Traveling allows you to have a lot of fun. It keeps you fresh and teaches you many things. But to go many places and do different activities, you need to carry many items too. So you need to get a comfortable and roomy backpack if you are looking to travel.

Here we present to you!

CADeN professional travel camera backpack is the ultimate backpack for traveling. It is durable and comfortable with a medium storage capacity.

About CADeN

After launching CADeN on October 10, 2001, it became a popular name in the list of companies that manufactured camera backpack. Since then, CADeN has been providing professional camera backpacks with versatile features. It has long time cooperation relationship with famous brands.

Summary of CADeN Professional Travel Camera Backpack

CADeN professional travel camera backpack is a convenient and lightweight product. It is a multi-use backpack with anti-theft pocket. This high-quality backpack has padded compartments. This feature keeps your equipment scratch-free.

This unisex backpack is reinforce stitched for tough durability. This backpack which is waterproof has padded straps for breathability. The shockproof and shaping design backpack is a go-to for wanderers.

A detailed review of CADeN Professional Travel Camera Backpack


15.3 x 11.8 x 5.5 inches (h x w x d)


2.78 pounds


This camera backpack can support an SLR or DSLR camera body. It can also hold 2-3 extra lenses and a Speedlite. It has a padded compartment to store a laptop of up to 14 inches in size. Other small compartments are fit enough to hold your accessories.

Protective and padded compartments with anti-theft pocket

CADeN Professional Travel Camera Backpack Review in 2019 (3)

This backpack has a laptop compartment that can store a laptop of size up to 14 inches. There are zipper pockets on the front panel inside the main compartment. These pockets can hold your small photography accessories within easy reach.

The main compartment has a fabric cover with camera liner. The removable, foam-padded dividers allow customization to the interior. A rope of convergent way with a lid covers the main compartment to protect the camera.

There’s an anti-theft pocket where you can keep your phone, money and money cards. All the thick compartments are well padded. This keeps your equipment free from scratch. It also protects your equipment from the impact of bumps and jumps.

Adjustable and breathable straps with reinforced stitching

The side straps and the flexible cords on the bottom help you to hold your tripod. The shoulder straps consist of air pads that keep your bag breathable. This feature keeps you cool while you have your backpack on your shoulder.

With chest strap, the backpack divides equal weight across your torso. The straps don’t cut off around your shoulder area. The reinforced stitching does not allow the straps to rip off any time soon. The straps are adjustable to fit all body type.

Dual-use unisex design

CADeN Professional Travel Camera Backpack Review in 2019 (6)

This backpack is a multi-use backpack. You can use it as a camera backpack and also for outdoors. It is waterproof and only available in black color. It is a versatile backpack that is fit enough for any physique.

The interior of the bag has a smart design. It creates less friction between your equipment and the fabric. This thick padded design with fabric cover keeps your equipment protected. The backpack is shockproof and shapes according to your body.

Strong enough to bear any weather condition

The zippers can bear up to 5000 runs. The all-weather cover protects the fabric of backpack from all weather conditions. The backpack is also shockproof.

The backpack’s fabric is of Oxford fabric and microfiber. The microfiber keeps germs and dirt away from the backpack. The Oxford fabric makes the backpack water resistant and wind resistant.

The reinforced stitching keeps the straps safe from ripping. As the Oxford fabric is of high density, it keeps the backpack from losing fabric threads. This also keeps the backpack protected from abrasion.


The durable backpack is travel-friendly with trendy style. The backpack has a neat look because of microfiber. Reinforced stitching and the anti-theft pocket is the best part of the backpack. This multi-use backpack is very comfortable to carry and wander around.


Why does every camera backpack have to be available only in black color?

The backpack would be better if it was available in a variety of colors and a sleek design. The backpack can carry only 2 to 3 extra lenses. For traveling, only one anti-theft pocket cannot give you full security.


Durability Rating

4.4 out of 5

The high-quality materials make the backpack trustworthy for not ripping off too soon. The company guarantees on the durability of stitches and zipper. I still doubt if the backpack can handle slash-snatch-and-run theft.

Capacity Rating

4 out of 5

This backpack has a medium capacity level. It is fit enough for a small shoot or documentary equipment. For a professional shoot, it might not be able to fit heavy-duty equipment.

Design Rating

3 out of 5

The backpack has a simple design. It will be better if they add variety to the color in which the bags are available. Also, they should opt for a sleek look. The backpack looks a little too bulky.

The dual access design makes the backpack convenient. The multi-use design makes the backpack versatile.

Comfort Rating

4.4 out of 5

The straps have air pads which do not cut off around the shoulder area. The air pads also make the backpack breathable and cool to carry. With this backpack, you will not feel too hot while traveling. The lightweight feature will not make the backpack a burden for you.

At last

Considering every aspect, I’ll rate the backpack with a 4.5 out of 5.

This trendy backpack is convenient enough to travel with medium-sized equipment. This backpack will be handy if you want a comfy travel with your equipment.

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