Travelling can be a pleasure as well as a burden. You sure feel awesome to roam and get a feel of different places. But you can feel worrisome while travelling to your workplace carrying sensitive documents such as personal stuff, and travel documents along your way. And you need to be aware about the safety of these things while travelling anywhere.

So it is terribly important to have an anti-theft backpack to ensure safety of your belongings. The Kopack Lightweight Anti-theft Backpack does every job we need even when we are on a vacation. The backpack consists of all the essential features of a wonderful backpack.

The backpack comes with many anti-theft features. It also includes stealth zipper design, tear-resistant and anti-scratch feature. It also features hidden pocket which is handy to use.

Physical Overview of the Backpack

The backpack is manufactured with a high-quality polyester. It is cut-proof and scratch proof fabric. The physical dimension of the backpack is 16.9 * 5.5 * 12.2 inches and weighs about 1.65 pounds. The total volume of backpack ranges from 20-30 litres.

The backpack comprises of 1 main compartment. The backpack has only one visible pocket. There is one laptop or iPad sleeve, 4 inner pockets and many smaller pockets to keep things organized.

Features of Kopack Lightweight laptop anti-theft backpack

1. Safety Features

There are a number of security features which will keep your things safe. You can be carefree while being on trip or vacation. The features are elaborated below.

Kopack lightweight business laptop backpack comes with stealth zipper design. The stealth zipper makes it very hard for pickpockets to reach inside the backpack. Additionally, the zippers can be locked with TSA approved lock.

The main and only one zipper of the backpack is completely hidden. It does not feature any visible pocket on either side. The smaller pockets for keeping things organized are inside the main compartment. It is very difficult for a normal eye to locate the zipper.

The material used in the backpack is scratch proof and tear proof which makes it very hard to cut through and get access to the backpack. The fabric used is of nylon material from a good brand which is an optimal choice for the long run.

2. Water Repellent

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Pickpockets are one the biggest concerns while travelling to a new place. Along with that, we need to keep our files, documents and electronics safe from getting wet while going anywhere. The backpack is water repellent in nature. It ensures that your belongings are safe if water is spilled over it.

Additionally, a stowable rain cover can be used in case of high rain to make it completely waterproof. The rain cover needs to be purchased separately. The rain cover makes the backpack completely safe from water getting inside. To make sure that the items inside your backpack are safe, don’t submerge the backpack into the water.

3. Many Organizational Pocket

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All business backpacks claim to be spacious enough to accommodate most of your travel related belongings inside them. In reality, most of them end up disappointing us. But Kopack lightweight business laptop backpack has all the features it claims to have.

The backpack houses over ten slots. These slots will help you to keep your thing organized. For example, travel documents and work files can be kept organized. The number of pockets ensure that each item of yours get an organized place and customized by your own arrangement.

4. Weight Distribution

As this backpack has an ergonomic design, it has a reasonable weight distribution. The backpack feels very comfortable even when you have lots of items inside. It remains very close to your back which means that the backpack doesn’t dangle around your back..

The weight of the item is concentrated on the back and reduces extra burden of on your shoulders.

5. Dedicated Laptop Sleeve

Kopack lightweight laptop backpack features a well-padded laptop/tablet sleeve. The laptop sleeve can hold a laptop of the screen size up to 17 inches. It is well padded with foam which will keep your device safe from shock while falling down.

6. Luggage Style

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Who but the designers of the Kopack Lightweight Anti-theft Backpack could have imagined a backpack designed as a trolley a few years back? This futuristic look to go along with the wonderful organizational design means that the backpack opens at 90-180 degrees. It allows the user to pack things in suitcase style. The smaller pockets allow you to keep your things organized inside.

7. Hidden Pockets

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The backpack features hidden pockets. They are quick and stealthy access to keep often used items. The hidden pockets are located at back bottom and at the side of the backpack. It is accessible only by the backpack user. These pockets can be used to keep cell phone or wallet. It not only helps you keep things separately but allows better maneuvering of your items.

8. Padded Back and Strap

The manufacturer has added bubble foam padding on the back of the backpack whcih makes it cozy while using. Additionally, padded shoulder straps help you be safe from cutting into the skin. The backpack is comfortable for taking on extended business trips or vacation.

9. Comfortable Design

The backpack has a comfortable design. It doesn’t feel heavy even when packed full or even when carried for long periods of time. The shoulder straps are wide and extendable in nature making it pleasurable to carry.

10. Night Safety Feature

Who doesn’t love going for a walk or drive at evening or night? But, walking or riding a cycle in dark hours is risky as there are possibilities of accidents and collisions.

Keeping this in mind, Kopack has embedded illuminating stripe on its front side. This feature helps in locating the person in dark thus minimizing fatal accidents.

Extra Features

Besides the security features, the additional features of this backpack will make your travel easy and handy. Let’s look at some of the additional features the backpack has to offer.

1. Proper Ventilation

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Multiple layers of materials have been used while manufacturing this backpack. These layers make it an anti-sweating backpack. It allows air to pass between the body and back of the backpack making sweat formation close to impossible. Hence, this backpack is a great choice while holidaying.

2. Interior Organization

Kopack lightweight comes with only one main compartment. The main compartment houses various smaller compartments to keep things organized inside. It has a well-padded laptop sleeve inside like a laptop backpack. The laptop sleeve can easily fit in a laptop of 15.6 inches.

Additionally, there are three padded compartments on the front side of the internal compartment. These compartments are used to store smaller items like power cables, pens, pencils, glasses, etc.

3. Versatile

The backpack is perfect for use by every group of people for different purposes. The design, colour, and well-padded laptop sleeve makes the backpack really attractive.

Additionally, it is also a good choice for using as a camera backpack. The main compartment can easily hold the camera, lens and other equipment related to photography. The backpack is also a great choice for school/college/office usage. There is enough space for a book, notebooks even after storing laptop inside.

4. Luggage Strap

A luggage strap in the backpack makes your vacation or official journey really comfortable. You don’t need to carry your backpack all the time. On the backside of the backpack, there is an elastic bandage as a luggage strap. The elastic bandage will keep your backpack stable on rolling luggage when travelling with luggage.

5. Budget Friendly

When ordinary backpacks include features as many as the Kopack Lightweight laptop Backpack, they are bound to be expensive. But the Kopack Lightweight laptop Backpack is quite budget friendly. It is priced moderately in comparison to other backpacks having similar specifications.

Additionally, the backpack features a band for holding sunglasses. There are also two hidden pockets at the side and the back. These pocket can be used to keep your wallet and cell phone safe. The backpack also features a headphone jack. It is helpful for listening music when you are carrying it.

Trade Drawbacks in Kopack lightweight anti-theft backpack

1. Limited Space

While looking at the backpack, it looks quite spacious. It seems that it can accommodate many things. But the backpack gets full with very few items. It is not suitable to take on weeklong trips or vacation. The backpack is perfect for a day out or normal business travels for a day or two. It won’t be able to accommodate the requirements of more than that.

2. Rigid Shape

The backpack is manufactured in a rigid shape. Hence, even when the backpack is empty, it can’t be compressed. This feature makes it quite difficult to pack the empty backpack inside the trolley or luggage.

3. No Slashguards

Most of the anti-theft backpacks come with embedded slashguards. It protects your belongings inside the backpack. Slashguards are stainless steel wire. They are integrated inside the fabric of the backpack. It makes the backpack cut proof and safe things inside against bag slashers.

This Kopack anti-theft misses this feature which makes it vulnerable.


Going through every detail of the backpack. I have tried to summarize the entire experience with the backpack.

1. Usability (4.0 out of 5)

There is no doubt that the backpack has many of anti-theft features. These features make it a perfect backpack to have for going any trip or vacation. It can be easily used by everyone. The backpack can be used as a school/college bag or a travel bag.

2. Internal Organization (3.8 out of 5)

The backpack has 1 main compartment, 2 side pockets and 2 hidden pockets. Looking at the internal arrangement of the backpack, there is one laptop or tablet sleeve along with 4 smaller pockets. There are also few slots to store pen or pencil.

3. Comfort (3.7 out of 5)

The back panel of the backpack is well-padded. Even the shoulder straps are adjustable as per the comfort or need of the owner making it comfortable to carry. Yet, the lack of proper ventilation makes your back sweaty if you carry it on your back for a longer time.

4. Construction (4 out of 5)

The backpack is made using a high-quality nylon fabric. It is a fabric which is tear proof, scratch proof as well as water repellent. Even the stitching is of great quality which doesn’t seem to come off easily.

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