If you are always concerned about the safety of your belongings during travel or journey, you can put your worries to rest by getting this mini anti-theft backpack for yourself. The backpack packs in loads of anti-theft features inside it. Few of them are such as RFID blocking pocket, lockable zippers, and a digital safe zone for a laptop. It also includes a mesh pocket which is enough to keep your belongings safe while being on the trip.

Besides all the safety features, the backpack has some extra features. They are glowing stripes, light attachment loop and few other things.

Eagle Creek Travel mini backpack has been highlighted a lot as an anti-theft backpack. But is the backpack really worth as an anti-theft backpack? Well, I have tried to highlight all the features of this particular backpack.

Physical Overview of the backpack

Looking at the dimension of the backpack. It has got 24.1 x 38.1 x 11.4 cm and weighs about 300 grams in total. The largest volume of the backpack is 10.5 litre. It also comes with an adjustable shoulder strap which can be adjusted as owner’s comfort.

The backpack features two zippered compartments. It also has two stretchable side pockets to keep your things organized and safe.

Essential features of Eagle Creek Travel Mini Backpack

1. Anti-Theft Features

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As the backpack is an anti-theft backpack, it has different anti-theft features. They will keep your things safe inside which with the help of features described below

The backpack features a two-way lockable zipper with secure-zip toggle closure. It is also coupled with Central Lock points to lock down the zipper. They are helpful to keep your things safe inside the backpack.

The backpack comes with Smart Security Zippers. They can be attached to a lock and even can be hidden under the zipper flap. It keeps zipper invisible from the eye of thieves and bag slashers.

One important feature of this backpack is the presence of RFID blocking pocket. inside the main compartment. This pocket is used to keep your passport and credit cards safe. The RFID blocking pocket will keep your digital data safe from hackers scanning for valuable information. It blocks the electronic waves of frequency ranging from 10 MHz to 3 GH, helping you overcome the fear of getting your digital data stolen.

2. Digital Safe-Zone

Eagle Creek Travel mini backpack comes with a well-padded laptop sleeve which can also be used to keep a tablet. The laptop sleeve can accommodate a laptop or a tablet of up to 13 inches. It is nicely padded with foam. It helps in safeguarding your electronic gadgets from shock and falling down.

3. Reflective Stripes

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Some people love to go for a walk or ride at night when it is dark. But riding or walking in the nighttime can be risky, especially when it is dark. So, all of us need some things that glows or emits light while going for walk or ride at night for safety purposes.

Well, the Eagle Creek Travel Mini backpack comes with a reflective stripe attached to it. It keeps glowing in the dark and makes you visible. This feature is very helpful as you can be located in darkness. It even prevents the accidents and collision from the backside.

4. Light Attachment Loop

This backpack is perfect for those who love travelling or riding at night time. Besides the reflective stripes, it also features a light attachment loop in it. The loop is very helpful as a light or torch can be attached to the loop. It makes travelling possible during dark or night times.

This feature is a boon for you if love trekking at night. You need not carry a light or torch in your hand, they can simply be attached to the loop making it hassle-free.

5. Proper Ventilation

The backpack features an air cooling 3D mesh air back panel. The air mesh back panel is integrated with a nice foam. It gives a comfortable feeling while carrying it on your back. The well-padded and ventilated backpack avoids sweat formation on your back.

6. Side Pockets

The backpack is lashed with zippered stretchable pockets on either of its sides. Both of these side pockets are provided with sturdy zippers. These side pockets can be used to store the water bottles or other small things.

7. Adjustable & Padded Shoulder Straps

Eagle Creek travel mini backpack houses well-padded and long shoulder strap. The shoulder strap feels quite comfortable even when the backpack is full.

Additionally, the shoulder straps are perforated with foam. They provide even more breathability and comfort while carrying.

8. Weight Balance

Eagle Creek Travel Mini Backpack (2)

You will always feel the burden of extra load whenever you fill the backpack with more stuff. This happens because of the absence of weight balance feature in a backpack.

One feature which makes this backpack stand out is the perfect weight balance feature in it. Even if the backpack is packed to its fullest, it doesn’t feel unbearably heavy. The weight is evenly distributed on the shoulder, back and hips.

9. Durable Material

The backpack is manufactured using high-quality nylon and polyester. They make it trustworthy for usage in the long run. Even the zippers used in the backpack are sturdy, of great quality, and don’t come off easily.

Extra Features of the Backpack

1. Stylish Design

Eagle Creek anti-theft travel mini backpack is a portable, sleek and stylish backpack. It’s design gives it a premium look and feel. Additionally, the interior fabrics of the backpack are of different colours. They also make the backpack quite attractive.

2. Different Usage

Eagle Creek anti-theft travel backpack is a single backpack that can be used for various purposes. It has extensive features. The backpack can be used as a travel backpack to carry things while going on a trip.

The backpack has a well-padded tablet or laptop sleeve. Hence, it can also be used as a laptop backpack to carry your laptop wherever you go. The backpack is also perfect for day to day school/college usage. It has enough space for keeping books and notebooks along with a laptop.

3. Unisex Design

The backpack is designed considering both male and female body. So, the backpack is comfortable for both male and female to carry. Hence, it is also called as a unisex backpack.

4. Budget Friendly

The fact that Eagle Creek anti-theft travel backpack has many features inside might get you worried as you might feel it is too expensive. But, you should not worry. It is quite budget friendly.

5 Lifetime Warranty

One of the surprising and unique things about this backpack is the lifetime warranty that comes while purchasing it. The manufacturer offers lifetime cover of workmanship against defect. So the backpack can be repaired or replaced for its defect.

Some Missing Important Features

1. Missing eXomesh slashguard

Almost every anti-theft backpack these days comes with eXomesh slashguard. They are embedded inside around the vulnerable areas and shoulder straps to provide safety against the bag slashers and thieves. But Eagle Creek anti-theft travel backpack has no slashguard in it.

2. Not Waterproof

Despite having durable material which is cut proof, the backpack lacks waterproof feature. It is hardly water resistant or waterproof. The backpack gets wet even with little water spills on it.

3. Lack of Hidden Pockets

Eagle Creek Travel Mini Backpack

The backpack does not have any hidden pockets. Hidden pockets have been highly appreciated features in anti-theft backpacks. Hidden pockets are the places in the backpacks which are only known to the backpack owner. They are invisible to others. It is a safe and secure place to keep important items such as cash, cards, etc.

4. USB Charging Port

Most of the backpack these days contains an embedded USB charging. It helps in charging your gadgets without any hassle. The embedded USB charging port is connected with USB inside the backpack. It is used to charge your device without getting your power bank out of the backpack. Sadly, this Eagle Creek anti-theft mini backpack misses this useful feature in it.

5. Luggage Strap

One of the important feature which most of us applaud in travel backpack is a luggage strap. Luggage strap makes it quite handy to attach our backpack to trolley or suitcase. It gives our back a moment of relief. This backpack again disappoints us missing this important feature in its backpack. You won’t have any option other than carrying the backpack on your back.


Going through every details of the Eagle Creek anti-theft travel mini backpack, I have summarized the entire usage of the backpack which are elaborated below:

1. Interior Organization (4 out of 5)

The backpack features 2 compartments. The front one is smaller and can house smaller things like charger, wallet, pens, keys. The main compartment is spacious. It can pack in things like clothes, laptop and many more things.

2. Usability (3.6 out of 5)

It’s for sure that the backpack comes with several anti-theft options. These options are enough to make it an ideal backpack for any day or weekend trip. Still there are some smaller things that the backpack misses and disappoints us with. The missing features are USB charging port, proper ventilation & baggage strap.

3. Comfort (3.8 out of 5)

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The back panel of the backpack is nicely padded. It gives a nice comfortable feeling while carrying on the back. Additionally, the backpack has got proper ventilation on back. It helps in preventing the sweat formation.

4. Construction (4.0 out of 5)

The backpack is manufactured using durable materials both inside and outside. The material used are cut proof but not waterproof which may disappoint you. Besides these, the stitching is of great quality which doesn’t seem to come off easily.

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