If you are an adventure lover, you know great it feels to spend time in the lap of nature. You will definitely require a backpacking tent if you are planning any adventurous trip. So, if you are planning to buy a budget-friendly backpacking tent then, Coleman Sundome 2 person backpacking tent can be a great choice for you.

With the brand name of Coleman, you can keep your thoughts aside about quality. This backpacking tent feature two windows with mesh wall. It is pretty well ventilated. With the footprint of 7 * 5 foot, you can be assured of enough space for two people.

The backpacking tent is easy to set up and is perfect for two people stay. The freestanding dome design makes it best for the beginners. It is a great choice as a three season backpacking tent.

Specification of Coleman Sundome 2 Person Tent

  • Type : 2 person backpacking tent
  • Design : Dome style
  • Floor Size : 7 * 5 feet (2.13 * 1.52 metre)
  • Floor material : Polyethylene
  • Center Height : 48 inches
  • Doors : Single D-shaped door.
  • Weight : 7.2 lb (3.26 kg)
  • Flysheet : Polyester taffeta 75 denier flysheet.
  • Tent Material : Polyester mesh 75D inner tent.
  • Poles : 8.5mm fiberglass
  • Setup time : 10 minutes easy setup
  • Poles : Fiberglass stakes
  • Rainfly : Polyguard waterproof & UV coating

Other Specifications

  • Two windows for ventilation and two mesh openings
  • Electric port accessibility
  • Ground vent for ventilation
  • Storage pockets inside the tent
  • Door awning to keep rain away
  • Hanging hook for a LED light

Features of Coleman Sundome 2 Person Tent

  • Built with Weathertec System to help you counter rain and snow
  • Freestanding design
  • Well ventilated with two windows
  • Maintains privacy during daytime with vent windows
  • Interior pocket for storing gear
  • Electrical access port
  • Dome structure for easy setup and carrying
  • Pin and ring design with instaClip attachment
  • Easy two-pole-set-up with shock-corded poles
  • Comes with separate carry bags for tent, stakes and poles to distribute the weight
  • Entry level pricing
  • Great choice for two people camping

Let’s discuss some features of this backpacking tent

1. Wind & Rain Protection

Generally, the dome designed tents are fairly stable in wind and storms. But this Coleman Sundome 2 person tent has got enough stability for winds and storms. Also, it is protective during dews and light rains.

The rain fly of this tent covers well the central roof mesh, doors and rear windows to keep you dry while its raining. It can withstand the heavy rainfall but you must make sure all the zippers are fully closed. For additional cautionary measures, it’s advised to seal the seamers at the very beginning.

2. Floor Material

The floor of this backpacking tent is made of polyethylene. It is properly welded with the wall from all sides and prevents leakage from floor. The seams are situated a bit above the ground level. The doorways also has an extra rise to prevent rainwater coming inside via door.

3. Ventilation

The backpacking tent comes with various adjustable ventilation panels. They allow proper incoming of fresh air inside the tent and skips heat out. One should make sure that the bedding is not touching the walls of the tent when the humidity is high as it can wet the bedding fabric.

4. Temperature inside the tent

Coleman Sundome 2 Person Tent (2)

The tent itself is not warm. But with the use of good sleeping bag and nice warm clothes inside, one can use it in cold weather. With proper management, the temperature inside this tent can be managed around 1 degree centigrade.

Also, if you are planning to camp in winter, then you should go for a four-season backpacking tent. This tent is one of the best choices for warm and moderate weather. The proper ventilation in the tent allows plenty of fresh air exchange and decreases condensation.

5. Storage pocket

This Coleman Sundome 2 people backpacking tent comes with a mesh pocket inside on its wall. The pocket is attached to the wall of the tent. It helps in keeping small necessary items within reach. It also avoids the smaller gears messed on the floor and getting trampled.

6. Setting up the tent

Setting up this Coleman Sundome 2 people backpacking tent is quite easy. The instructions which are sewn on the bag of then tent are clearly visible. Though the instructions suggest two people to set up the tent, it can be set up by one person with ease.

In case you need any help, even a child can help you in fixing tents. The help might be required in case of wind. In case there is no one to help, you can use a stone to fix another side of the fabric.

The backpacking tent consists of a pair of fibreglass poles. They are to be pushed through the sleeves and can be done easily. Next, the peg rings need to be attached to one end. These both are quite an easy process if one goes through the instruction manual.

After setting up the tent, rain fly is strapped to the upper pole. It rests on the top and is secured by four peg rings of the tent. These rings are further secured by stakes in the ground.

It is always recommended to practice assembling the new tent at home before going for camping. It helps in finding out any issues in the tent or missing parts. It will also help you set up the tent during camping without spending your valuable time on reading instructions.

7. Disassembling the backpacking tent

It is always tougher to disassemble the tent than setting it up. You need to disassemble it properly or you end up damaging the tent.

Disassembling the tent is not so hectic, but it needs a little practice to pack it back into its carry bag. It is suggested to keep the stakes and pole sections separate from the fabric of the tent. It will avoid the accidental damage or tear of the tent fabric.

The main trick lies in folding the tent to fit the width of the carry bag before rolling it. Spread the flysheet before packing it up. Next, roll it tightly to match the width and pack into the carry bag.

If you are storing the tent for a longer time or not planning any camping adventure for sometime, then it is suggested to keep the tent spread. Also, make sure the tent is clean and free from dust and dirt before storing.

8. What comes with the backpacking tent?

Coleman Sundome 2 Person Tent (5)

The backpacking tent comes with all the required accessories required for setting it up. The stakes included are of fibreglass. It does not require any cord as the stakes go through loops attached inside the tent. The carry bag and inner storage bags are included in the price of the tent.

There are few points you should consider before buying or finalizing a backpacking tent for yourself.

Points to consider while getting a backpacking tent

1. Size of the Backpacking Tent

Coleman Sundome 2 Person Tent (6)

Before you decide to buy a backpacking tent for yourself, you need to look how much space do you actually need.

This Coleman Sundome 2 person tent is enough for two people. But if you have all gears for two peoples, then it might be a bit congested.

An airbed of two peoples can easily be adjusted. But if you are willing to use a double layer mattress, your headroom will get shortened.


2. Standing Room Space

This backpacking tent would be a great choice for taller people. The headroom of this particular tent is 48 inches at the centre. One can easily stand upright in this backpacking tent and change clothes with more comfort.

There are some other small features which make this tent a great choice. It contains gear loft for storing smaller personal belongings off the floor and different access port. The light can be hung from the ceiling giving maximum light inside the tent.

3. Weight of the backpacking tent

The weight of the backpack is an important consideration while buying one. The heavier weight makes your trekking more tiresome. Hence, the backpacking tent weight should be as low as possible.

In case of Sundome 2 person tent, the total weight of the tent is 7.5 pounds. It is a bit heavier than backpacking of similar pricing. It is not actually the tent for long trekking. It is perfect for few miles from base camp, but a regular hiker who needs extra space can easily carry it.

4. Quality & Durability of the Tent

Coleman Sundome 2 Person Tent (4)

While spending money on anything, we all want a quality product. We want to have a product which will last longer in the usage. This Coleman Sundome 2 people backpacking tent is made of quality materials while compared to its price.

The zippers are of nice quality and are waterproof in nature. The fibreglass poles are sturdy enough to keep the tent stable in harsh weather condition. This is not a highly durable product but it’s a good choice for wide varieties of camping adventures.

The stakes of the tent are strong enough for moderately harsh weather situations. The polyester fabric gives you privacy and does not compromise with interior lighting during daytime. If used with proper care and cleaned timely, this backpacking tent will last for several years.

5. Carrying the backpacking tent

This Coleman Sundome 2 person tent comes with a carry bag and separate bags for the fabric, poles and stakes. These bags help to distribute the entire weight of the backpacking tent between two peoples.

Even if you are flying to the camping destination, the entire set up can be stored in its carry bag.

6. Three Season or Four Season Backpacking Tent

Weather plays an important role during camping or trekking adventure. There are two types of seasonal backpacking tent available. They are three season backpacking tent and four-season backpacking tent.

Coleman Sundome 2 people backpacking tent is a three season tent. It is best suited for summer, fall and spring camping trip. It will help you against summer heat as well as rainy downpour. The tent is designed to be a perfect partner for moderate winter too but it won’t be a good choice for extreme cold and heavy rains.

Let’s look at some pros and cons of this backpacking tent.

1. Pros

  • An exclusive WeatherTec system to keep you dry
  • Gear loop at the tent peak
  • Spacious headroom
  • Electric power port for added convenience
  • Mesh vents at top and ground vent
  • Flashlight loop for lighting
  • Freestanding design.
  • Fairly priced

2. Cons

  • No vestibules
  • No footprint
  • Only one door
  • Small and compact rain fly
  • Heavy compared to other similar tents
  • Can leak in heavy rain

Final opinion about the tent

1. Weight (3.0 out of 5)

The backpacking tent obviously feels quite heavy if carried alone. It is not the type of tent to be taken for long trekking adventure alone. It is fine if the parts are carried by two peoples. A two-person tent with 7.2 pounds weight is not so great for carrying.

2. Interior space (3.5 out of 5)

The interior space of the tent mentioned is 7 * 5 feet but it feels less while living inside. If used for two fully adult people, it might feel quite congested. It would be also quite difficult to store gears of two peoples. It is best suited for one adult and one young person.

3. Reliability (3.5 out of 5)

This Coleman Sundome 2 person tent is a three season backpacking tent. It is good choice for camping in summer, fall and spring. The tent is not really suitable in winter and heavy rainy season. Though the rainfly can prevents water, still there are chances of leakage inside the tent.

4. Features & ease of use (4 out of 5)

The tent is packed with various extensive features to give you a great trekking experience. It is quite easy to setup and can be done within 10 minutes. One can easily set up this tent without any extra help.

5. Price (4.8 out of 5)

The tent is quite affordable and does not feel heavy on pocket. It is priced fairly looking at various features provided by the manufacturer.

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