If you are a regular hiker, you must know that a good backpack is a foremost gear you need before starting your adventure. You can’t even imagine going on a hike without carrying a dependable and tested backpack.

Well, that’s the basics!

Now, you may be wondering how to select the best hiking backpack? How to choose a specific pack over the other?

Don’t worry! We are here to provide you with the detailed information of some of the best hiking backpacks of 2019 available to buy on the internet.

1. Osprey Exos 58

Osprey Exos 58

Osprey Exos 58 is one of the most popular thru-hiking backpacks ever. It has a brilliant carrying comfort and suits you the most for multi-day trips.


30 X 14 X 14 inches


Osprey’s Exos 58 backpack weighs around 2.65 pounds and has a capacity of 68 liters. Comparatively, this model of hiking pack is almost half the weight of some of the top contenders.

The bag’s convenient weight is due to its super-light frame and modest design. Also, it consists of several small buckles and compression straps, which makes it a lightweight backpack. In addition, the presence of a removable lid can further strip down the pack’s already lighter weight.


The Exos 58 is one of the most comfortable hiking packs available in the market. The interior fabric of this pack is cozy and it also consists of comfortable shoulder straps. Padding in the shoulder strap makes it easier for you to carry the bag as the shoulder area bears most of the weight.

Meanwhile, Exos 58 comes with proper ventilation. It aids to keep you cool and comfortable during the mid-summer hiking. The backpack performs exceptionally well for loads up to 35 pounds but lacks some comfort beyond that weight margin.


One major constraint of this backpack is that its size can’t be adjusted. Nevertheless, it comes in three sizes, which makes it easy for you to choose accordingly and pack your necessary gear.

The Exos 58 comes with the light wire frame which offers excellent support when carrying loads up to 40 pounds. The bag also has dual-access stretch mesh side pockets to hold your water bottles and other gear with compression straps. Likewise, you can easily attach your sleeping pad or tent at the bottom area of this backpack.


The crafting of the Exos 58 backpack involves 100D and 210D nylon fabric. The fabric is thin in size, and the pack has a removable floating lid with top and under-lid zippered pockets. It assists in the secure storage of smaller essentials. Besides, it consists of an integrated flapjacket which protects the packed gear when the top lid is removed.

If you are interested in a lightweight and comfortable pack for smooth hiking, this backpack is best for you. It does come at a reasonable price as well.

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2. Gregory Paragon 68

Gregory Paragon 68

This backpack is ideal for men who opt for multi-day hiking. It comes with low weight and is a robust and versatile hiking pack for a variety of trips.


31 X 13 X 12 inches


Gregory Paragon 68 backpack weighs around 3.88 pounds. It holds a capacity of 68 liters which is one of the highest in the list.

The backpack is a pound heavier than Osprey Exos 58, but it provides exceptional comfort when you carry more than 35 pounds of load. The highly-fitted 210 CryptoRip Nylon and 100D high Tenacity Nylon aids in its lighter weight and better performance.


The backpack scores quite remarkable comfort points. It comes with tons of padding, which aids to keep your hips and shoulders comfortable throughout the journey. The shoulder straps are somewhat stiffer and wider making it easier to carry heavier and bulkier loads.

Being a lighter pack, this hiking backpack model has a surprisingly supportive suspension. Likewise, a larger lower lid can unzip on three sides in a ‘U’ shape, which makes searching for small items more convenient.


In terms of packability, the Paragon 68 is well balanced and perfect for a multi-day hike. Besides its main pocket, the pack also consists of a stretch front pocket that can hold several items including jackets, maps, and snacks. It is easily accessible as well.

On top of that, there is top storage where you can stuff first aid kits, flashlights, and other items. The primary material is silk, making it easier to stuff things in and take them out.


Though this hiking pack comes with a simple design, it offers tons of features that make your hiking convenient and comfortable. Like most backpacks, it has a sleeping bag compartment that can be detached if necessary. In addition, the side straps make it easy to compress down all the gear and prevent them from shaking while hiking.

The backpack also includes a rain cover with a dedicated zippered pocket. Likewise, a sunglass quick-stow offers a quick and scratch-free way to stuff your shades.

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3. Osprey Xenith 105

Osprey Xenith 105

Osprey Xenith 105 is a top-notch, long-lasting, custom fit, perfectly designed backpack for lengthy hiking ventures. It possesses the ability to handle heavy loads during any trip.


38 X 16 X 17 inches


Although the pack is a heavyweight at 5.67 pounds, it’s somewhat acceptable considering its humongous capacity of 105 liters.

Some ounces of its weight is due to the robust suspension system it possesses. Yet, the pack overpowers some of the other backpacks in the weight-to-comfort ratio. It is because it is crafted with lighter material.


The Osprey Xenith 105 is made of high-quality foam that strikes a perfect balance between comfort and stiffness. One thing you will love about this pack is the articulated shoulder straps that will keep you comfortable during the longest of trips.

The use of soft fabric inside the shoulder straps and hip belt makes this pack easy on your skin. With a muscular suspension, it also possesses an ability to carry moderate to heavy loads with ease.


Talking about the packing capacity of this backpack, it offers a separate compartment to carry your sleeping bag. This feature comes handy as the bag won’t take much of space in your main compartment.

Furthermore, the availability of straps on the outside of the pack allows you to optimally utilize all the storage space of this bag. You will also find it easy to stuff your water bottles as the pack features a double stretch side pockets. Likewise, the stretch front pockets available on the pack assists you to hold your hoodie or jacket.


Osprey Xenith 105 is made with 420D high Tenacity Nylon fabric which gives the backpack its power-packed design. It features a mesh-covered rigid foam which allows maximum ventilation and keeps the load close to your body.

Likewise, a custom-moldable BioForm4 CM hip-belt and shoulder straps balance firmness and cushioning for optimal support and comfort. These features make it a perfect hiking backpack for prolonged journeys.

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4. Osprey Rook 65

Osprey Rook 65

A perfect backpack for a light and easy hike is Osprey’s Rook 65. It is an essential pack that carries smaller loads without breaking the bank.


29 X 16 X 14 inches


Rook 65 is another Osprey lightweight bag that weighs around 3.63 pounds and has a capacity of 65 liters. Relatively more volume with less weight keeps it in the list of high-performing lightweight backpacks.

Despite being crafted with a strong 600D polyester, the pack is comparatively lightweight. The bag is marginally lighter than the Gregory Paragon 68 pack.


The backpack uses a lightweight peripheral frame to provide flexibility and strong support for your load. As we already mentioned that the pack is for carrying smaller loads, it can comfortably hold up to 35 pounds. However, the carrying comfort quickly plunges once the load crosses 35-pound mark.

The backpack comes with a unique torso adjustment system and well-balanced hip belt padding. Yet, the shoulder straps lack enough padding, which makes it quite uncomfortable in the journey. Nevertheless, the pack comes with excellent suspension.


The pack offers quite a useful feature for smaller loads. It comes with five pockets: two zippered pockets on the hip belt; two stretch mesh pockets on the sides and one large zippered pocket on the lid.

On top of that, the hiking bag consists of dual compression straps. The lower straps connect with the hip belts. Besides, removable straps are placed on the bottom where you can attach a sleeping pad or tent.


Osprey Rook 65 is crafted with either 600D Polyester, 450D Polyester, or 1000D Nylon Packcloth materials. It features a highly adjustable suspension, durable fabric, as well as a breathable back panel.

The inclusion of a comfortable sleeping bag compartment zipper makes it easy for you to grab something from the bottom of the pack in the middle of your hike.

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5. TETON Sports Scout 3400

TETON Sports Scout 3400

If you are a novice hiker, the TETON Sports Scout 3400 is a perfect backpack for you. It is a unisex backpack with an internal frame, and is hydration compatible with 55 liters capacity.


30 X 17 X 12 inches


With 55 liters capacity, the pack is marginally on the heavy side with a weight of 4.5 pounds. The pack’s shell is 600-denier ripstop polyester.

This model is ideal for smaller hikes that are best suited for beginners. The weight is comfortable for a smaller adult or teen to carry. Also, the available capacity can store your 2-4 trip-day stuff.


TETON Sports Scout 3400 backpack consists of the well-padded shoulder straps. An adjustable upper load chest strap and the padded waist belt ensures that the pack remains close to your body for proper distribution of weight.

The presence of the open-cell foam lumbar pad provides enough cushioning for the pack. It also makes sure there is adequate airflow to prevent your back from becoming sweaty during your hike.


In terms of packability, the model comes with the main compartment which is accessible from the top. There is a water bladder sleeve inside the main compartment that can accommodate up to 3 liters of water.

The lid in the pack consists of multiple compartments which include an internal and external zippered pocket and a compression bungee mesh. You can stuff plenty of utilities inside the pack that can last for at least 3-4 days.


This pack has a dual aluminum stay internal frame. It is made from a durable and lightweight 600D polyester Oxford canvas shell giving it a robust design. The stuffing of 600D diamond ripstop ensures that it withstands even the most rugged hikes.

Sports Scout 3400 features full torso adjustability. You can detach the velcro on the back and slide the harness up and down to fit your torso length. All of these come at an exceptionally low price.

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6. Osprey Aether AG 70

Osprey Aether AG 70

Osprey Aether AG 70 backpack is designed for carrying heavy loads over rough terrain comfortably. It falls on the slightly heavy side, but not more than the Osprey’s Xenith model.


33 X 16 X 13 inches


With a weight of 5.3 pounds, the pack is not suitable for minimalists or light travelers. But, its capacity of 70 liters makes its weight reasonable among high-capacity and heavy models.

You can leave the top lid of the pack at home to cut some weight of this pack. However, this negates convenience and storage as the top lid is an excellent place for keeping small and easily accessible items close to yourself.


The newer version of Aether AG 70 continues the pack’s previous tradition of carrying comfort. Generally, it is a perfect model to carry heavy and bulky loads. The presence of high-quality foam in the hip-belt and shoulder straps combine well for exceptional comfort and support.

Besides, it has a strong metal frame and a suspended mesh back panel that adds a great feel. The wide range of compression straps along the sides and front of the pack help to keep your gear in place.


The backpack offers many features that make it comfortable for a multi-day hike. It consists of a top drawstring opening as well as a large pocket on its side which has access to the main compartment.

You can pack your wet clothes, bathing suits, and towels in the outer elastic mesh kangaroo pouch. Similarly, a high-volume zippered pocket on each side of the hip belt offers storage comfort for your phone, snacks, and wallets.


One of the major features of Aether AG 70 is the Anti-Gravity suspension. This suspension means that the open mesh back panel of the pack sits a couple of inches away from the pack to aid in proper ventilation.

The model has crafting of 210D and 500D nylon fabric, making it durable as well as comfortable. It is also well-received for its newly designed detachable daypack feature.

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7. Osprey Volt 60

Osprey Volt 60

The Osprey Volt 60 is a well-designed versatile backpack for multi-day hiking. The material has an attractive harness adjustability feature and comes at an affordable price.


33 X 13 X 11 inches


With the capacity of 60 liters, the Volt 60 pack weighs around 3.88 pounds. It is a tad heavier than the Osprey’s Rook 65 model, but can be considered lighter given its volume of 60 liters.

Osprey uses a lightweight frame to keep this pack comparatively on the lighter side. Plus, the frame allows you to receive full benefits of a 60-liter backpack while keeping the weight under four pounds. Even if you fully load the pack, the weight factor remains on the pleasant side.


The other significant aspect of Volt 60 is the amount of comfort it offers to you. Its comfort ranks better than other models at its price range.

Volt 60 features high-quality comfortable foam for your comfort has exceptional shoulder straps and cozy back panel which offers a comfortable carry. The pack’s suspension is decent when compared to other osprey’s model. Its design makes it suitable for loads up to 40 pounds. The additional weight may start impacting the comfort range of the pack.


The backpack offers great packability feature which makes it suitable for your multi-day hike. It comes with several easy access pockets and attachments that can conveniently store your essentials.

The availability of a pair of zippered pockets on the lid makes it easy for you to store smaller items like gloves and compasses. All of the pack’s pockets are roomy enough to store personal items or quickly needed tools. You can also find a place to store your wet clothes in the external mesh pocket placed on the outside of the bag.


The Volt 60 possesses a basic design and comes with features needed by most of the backpackers. Some of the pack’s features include stretchy one-liter water bottle pockets, a stretchy beavertail pocket, ice-axe loops, and dual zippered hip belt pockets.

Likewise, you can also find lower sleeping pad straps and easily accessible sleeping bag compartment in this model of the backpack. The combination of strong design and quality features can make Volt 60 your favorite hiking pack.

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8. Gregory Zulu 55

Gregory Zulu 55

The Gregory Zulu 55 is a well-ventilated, adjustable backpack that is convenient for mid-range hikes. It offers a great balance between features and weight, and comes with comfortable suspension.


25.5 X 13.5 X 11 inches


The weight factor of Zulu 55 places it close to the lightweight backpacks available for hiking. It is just a touch over 3.5 pounds and has a storage capacity of 55 liters.

The pack’s weight mark is very respectable in terms of lightweight backpacking. Most of the backpackers agree that this backpack should not be loaded more than around 35 pounds. Although the pack can handle more weight, it can create an uncomfortable situation for you if you are planning to hike for many miles.


Well-designed shoulder straps and thick padding plays a vital role in placing Zulu 55 among the most comfortable packs.  Besides the exceptionally padded shoulder straps, the pack makes it convenient for you with load lifters, adjustable sternum strap, and an emergency whistle.

Meantime, the suspension system of this backpack is a big plus. It features an adjustable torso size. Plus, you can get a mesh back panel that fits with your body offering you a comfortable and easy hike.


You can get ample space to pack your things if you get hold of Gregory Zulu 55 backpack. This pack consists of 7 pockets. You can also find two pockets in the lid- one with external zippered access and another to store your rain cover.

The hip-belt has two zippered pockets and two stretch mesh pockets on the side. Meanwhile, one large stretch mesh pocket is placed on the front and remains secured with a top buckle. Its capacity makes the pack versatile enough for week-long hikes.


Zulu 55’s materials include nylon and polyester blends in a 210D double diamond ripstop and a 210D X 420D flat weave. Its internal framing consists of a stretched spring steel bar.

The major attractive feature of this backpack model is a mesh beavertail pocket on the front which is fantastic for drying out damp items. Likewise, the availability of bottom and front zippers in the main compartment of the pack makes it easy for you to grab your gear when needed.

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9. Deuter Speed Lite 24

Deuter Speed Lite 24

Deuter Speed Lite 24 is an ultra-lightweight, minimalist option for day hiking, climbing, or skiing. Despite being lightest on the list, the pack delivers form-fitting carrying comfort.


22 X 11 X 7.1 inches


The Speed Lite 24 backpack weighs around 1.11 pounds. Despite being exceptionally lightweight, it has a capacity of 24 L. The pack’s weight and space make it excellent for your everyday carry. It has plenty of space for a laptop, jacket, and other stuff required for a light and easy hike.

This pack performs well during the short hike; however, the least capacity makes it a huge exception for prolonged trips.


In terms of comfort, the Speed Lite 24 scores well. It consists of a Lite Air back system that provides a stable and comfortable load distribution. The back panel of this pack is extremely well-padded, ventilated, and light.

Meanwhile, its tapering shape allows you a full arm movement so you hardly know it is on your back. The availability of an adjustable sternum strap and supportive hip belt enhances both fit and comfort.


Deuter Speed Lite 24 comes with panel-loading access. The pack offers the option to remove the flexible internal frame so that you can roll it and stuff it into another bag.

You can store your water bottles and other essential gear in the twin side stretch pockets available. Also, there is a separate pocket at the top which can stuff your mobile phones and other utilities. The shoulder straps in the pack come with a shades holder where you can fit your sunglasses.


Super Lite 24 is made with 85% Nylon and 15% Polyester. The use of these materials makes the bag washable, and it dries quickly when you rinse it off.

The primary feature of this pack is the availability of a waist strap and chest strap. These functionalities keep the bag from shifting while climbing or scrambling to the top. You can pick this pack for short and easy hikes but rely on it when your adventure day increases.

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10. Arc’teryx Bora AR 63

Arc’teryx Bora AR 63

If you are looking for comfortable padding and suspension in your hiking backpack, you should get hold of Arc’teryx Bora AR 63.

It comes with a top-notch water resistance feature.


30 X 24 X 13 inches


The weight of 5 pounds makes this pack heavier than average in comparison. It is some ounces lighter than the Osprey Xenith 105 model which stands at 5.67 pounds in weight.

Bora AR comes with 63 liters capacity, and is crafted with high-quality materials, increasing its durability which is one of the important reasons to pick this bag for your adventure.


The backpack ranks as one of the most comfortable bags in the market. The foam used in the shoulder straps feels too soft at first and it adjusts to your body ideally after some use.

While talking about shoulder straps, the GridLock system allows you to adjust both the height and width of the straps on the back panel of the pack. In addition, the RotoGlide hip belt helps to provide smooth movement of your body during long hikes.


Arc’teryx Bora AR 63 provides enough space for proper packing. Its waist belt features two stretchy mesh pockets which are tight enough to ensure nothing falls off the pack. These pockets can house an average-sized camera and even your snacks.

The model also comes with a kangaroo style pocket which sticks out from the pack making it easy to access. The backpack also has two snug side pockets to store your water bottles. Likewise, there is a small zippered pocket inside of the pack which is great for storing small belongings like car keys and others.


The backpack is a flat-bottom one, which lets the pack stand up by itself when put down on the ground. Meanwhile, the strong weather-resistance feature is another main reason for its popularity among the backpackers.

The pack’s body is made from 420D and 630D nylon fabrics. Besides, the surface prone to rain and snow is capped with weatherproof AC fabric. Due to the use of durable materials, the pack is a bit too pricey.

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Best Hiking Backpacks 2019 Summary

Product NameDimensions (Inches)WeightVolume
Osprey Exos 5830 X 14 X 14 2.65 lbs58 L
Gregory paragon 6831 X 13 X 12 3.88 lbs68 L
Osprey Xenith 10538 X 16 X 17 5.67 lbs105 L
Osprey Rook 6529 X 16 X 14 3.63 lbs65 L
TETON Sports Scout 340030 X 17 X 12 4.5 lbs55 L
Osprey Aether AG 7033 X 16 X 13 5.3 lbs70 L
Osprey Volt 6033 X 13 X 11 3.88 lbs60 L
Gregory Zulu 5525.5 X 13.5 X 113.55 lbs55 L
Deuter Speed Lite 2422 X 11 X 7.1 1.11 lbs24 L
Arc’teryx Bora AR 6330 X 24 X 13 5 lbs63 L

Things to Consider Before Buying a Hiking Backpack

Before emptying your pockets on a hiking backpack, it is better if you consider a few important things.

First of all, think about the duration and length of your hike. When you are certain about it, pay attention to these major factors before finalizing your hiking backpack.


You need to aim for a lightweight hiking backpack for a convenient and comfortable trip. But make sure that its weight doesn’t compromise the material’s quality and durability.

At first, test the weight of the backpack when it is empty and afterward when it fills up with your stuff. That way, it will become easy for you to choose a pack that isn’t too heavy but still feels strong.


Volume is another critical factor to consider before planning your hiking backpack. Choosing a bag with a smaller volume will aid you to economize the space and keep your luggage light.

However, if you plan to hike in a snowy area, you might want to get a pack with a larger-than-average volume. Otherwise, a bag with 40-50 L capacity tops as a perfect fit for your hike.


The most important factor to consider while choosing a hiking backpack is its comfortability. You should choose a bag with a comfortable hip belt as most of the weight in your pack should sit on your hips.

Meanwhile, make sure you have a ventilated pack to keep yourself neat and fresh during the journey.


While hiking, you may have to face different weather conditions like rain, heat, or even snow. To keep your backpack safe from these harsh conditions, make sure to choose a backpack crafted with durable and withstanding material.

You should opt for light fabrics that are also water resistant and comfortable. Though it may be pricey, it is worth your every penny.


Another crucial thing to consider before buying a hiking pack is its durability. The pack’s durability depends on the quality of materials it holds in its exterior and interior circumferences. It will help if you take note that these craftings can bear any perverse situation during your journey.

As you already know, high-quality and water-resistant fabrics aid in the pack’s longevity.

Final Say

If you are heading for a multi-day treacherous hike, make sure to buy a lightweight pack with excellent comfort and packability. In case you are up for a simple day hike, you can find the packs that can easily fit your minimal stuff.

It can be safe to conclude that your hiking adventure depends a lot upon the backpack you choose. So choose wisely and make the most out of your adventure. Travel On!

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