Holding a DSLR is a dream for many.

You can click whatever you want with the finest quality in any type of light conditions.

But, keeping apart the fun of owning a camera, it is challenging to store your camera and other photographic gears safely.

While traveling, you need to be extra careful to keep your gears safe. But, it is equally important to pay attention to the safety of your gears when you are not using them.

It is not like you randomly place the camera inside the bag with other gears. You need to follow a specific method to store the gears because you cannot afford any accidents or camera damages.

Here are a few things you may want to consider while storing DSLR in a bag:

Do not Place the Lens Pointing Downward

Do not Place the Lens Pointing Downward

The camera body is much sensitive. But, the lens is even more sensitive than the camera body. And, the cost is obviously higher. You can either place it pointed towards the side or upward.

If it is pointed upward or sideward then if by accident the bag hits the ground, there are lesser chances that the lens’ glass gets broken. But, if you place it pointing downward, then it is highly prone to accidents and become more sensitive as well.

Pack Different Gears in Multiple Compartments

Along with the camera, you need to pack several other camera accessories as well. So, it

is very important to manage every accessory inside your camera bag.

While packing the DSLR you have to first detach the lens from the camera body and then place the body in a different compartment. A camera backpack has multiple compartments for different gears. So, place everything on the place it is designed for that gear.

Camera body and lenses are very sensitive. They can get damaged quite easily even in small accidents. So, to handle them you must be very careful. While storing it in a bag, you should store them in different compartments. It prevents them from getting stroked with the gears and get damaged.

Detach Lens from the Body

As you plan to store your DSLR inside the bag you have to detach the lens from the body. If you pack the camera with the lens you have to keep extra space in your bag. It makes it difficult to pack another camera or lens inside the bag. So, as you are storing the camera in your bag, you should detach it from the main body.

Also, it ensures the safety of your camera as well. Your camera and lens remain safe even when the bag is misplaced. Along with the lens, it is good to take out the battery and cards from the camera if you are planning to store your DSLR for a longer period of time.

Take Out the Battery and Storage Card

If you are storing the camera and are not planning to use it often then it is good to take off the storage cards, batteries, lenses from the camera body and store them in separate compartments.

As you store the camera battery, you need to put it in terminal covers and place them in bags. These covers help prevent battery leakage in the long run.

So, if you think you are not using your camera for a long time, then it is a good idea to detach the battery and storage cards before you pack the camera in the bag.

Do not Forget Extra Batteries and Charger

Being a photographer, you may need to travel time and again. For such a situation, you need to be prepared beforehand. You can prepare by storing properly your camera gears with extra battery, flash, storage cards, and charger.

When traveling, an extra battery, camera charger, flashlight, and extra storage cards are a must. Because you never know when your card runs out of storage or when your battery stops working. So, it is a good idea to pre-store fully-charged batteries, chargers, and storage cards.

Keep the Loaded Camera Bag Away from Electronic Devices

When you have put your camera inside the camera bag your device remains safe in many ways. But, although you have the gears stored inside the bag, you need to look at the location where you are storing your bag.

Your loaded camera bag should not be directly exposed to sunlight, moisture, and importantly, places with a high magnetic field.

Electronic devices like television, computer, a laptop has a strong magnetic field around them. Such magnetic fields affect the life of the camera gears in the long-run. So, to maintain the safety of your expensive camera gears you should store them away from areas with a magnetic field.

Pack Lens Wipes and Cleaners

When you are clicking pictures you have to travel to many places. In the process, you have to expose your camera to multiple weather conditions. That makes you camera dirty. Your gears will accumulate dirt which may affect the picture quality in the long run.

For this reason, it is always a good idea to pack along lens wipes and cleaners to clean your gears after you use them. This helps to maintain the camera life as well.

Do not Overpack

Although you own a camera bag you should pack every gear in an organized way. If you do not have a camera bag you should you gears in an organized way. The disorganized bag may lead to camera or lens damage because there is a high chance that they strike every other object inside the bag. So, you should not accumulate everything inside the bag.

While storing the camera in the bag you should consider the bag capacity as well. Depending on the gears you will be carrying the bag capacity also varies. So, as you plan to store your DSLR in the bag, you need to select the appropriate bag.

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