You might be planning to travel to Italy for few weeks or simply planning to change your bag.

Then you suddenly remember!

The advertisement of the anti-theft backpack that you saw in your timeline and wondered, “Should I get the anti-theft backpack?” or “Is the anti-theft bag necessary for me?”

In my case, I just happened to see my friend carry this bag which grabbed my attention. I inquired about it and after hearing his positive opinions, I had to buy it for my China trip!

What is an anti-theft bag?

Anti-theft bag, as the name suggests, is a travel security product, made for safe traveling. This cut-proof, shock-proof bag has hidden pockets which is hard for the pickpockets to reach.

It has been pretty popular lately, mainly with the travelers.

Qualities of Anti-theft Backpack

Now, let’s talk about each of the qualities of an anti-theft bag:

1. Compact to store:

The bag is even at all its sides; it doesn’t bulk at the bottom and taper at the top. The box-like shape makes it easy to carry and even store.

The bag could easily fit in the bottom of my plane seat. Of course, economy class!

2. Comfortable to carry:

The bag is lighter than other bags and hugs your back pretty comfortably. I had my bag for all my trips within China for a month but never had any kind discomfort with it. Back sweat? What’s that?! Backache? What’s that?!

3. Organized storage:

The storage design has made it easier for messy people like me to organize and find things without turning the bag inside-out. I could keep my Macbook, iPad, mobile phone, notebook, pens, chargers, passport, wallets, sunglasses etc. and find them pretty easily.

4. Prevents pickpocketing and theft:

There is a possibility that the thief can cut your bag and get away with it. However, Anti-theft bag comes with the steel cable and cut-proof protection board to prevent such unfortunate event.

Many of the anti-theft bags come with RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) blocking material. It prevents the thieves to get sensitive information from your credit cards.

So, you are safe from both types of theft: physical and technological.

5. Charge on the go:

While traveling, you might be taking many pictures and videos in a day with your phone. Especially, if it is a cold place then your phone would discharge rapidly.

You don’t have to wait in a cafe till your phone is charged, anymore. With the in-built charging port in the bag, you can travel around freely, taking as many pictures as you want.

6. Gadgets are safe from water:

I haven’t tried the bag in a downpour but I have carried it in the drizzle for around 45 minutes on my scooter. The result? Every electronics inside my bag were dry and safe due to its waterproof quality.

7. Hidden pockets for your secret stash:

There are hidden pockets in the shoulder strap, the side and the back where you can keep small items like cards, cash or even your mobile phone. It was really convenient for me to keep my hotel card and subway card in those secret pockets.

Drawbacks of Anti-Theft Backpack

Despite the above amazing qualities of anti-theft bags, there were some disappointments to it as well.

1. The chain pops if you try to overfill:

Well, yeah, every chain pops if you try to overfill!

But if you are a person who carries the whole world in a bag just like me, then this might not be for you. I tried to cram in my turtleneck, woolen caps and muffler in it; the chain just popped!

Also, the chains are not easily available to change.

2. Water bottle:

The bag doesn’t have a water bottle pocket outside the bag. You have to keep it inside and have to open the bag every time you need to drink, by yourself! (Remember? Your friends cannot even open that for you!).

And if god forbid, you have a leaky bottle inside, all your electronic gadgets will ruin.

3. Opening the bag:

Some kinds of the anti-theft bags open 30°, 90°, and 180° which makes it really easy to fill the bag up. On the other hand, it is hard to take out big things from your bag opening only 30° wide. You need some kind of support while taking the things out even in the streets.

4. Non-washable:

The bag is waterproof but it might not be completely dust-proof. If you live in a polluted city or have been handling your bag with dirty hands, the chances are, your bag will be dirty.

I can see that my backpack has gone dirty due to the pollution, but because of the inbuilt charger, I cannot wash it.

anti theft backpack

Pros & Cons of Anti-Theft Backpack

Pros Cons
Compact to store Cannot overfill
Comfortable to carry Water bottle compartment is inside
Organized storage Hard to open it without support
Prevents pickpocketing and theft Non-washable
Charge on the go
Gadgets are safe from water
Hidden pockets for your secret stash

However, for the cons, here are some recommendations from my side if you plan to use the anti-theft travel bag:

  • Do not overfill: Try to use the compartments for each of the items you need, but do not try to cram the products in there; it’s not made for that purpose.
  • Best if you take a slender and long kind of bottle rather than a short fat one, to take it out easily from the bag. Check if your bottle is leaky or not.
  • Wipe the bag with a wet towel (and a drop of liquid soap if required).

So, what conclusion have you come up to? Are you going to invest on it?

I have actually never regretted buying an anti-theft backpack. It was my fault for trying to cram it with my clumsy fingers. Make sure not to do that.

If you are traveling to somewhere with many warnings of pickpockets, then you should definitely buy one.

If you need to organize your messy bag, then I would suggest you to try it out.

If you have any tips and tricks to use an anti-theft bag properly, you can suggest in the comment below. Also, do let me know if you are going to buy one or not, and if you are, which one?

Happy Backpacking, Happy Traveling!

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