft backpack.

Kopack waterproof anti-theft backpack comes with various anti-theft features. The features include a hidden zipper, secret pocket and cut-proof fabric. Besides the safety and security features, the anti-theft backpack also features luggage straps, weight balance, USB charging port. It also has glowing parts to make your journey comfortable and safe at the time.

The features of this backpack are enough to drop your worries and concerns. I have tried to elaborate every feature of this backpack.

Physical Overview of the Backpack

The physical dimension of the backpack is 11.8 * 7.7 * 5.5 inches in size and weighs about 1.94 pounds. The total volume of the backpack is 25 litres.

The backpack features one main compartment with other subcompartments inside. The zipper of the main compartment is hidden. It cannot be accessed while the backpack is carried on the back. Plus the shoulder straps are adjustable according to your comfort.

Features of Kopack Waterproof Anti-theft laptop backpack

1. Anti-Theft Features

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There are different features in this backpack which will secure your belongings inside.

The backpack has no visible zippers on the front side. The zipper of the main compartment is fully hidden. It helps you to keep your wallet/laptop/phone and other things safe inside. The zipper of the backpack is safe from the pickpockets and thieves.

While looking at the backpack, you will wonder where you should put all your gadgets and gears in the bag. All the dedicated pockets in the backpack are hidden. They are invisible while looking normally at the backpack. The hidden pockets are organized so neatly that anyone apart from the owner will have some difficulty locating it.

One of the very handy and lucrative features of this backpack is the public transportation pocket. It is placed in the shoulder strap of the backpack. This pocket is very helpful in storing cards or some extra cash. It will come into use while travelling and is easily accessible. This pocket will act as a saviour for those who travel by metros and fears losing their pass.

2. Waterproof Material

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If you are concerned about rainy weather during your travel or journey or if thoughts of water spilling on the backpack is disturbing you, then you must go for this Kopack waterproof anti-theft laptop backpack. The backpack has been made of special material which is water repellent in nature. Hence, the backpack doesn’t get wet. It keeps your belongings safe during light rain or even if water spills over it.

Additionally, the backpack comes with a rain cover attached to it. It is helpful during heavy rain. The rain cover is attached to the bottom of the backpack.

3. Many Organizational Pockets

Most of the backpacks claim to fit in all your requirements for the journey but very few of them do so. This anti-theft backpack gives you enough space to keep your things organized.

With more than ten slots, you can keep your things organized as you wish. For example, with so many pockets, you can keep your documents separately. It ensures that each gear you are travelling with is in its own place, customized with your own arrangement.

4. Dedicated Laptop Sleeve

If you always carry your laptop or tablet wherever you go, Kopack waterproof anti-theft backpack laptop sleeve will provide extra protection for them. The laptop sleeve is located on the back side of the backpack and it can accommodate a laptop of up to 15.6 inches.

You don’t need to worry about your laptop or tablet getting jostled. There is an expandable stretchy strap to hold gadgets in place with ease. This backpack offers stability and security which are important features in any backpack.

5. USB Charging Feature

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This Kopack anti-theft backpack features a built-in USB charging slot on one of its side. It connects the power bank inside your bag with embedded wire which goes through the fabric of the backpack.

You don’t need to pull out your power bank everytime you want to charge your smartphone or any other gadgets while travelling. All you need to do is connect your data cable to the USB hole present in the backpack and your device starts charging.

6. Well-Padded Straps and Back

This laptop backpack makes sure your shoulder and back are comfortable while carrying this backpack. The backpack comes with well-padded shoulder straps and back.

The backpack features a bubble foam padded backing. It gives flexibility and cosiness to the body. The padded shoulder straps help the backpack against cutting into the skin.

7. Suitcase style Opening

Who would have ever thought of a backpack of a convertible backpack? With the many organizational pockets, it features a front side opening from 90 to 180 degrees.

This opening makes helps you to keep your things like in a suitcase. The different pocket divisions allow you to keep things organized in the way you wish.

8. Stealth Zipper System

At first, the laptop sleeve keeps your laptop safe against your back. But the safety doesn’t stop here. The backpack features a stealth zipper design. It keeps the hands of thieves and pickpockets away from reaching your belongings.

Additionally, there are no zippers on the front side of the backpack. Furthermore, the zippers of the backpack are hidden and can be locked using a padlock.

9. Comfortable Design

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Safety is an important concern while travelling but comfort is needed equally. This backpack has focused on the comfort of the customer. And it came up with a differently designed backpack which is comfortable to carry.

10. Night Safety Feature

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Who doesn’t love going for a walk or drive at evening or night? But walking or riding a cycle in dark hours can be risky as there are chances of accidents.

Keeping this in mind, Kopack has implemented an illuminating stripe on its front side. It makes the person carrying it visible at night with the help of a glow in the bag. This feature helps in locating the person carrying it in dark. It also helps to avoid accidents and crashing from backsides.

11. Weight Distribution

While travelling for business or work, the weight of gadgets, files and other belongings can make the backpack feel bulky and heavy. Kopack waterproof anti-theft travel laptop backpack counter the issue with its lightweight design.

The backpack is lightweight and there is reasonable weight distribution. Because of its weight distribution design, the burden on your shoulders is reduced. The backpack feels stable and balanced while carrying it on the back.

Additional Features

1 Luggage Strap

If you travel frequently, I guess you wouldn’t like to carry the backpack on your back. Yeah, it’s good to carry for safety but while we are travelling far and a lot, it is way too hectic

To solve this problem, Kopack has introduced luggage strap in its backpack. You can attach your backpack to the luggage trolley which gives comfort to your shoulder.

2. Proper Ventilation

The backside of this backpack is made of many layers of anti-sweat material. The presence of proper spongy layer makes the backpack more comfortable. It lets the air pass between the backpack and back of the person.

3. Stylish

Kopack anti-theft waterproof laptop backpack features a unique and attractive style. The backpack being feature-rich also looks classy which makes it a perfect choice.

Furthermore, the backpack is available in many colours which gives choice to choose from. Different colour options add flavour to its style.

4. Unisex Design

This backpack has been designed keeping in mind the differences between male and female body. Hence, the backpack can be used by both male and female. This feature makes the backpack a unisex backpack. It is comfortable on both male and female body while using daily for travelling or daily commute.

5. Multiple Usage

This backpack is a single backpack which can be taken in use for various purposes. The compartment of the backpack is designed in such a way that it is perfect for travelling, school/campus or business usage.

6. Budget Friendly

Having number of safety and design features, the manufacturers could have charged customers huge amount for this backpack.

But it is priced quite budget-friendly so that everyone can afford one.

Some trade drawbacks of the backpack

1. No Hydration Pocket

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There is no doubt that the backpack has a number of features with great design and look. But the backpack misses a water bottle pocket. Water is a basic need and almost every backpack should include a water bottle pocket in them. The fact that there is no water bottle pocket makes the backpack seem incomplete to take to a journey.

2. Rigid Shape

The design of the backpack is rigid in nature. Hence, even the backpack is empty it can’t be compressed. This makes it difficult to fit the backpack into trolley or luggage suitcase.

3. Bulky Design

The design of the backpack showcases that it can store lots of things. But after fitting in few items the backpack, it has no rooms left. Since the backpack has only one compartment, it is difficult to push in more things.

4. No Slashguards

Most backpack these days come with embedded slashguards. It keeps the backpack safe from thieves and bag slashers who cut through and run away with your gear. Sadly, the backpack misses such important feature, which would have made the backpack more secure against theft and bag slash.

Final Overview

After looking at all the features of the backpack, I have these views about the backpack which are mentioned below:

1. Usability ( 3.5 out of 5)

The backpack comes with many anti-theft features. It makes your valuables inside the backpack extra secure while travelling. But looking at the space there is not enough to fit in more things to take the backpack on long trips.

The backpack can be used for daily commuting and some weekend trips. But I would not suggest it for long trips unless you are carrying extra luggage bag.

2. Internal Organization (4.5 out of 5)

The internal organization of the backpack is very good. Each goods can be stored in a proper manner and in an organized way.

3 Construction (3.5 out of 5)

The overall build quality of the backpack seems to be nice. The backpack is manufactured with a great quality polyester. It is cut proof and scratch proof in nature.

4. Comfort (4 out of 5)

The designers of the backpack have made sure that it fits well on body of both male and females. The backpack has been designed to feel comfortable while carrying on back.

5. Durability (4 out of 5)

The material used for making the backpack seems to be of high quality. So the backpack can be trusted in the long run. The wonderful stitching of the backpack is will help it be durable.

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