When you think of buying a camera, you might not place great importance on camera bags.

That is when you should realize that you might be making a BIG MISTAKE!!

Camera bags are just as important as (if not more important than) your cameras itself. Whether you are a proud owner of your SLR or DSLR, you need a safe bag to store it. And when it comes to traveling with your camera equipment, bags play a crucial role.

Heavy and uncomfortable bags that have unusually large ( or small ) compartments might make you feel out of sync with you bag and your camera.


You need to think seriously about how and what you need to carry in your bag to make the most out of your camera bag.

I will guide you through the necessary steps that you can take so that you have a blast with your camera and your camera bag. Just follow the following steps to enjoy your camera bag to the fullest:

1. Style will keep you ticking

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Style is one of the most important factors while choosing a camera bag. In every circle of your life, your confidence and personality is determined by how much style you add to yourself. Why should it be any different for camera bags?

Camera bags are easily available in various shapes, sizes, and colors. So keep the ball of fashion rolling and choose your favorite bag. You wouldn’t want to diminish your confidence by carrying a shabby bag.

2. Protection against theft

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Whether you are an amateur or a professional photographer, at some point you might have worried about the safety of your equipment. And there are valid reasons to get worried too. You invest a hefty budget in your camera and therefore, will definitely look for safety.

Anti-theft camera bags thus become extremely relevant. All of your lenses and other gear that goes along with it will be safe with an anti-theft camera bag. Besides, there are various other compartments in an anti-theft backpack to store other valuable items.

Such a bag will help you relax while you are not constantly using your cameras.

3. Learn packing

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You might say to yourself:

What is there to learn about packing?


Packing is a delicate business. You might have seen people who fit more things in an organized way in a bag that is the same as the size of yours.

I would advise you to not shy away to ask for advice to people who pack things in a camera bag like a pro!! Especially if they are your friends

After all, what’s there to be shy about? Learning about your camera and items related to photography will only help you grow as a photographer.

4. Pack Lightly

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There are plenty of times when you carry extra lenses that you don’t need. It adds to the weight that you carry and makes your bag bulky.

Rarely have you used more than one lens on a trip! So, why bother with all the other lenses?

You can carry an extra one just in case you accidentally drop or break your lens.

You might need a more than one battery if you are planning to capture stunning images while you are on a difficult trek or when charging options are not available.

You should save all your energy you would spend on carrying unnecessary equipment. Better to direct all your energy into capturing the perfect shots.

5. Decide the bag that you need

Different people carry different things in different ways in their bags. So there is no hard and fast rule about the kind of bags that you need to carry.

You can carry either of the three types of camera bags available.

Bags with dividers

The first type of bags are the ones which have many compartments. If you can distribute the equipment symmetrically amongst the compartments, then you’ll have a wonderful time with your bag.


If you don’t have equipment that has an even distribution of weight, camera bags with compartments can be a definite put-off. The compartments will also bring about a lot of dangling inside a bag.

Besides, it is next too impossible to fit all the gear perfectly amongst the bins inside the bag.

Here’s the solution:

Bags without dividers

Get the other types of bags that don’t have dividers. You might be worried about jamming the lenses together without dividers in the bag.


There is a great range of lens pouches that are available in the market. And at cheap prices too!! So you can keep your lenses in different pouches and store it in these bags. This will help you get rid of the asymmetrical distribution of weight that you might feel if you carry compartment bags.

But bags without dividers have their own pitfalls too. While you put all your equipment in various pouches, you might have trouble locating where these pouches are exactly. All of the pouches will be clumped together and the bag itself might feel too heavy at the bottom.

That is when the third alternative will come into play:

Hybrid Bags

These bags have large compartments and allow you to scan and reach out for your favorite item in one go. They remove the problems associated with either of the two bags discussed above and offer you greater accessibility to the lensing equipment that you will use frequently.

6. Miscellaneous Items to pack

As your camera bags have so much space and so many compartments, why don’t you try making the most of it? You can include various other items in your camera bag.

You can store sunscreen and lip balms to always protect your skin. Looking great is the way to go!!

An emergency cell phone is another handy tool to let your friends and family about your whereabouts. Cell phones will also adjust perfectly in your camera bag.

Earphones for music, an extra pair of sunglasses or regular glasses, water bottles to keep you hydrated, and basic safety kit is something that can be easily stored in your camera bag without compromising greatly with the weight.


I bet you never thought that your camera bag could do so many things for you. There might be a lot of cool things that you can discover to do with your bag. Remember, your camera bag is not simply a bag. It is a friend in need and a friend indeed!!!

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