You have worked very hard to collect enough amount of money and travel. You finally have money in your hand and now you are in your dream tour!

Now, you are exploring your destination, partying and shopping. You are having the time of your life in your vacation. You are about to pay money for your party and shopping bills. Now, you realize something negative and shocking…

You’ve lost your money!

Losing your money coated with your hard work while traveling is like “Scotch in the smooth”. When you lose your money, you lose access to the unique and amazing things that you want to do in your destination. The tour gets nothing but bitter.

The fact is:

You can imagine how hard and gloomy your vacation can get if you lose your money. To not experience a bad vacation, you must know the tips and tricks to keep your money safe while traveling.

How Can You Keep Your Money Safe While Travelling?

I’ll give you 8 tips and tricks that you can apply to keep your money safe while traveling so that you don’t have to actually stay in a park bench and sky gaze.

1. DO NOT go off guard.

Trust me, one of the major reason why people lose their money or get travel theft is that they go off guard.

When I once got off guard, I dropped my money somewhere on the road and couldn’t find it. I had to call my friend to get my bills paid and to get back home.

Do not be as absent-minded as I was while traveling!

ALWAYS be attentive about your money. Be conscious enough to know if you are about to get travel theft or to feel the absence of your money. Try to not get high or drunk in your journey so that you won’t knock out of your senses.

2. Don’t organize, exchange or flaunt your money in public.

Do the organizing thing before you step out to travel. It is better that you exchange your money and gather them before you travel.

You see, thieves always have an eye for the prey with heavy pockets. When you flaunt your money in public, it is like an invitation for the looters to approach your heavy pocket and empty it.

3. Limit your cash and use your banking ATM and credit card.

Don’t take all your money with yourself while traveling. Only carry the amount of hard cash that you will actually need in your journey of that day.

It will be easy for you to keep your money safe if you make the heavy payments through your credit card. Create a transaction from your banking ATM if you need more cash. Keep small amount like bus fare, etc. inside accessible pockets. The money is safest when concealed.

If you do have a lot of hard cash, then it is better to leave the most amount in the safe of your hotel room. DO NOT leave your cash wherever you like in your hotel room. The housekeeping has access to your room. If you leave your money in the room carelessly, anyone else might steal your money.

4. Use those accessories that keep your money safe.

When you keep your money in the unconcealed pocket, they might run away from your bag or pocket.

To protect your money, keep your money only in those pockets of your handbag that you can conceal with chain. Keep your money in the pocket of your cloth that you can conceal. Keep small amount like bus fare, etc. inside accessible pockets. Heavy amount is safest when concealed.

Make sure that your money is in that place which is not easy for any second person to access. Also, make sure that your money won’t fall out from your pocket.

You may use:

  • Handbag with hidden pockets.
  • A jacket that consists of a concealed pocket in its inner area.
  • A belt with a secret opening where your money fits.
  • Dummy wallet.

5. Follow multi-stash method.

Multi-stash method means, keeping your money in different places. Don’t keep your money only in your handbag or wallet. When you do this, you lose a heavier amount if someone loots you.

Try this:

Keep the heaviest amount in your banking ATM. Then keep the other heavy amount in your anti-theft luggage or inside the locker of your hotel room. Keep the less needed amount in concealed pockets of your handbag or jacket. Keep the most necessary amount of that day inside accessible pockets.

The multi-stash method will not only keep your money safe, but it will also help you to organize your money. This method will also help you keep track of your travel budget throughout your journey.

6. If you don’t own accessories that keep your money safe, CREATE ONE!

This is the time of Do It Yourself accessories. You don’t have to spend your money on buying anti-theft backpack and wallets.

Here are some ideas to create security accessories of your desire and brand:

  • Roll your money and keep it inside a container of empty lip balm.
  • Keep your money inside a packet of tissue between the tissues.
  • Keep your money inside a packet of sanitary napkins between the napkins.
  • Pack your thick amount of money in an aluminum foil. Then, place it inside a ziplock bag to make it look like a packed sandwich. Make sure that the packet looks flat yet thick for a disguise that is too good to doubt.
  • Ladies can make a good use of their feminine elements by locking their valuable paper in the cup of their bra.
  • The world is not unfair to men too! Get yourself a small pocket sewed in your boxer to hide emergency cash.

7. Keep an account of the money that you are carrying.

When you are about to get up from a cafe or a bench of an amusement park, check that area around you. You might drop your wallet or money somewhere around due to minor yet neglected mistakes.

When you create a transaction, make sure that you get yourself the receipt. If you find the balance of your budget unusual, you can check your receipt and clear your confusion.

8. Protect your device and finance apps with passwords.

Suppose that you dropped your phone somewhere or someone stole it. Your phone and applications are not secured with password. Now, what if they access your finance application and use your money?

This is why you must protect your device and finance applications with a password. Try connecting to only those networks that are safe to share your financial data on.

Final word

Yes, you never know when and where you will lose your money. If we did have that ability, any destination would be your lost and found box. But the sad thing is, that does not happen.

It is not that always bad things will happen. But who knows when the day can get unlucky, right?

So, it is your responsibility to keep your money as safe as possible. These tips will lessen the chances of you losing your money and will keep your money safe.

Be responsible and travel happy and safe, Traveler!

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