Trekking and Camping is a great way of reconnecting back to nature. Resting inside the tent in the woods and hills gives pleasant feeling. If you are a regular camper and love to go camping at any time, then you should get Flytop 3-4 season 2-person Double Layer Backpacking Tent for yourself.

It is an excellent four season backpacking tent. It is useful in all weather conditions from extremely hot to icy cold, snowy places. The mesh area inside the tent provides great thermal performance. The aluminum poles and stakes provide durability and sturdiness.

This tent is made of high-quality materials and is quite portable and lightweight. It is very suitable for hiking, climbing as well as camping in summer, spring, autumn or winter. It will stand stable even in high wind, heavy rain as well as snowfalls.

Specifications Flytop 3-4 season 2-person Backpacking Tent

Type : Two-person backpacking tent.

Seasons : 3-4 Season.

Design : Freestanding dome design.

Floor Area : 34 square feet.

Floor material : 210D PU4000MM Oxford fabric, Seam taped.

Height : 45.28 inches / 115 cm.

Doors : Dual zippered doors.

Total weight : 5.94 lb / 2.7 kg.

Floor Dimensions : 59 x 83 in / 150 x 210cm

Inner tent material : 210T breathable polyester + High density fine nylon mesh.

Fly material : 210T PU3500MM anti-tear checkered polyester, seam taped.

Number of poles : 2

Pole & Stake type : Aluminum

Key Features of Flytop 3-4 season 2-person Backpacking Tent

  • Freestanding design
  • Two entrances provide maximum convenience as well as ventilation for warm summer nights.
  • Two pop-up ventilation windows on the flysheet allow airflow in the rain.
  • No-See-Um mesh wall panels enhance the THERMAL PERFORMANCE and make the tent useful in winter.
  • Built-in light hook and storage pockets for lights, phones or other small items.
  • Triangle aluminum Tent Pegs will hold the tent firm.
  • Two-sided zipper design allows you to open the tent doors from either side.

Let’s discuss some features of this backpacking tent:

1. Weather protection

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This Flytop double layer backpacking tent is one of the best tents for camping in winter. It is designed keeping in mind the requirements of campers in cold and snowy weather. The tent also comes with a snow skirt to prevent snow accumulation on the base of the tent.

It comprises of strong and durable aluminum stakes and poles. It keeps tents still in a stormy weather. The inner tent material is of 210T breathable polyester along with no-see-um mesh. It is very helpful in maintaining airflow inside the tent.

This tent also features double stitched seams, stitch tapings, waterproofing and anti-rain technology. It makes sure that you stay dry even in heavy rains. It even comes with double triangular ventilation windows. These windows prevent condensation inside the tent.

2. Ventilation

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A good tent comes with proper ventilation to skip moisture formed inside the tent. Human bodies produce moisture which most of the times condensates on tent walls if there is no proper ventilation.

This tent comes with a double layer of walls for preventing moisture formation. It even comes with two triangular pop-up ventilation windows on the flysheet. These vents allow excellent airflow even in the rain.

3. Storage pockets

A storage pocket or gear loft inside the tent offers privilege to keep things managed. They are very helpful in storing gears in proper place while sleeping. This tent features a built-in light hook and storage pockets for lights, phones or other gears.

The light hook provides attachment for hanging a light inside the tent. The storage pocket keeps things managed and organized. It also avoids the gears from getting trampled by rubbing on the floor surface.

4. Tent dimensions

This flytop double layer tent is 83 inches wide and 59 inches long. The center height of the tent is 45.38 inches which is quite tall. The tent gives enough space for two people to sleep comfortably. This tent stands fairly tall. Even a taller person can stand or change clothes inside with comfort.

5. Dual doors & vestibules

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The dual doors are always better for a tent. It lets you exit the tent without disturbing your partner. It also provides an entrance and exit away from the wind direction. Dual door is also very helpful when one of the doors is blocked by the snow bank.

This flytop double layered tent comes with a double door as well as double vestibules. The dual entrance provides most convenience as well as ventilation inside. Also, the vestibules on either side of the tent give extra storage area to keep backpacks.

6. Tent materials and its construction

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The inner tent material is made of 210T breathable polyester and very high-density fine nylon mesh. The combination of fabric is strong, durable and water-resistant. It provides great ventilation and maintains the temperature in all weather conditions.

The floor material of the tent is of 210D PU400MM oxford fabric. It is also waterproof and durable in nature. It doesn’t let soil moisture get inside the tent from the floor. It also prevents insects and bugs from peeking inside the tent. The seams of floors are taped from the factory only to make it waterproof. Hence, you don’t need to do extra waterproofing.

The fly material is of 210T PU3500MM anti-tear checked polyester. This fabric is of very good quality. The fabric is waterproof and even provides UV protection. The seams of this rain fly are also sealed to make the tent complete waterproof.

The poles and stakes of this tent are composed of strong and sturdy aluminum metal. It doesn’t rust and is durable in long run. It keeps the tent stand still even in the heavy rain as well as windy or stormy weather.

7. Temperature inside the tent

A tent having double wall creates a warm temperature in cold and snowy weather. This tent features a double wall with no-see-um mesh panels for balancing temperature.

The walls come with no-see-um mesh for proper ventilation and to prevent moisture formation. This tent can maintain a very good temperature even in cold winter with the help of a good sleeping bag.

8. Pitching the tent

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This flytop double layer tent is a dome design tent with very simple structure. One person can set up the tent quickly. The tent features triangle aluminum tent pegs which keeps the tent still and firm. It also comes with windropes which helps you avoid tripping over it at night.

The instruction to set up the tent comes printed on the rucksack. Attach the poles and stakes and make a criss-cross design. Now push the other poles through the fabric and make it stand freely. Now cover the top with the flysheet and it’s done.

It is recommended to practice setting up the tent once at home before going for the camping adventure. It helps you investigate flaws in the tent if any exists.

9. Packing up the tent

Disassembling and packing up the tent always feels difficult than setting it up. But there is nothing to worry about the process. One needs to use the trick and it can be done without much effort.

To disassemble the tent, hold the tent from the roof at its center point and spread it on the ground. Next, roll it up and fold from the sides till it is equal to the width of its carry bag. Once you fold it to the bag width size, put it inside and close the zipper.

Make sure to keep tent stakes and poles away from the fabrics. The pointed ends of the stakes and poles may damage the fabric and make it useless. Also, make sure that the tent is clean and free from dust and dirt before storing it.

If you don’t have plans for trekking and camping for some time then store the tent spreading. It will prevent the tent fabric from fungus and other damages.

10. What’s included in the package?

This flytop double layer backpacking tent includes following items:

  • 1 tent body
  • 13 aluminum tent page
  • 2 folding aluminum poles
  • 4 wind room reflective ropes
  • 1 large carry bag for storing everything.

Points to consider while buying a backpacking tent

1. Space inside the tent

Space inside the tent is a big factor to consider before buying a backpacking tent. You may go for trekking, camping, backpacking or mountaineering, you will always need a spacious shelter. It is inside the tent where you will be spending your most of the time.

This flytop double layer tent has enough space for two persons. The total space inside the tent is 34 square feet which can easily accommodate two-person. It also comes with dual vestibules which can store the backpack and other camping gears. This tent provides enough space for two people to stay inside with comfort.

2.Standing room space

Standing room space defines the center height of the tent. The higher the tent stand, the easier it is to stand or even change clothes. So one should always look out for the tent with higher center height.

This Flytop 2 person backpacking tent stands 45.28 inches/115 centimeters tall. It is quite tall and even a taller person can easily stand or change clothes inside the tent.

3. Weight of the backpacking tent

The weight of a backpacking tent should be as low as possible. It is easy to carry the lightweight tent even on longer treks. But it won’t be same in case of heavier tents.

This backpacking tent weighs 5.94 pound which is fine for a two-person backpacking tent. One person can easily carry the tent while going for the adventure.

4. Quality and durability of the tent

The parts and components of this tent are of great quality. They won’t damage easily and will stand still even in the extreme weather conditions. The poles and stakes are made of durable aluminum metal. The inner tent material, as well as the floor material, is of high-quality fabrics.

5. Three-season or Four-season

This flytop backpacking tent is a four-season tent. You can use it in any weather conditions. It comes with different features to provide you ultimate camping experience.


  • Great design.
  • Multiple color options.
  • Good center height.
  • Great quality base.
  • Strong and durable fabrics.
  • Sealed seams for extra waterproofing.
  • Snow skirts for preventing snow accumulation.


  • Feels somewhat heavier.
  • Stakes quality seems weak.
  • No footprint included.
  • Vestibules could be more spacious.

Final overview of the tent

1. Interior space ( 4 out of 5)

The interior space of this tent is 34 square feet. It is enough for two-person to sleep in comfort. The storage pockets and gear loft helps to store the gears and smaller items and keep them managed.

Also, the vestibules provide extra space to store the trekking boots and backpacks. The space of this tent is enough for comfortable stay of two-person.

2. Weight (3.8 out of 5)

This tent weighs about 5.94 pounds in total. It is not the lightest tent available in the market. But looking at combo feature which comes with it, the weight is negligible. It can easily be carried by a single person. If it feels heavy, the weight can be distributed among the partners.

3. Reliability (4.5 out of 5)

This Flytop Double Layer Backpacking Tent is quite reliable in all weather conditions. This tent is a four-season backpacking tent. It is perfect for a camping adventure in every seasons. It can handle heavy rainfall, storms as well as snowfall. It doesn’t let environmental situation affect your camping.

4. Features and Ease of use ( 4.2 out of 5)

This tent comes with different features to provide you great camping experience. It comes with a storage pocket and gear loft for keeping your things managed inside. It also features dual doors and vestibules for easy access and extra space. It even comes with no-see-um mesh panels for balancing temperature inside.

5. Price ( 4 out of 5)

The last and most important thing about this tent is its price tag. This tent price is quite budget friendly looking at the features it provides. It is one of the cheapest four-season backpacking tents with great quality materials.

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