We hear thousands of cases of pickpockets every day around the world. But you can be assured that these cases don’t occur if you are travelling with a Bobby Anti theft backpack. Bobby Anti-theft backpack has different key features such as the hidden zipper, secret pocket, cut-proof material fabric, and hidden zipper closures. It will keep your belongings safe while travelling.

Along with the safety features, the backpack also comes with water-repellent fabric, integrated USB charging port illuminating safety stripes, luggage straps as well as weight balance to make your travel comfortable.

Bobby Anti theft backpack is one of the highly marketed anti-theft backpacks. But wait, is it worth it? Do the features of this product that have been marketed so heavily live up to the expectations? Well, have a look at the backpack yourself. I have tried to cover all the aspects of the backpack.

Highlighted Features of the Original Bobby Anti-theft Backpack and Reviews

1. Anti Theft Features

As the backpack is an anti-theft backpack, you can expect to get a variety of features in the backpack. They will help to secure your goods from being stolen or pickpockets.

If you are worried about thieves cutting your backpack and stealing your things, this backpack will be the best choice. The main feature of this backpack lies in its design. Even the material used for manufacturing this backpack is of great quality.

This backpack has been made of several layers using the strong material. The main layer of the backpack is made out of cut-proof 300D/600D polyester. It is combined with PP protection board. The fabric combination is hard to rip off even by the use of a sharp knife. The fabric used is also scratch-proof in nature. Even if the thief tries to cut it with his full force, it will hardly leave a scratch.

One of the important features of the backpack is the presence of YKK zippers. These zippers are hidden so perfectly that except the owner it would be the most difficult to task to find them by thieves. Hence, you can have peace of mind about the safety of your goods inside the backpack.

Another important anti-theft feature of the backpack is the presence of Hidden pockets. Most of the backpacks do not have hidden pockets in them. Bobby backpack comes with a different secret and hidden pockets. They are not visible while looking at the backpack. You can use these secret pockets to keep your wallet and smartphones. They will be safe and out of anyone’s reach.

Additionally, there is a public transportation pocket in the shoulder strap of the backpack. You can use the pocket to keep cards or some extra cash while travelling and is easily accessible. This pocket will act as a savior for those who travel by metros and fear to lose their pass.

2. Waterproof Material

If you are worried about the rain or water spilling which can wet your things inside the backpack, then your one-stop choice should be Bobby anti-theft backpack. The backpack is made of waterproof material. It is designed to resist any water or liquid which might get spilled on the backpack. Make sure to close the zips so that the water doesn’t go inside.

If you love to enjoy the rain or live in an area where it rains frequently, there is an option of rain cover in the backpack which can be bought separately. The rain cover makes the backpack totally waterproof. It covers all the areas where the raindrops can enter the backpack. Be aware that the rain cover won’t help if you submerge your backpack.

3. Night Safety Feature

We all love to go on road trips or long ride during night time. But riding or travelling at night can be dangerous. Not all places at night have lights. So some places can get really dark. Imagine, how cool it would it be if a backpack can glow at night or dark.

Well, this backpack comes with illuminating stripes. The stripes glow in dark or night to keep you safe on roads. The presence of illuminating bars which are placed on every side of the backpack glows in the dark or night. This feature will keep you safe if you go on a ride at night on cycle or bike. It will help to avoid an accident or collision from the back side.

4. Embedded USB Charging Port

If you are tired of holding your power bank in hands to charge your gadgets while travelling, you’ll surely love the embedded USB charging port feature of this backpack.

There is a hidden pocket where you can store your external battery pack and connect it to the given USB cable. All you need to do is connect your gadget’s cable to the USB and the gadget will start charging. You don’t need to get your power bank out of the backpack.

5. Adjustable Open Angle

Many backpacks don’t come with an adjustable opening angle which makes it tough to store huge things inside them or to take them out. But this backpack comes with many opening angles. It will help you storing and taking out things from the backpack easily. The backpack can be opened from 30 degrees to 180 degrees according to your wishes and comfort.

At 30 degree opening, you can hold the bag in hand or use a hook. You can keep things inside or get your belongings outside without any hassle.

At 90 degree, you can keep the bag on a table or a plain surface and it will make a shape of a right angle. At this angle, you can take your small things in and out of the backpack. All the corners of the backpack are accessible while opened at this angle.

 At 180 degrees, you can open the backpack widely keeping it on a table or a plain surface. This opening angle helps you fit in the bulky things inside the backpack.

6. Weight Balance

You will always feel uncomfortable if you carry some extra items in the backpack. The absence of weight balance feature in the backpack will make it difficult to move with it.

But, you will never feel the burden of extra luggage even if you carry them in it. Bobby anti-theft backpack has a weight balance feature. It will help you avoid the feeling of fatigue even if you carry the bag for a long time.

With the Bobby anti-theft backpack, your shoulder will always be relaxed. The straps of the backpack are extra comfortable, well padded and soft. Besides that, you can also adjust the shoulder straps according to your own comfort.

Additionally, the backpack leans on your back. The weight is distributed on the back of your body. It makes the backpack around 20-25% lighter than any other backpacks.

7. Shock-proof Feature

If you carry your laptop in your backpack on regular basis, you might be afraid of backpack falling on the ground or shaking. If so, all you need to do is to switch your regular backpack to Bobby anti-theft backpack.

This backpack has got 6 mm foam layers between the laptop sleeve and main compartment. The layer of foam acts as a shockproof feature. The foam also helps to avoid the impact of backpack falling down on the electronics gadgets. You can be assured that laptop has not experienced serious damage and can be safely used.

8. Luggage Strap

If you are a frequent traveller and travel with a trolley bag, you need not carry this backpack on your back. The availability of luggage strap will help you attach the backpack to your luggage bag.

Additionally, the backpack comes with a holder on its top. It will let you hold the bag with your hands at the times when you don’t want to carry it on your back.

9. Anti Sweat & Air Permeability

The back of the backpack is made of the multilayer of fabric. It makes the backpack anti-sweat and air permeable in nature. The presence of 20 mm spongy layer makes the backpack more lithe and comfortable.

10. Interior Organization

Bobby anti-theft backpack has only one main compartment. But there are different pockets inside the main compartment. They will keep your things arranged inside. There is a well-padded laptop sleeve like any other laptop backpack. The laptop sleeve can fit in a laptop of 15 inches.

Additionally, the laptop sleeve is suspended a little from the bottom. This ensures that there won’t be any impact on the laptop if it is placed on the ground suddenly.

There are three different padded slots on the front side of the internal compartment. One at the top and other two at the bottom of the backpack. The bottom slot is the largest in size and can be used to keep thermos. The other two can be used to store smaller items like power cords, glasses, pens, pencils, lip balms, etc.

Extra Features to have a Look

Some of the extra features of Bobby anti theft backpack are listed below

1. Unisex Design

The backpack has been designed in such a way that it is comfortable when carried by both men and women. It is a unisex bag which can be used by both men and women.

2. It is Stylish

Bobby anti-theft backpack showcases different styles with a simple yet fashionable design. It is available in many colours which add flavours to its stylish nature. The different colour options available are grey, black, mint green, pastel blue and red. You just need to select the color which suits you better.

3. Perfect For Every Use

Bobby anti-theft backpack is perfect for different usage. It can be used as a laptop backpack if you carry your laptop when you go out. It can also be used as a camera backpack if you are a photo enthusiast and love photography. Plus, it can also be used as a school/college bag to use on daily basis.

4. Affordable Price

With the variety of features in a single backpack, Bobby anti-theft backpack can be confused with an expensive backpack. In fact, it is cheaper compared to many other backpacks with fewer features. You can get one for yourself online and choose from different colour options. The backpack has been priced in such a way that everyone can afford one for themselves.

Different Usage of Bobby Anti-Theft Backpack

1. School/College Usage

Bobby Anti-theft backpack can also be used as a school/college backpack. It is designed in such a way that it fulfills every need. Even when you can carry your laptop and tablet in your backpack, there will plenty of space for your books and notebooks of different sizes. The smaller compartments inside can be used to keep pen, pencils and other stationery.

2. Camera Backpack

The Bobby Anti-theft backpack would be an ideal choice for you if you are a professional photographer or simply a photography enthusiast. The body of the DSLR can perfectly fit in the main compartment. The lens of the camera can be stored in the smaller compartments. There will be plenty of space for a tripod after keeping your camera and its accessories.

3 Travel Backpack

The backpack is perfect for the safety of your belongings while travelling. It can store all your requirements for a day out.

Trade Drawbacks

Despite the many awesome features of the backpack, these are a few features of the backpack which didn’t please me:

1. Bulky Design

The backpack is designed in such a way that it looks like it can store a lot of things. But after keeping a laptop, few accessories and a pair of clothes, there is not much space left to keep more clothes or some food items.

2. Rigid Shape

The backpack is designed in a rigid shape so that even when the backpack is empty, it can’t be compressed. This makes it difficult to pack the bag inside the luggage bag or trolley.

Final Overview

After looking at all the features of the backpack, I have decided to rate the various features of the backpack:

1. Usability: ( 3.5 out of 5)

The backpack has tremendous anti-theft features. It makes your goods extra secure while travelling. But there is not enough space to take the backpack on longer trips. You can use the backpack for daily commuting and some weekend trips.

2. Internal Organization: (4.5 out of 5)

The internal organization of the backpack is very good. You can store each good a proper manner and in an organized way. Hence, the interior organization of the backpack is well-managed.

3. Construction: (3.5 out of 5)

The quality of the polyester used in the manufacture of the backpack seems to be nice. It is cut proof and scratch proof in nature.

4. Comfort: (4 out of 5)

The backpack is designed in such a way that it distributes the weight on the back. Hence, it provides great comfort while carrying it on the back.

5. Durability: (4 out of 5)

The quality of the backpack stitch is high. It makes the backpack extra durable even after daily usage. Hence, the backpack is durable enough for long-term usage.

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