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9 Tips for High Altitude Hiking
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9 Tips for High Altitude Hiking

High altitude hiking is a blessing for any hiker. It provides a stunning panorama of the surrounding landscapes, spellbinding sunrise view, and a unique, unforgettable adventure of the terrain. Anyone will be delighted by the tranquility of the scene. As rewarding as the high altitude hiking is, it is also equally challenging and strenuous. But …

Backpacking India The Only Guide You’ll Ever Need in 2019
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Backpacking India: The Only Guide You’ll Ever Need in 2019

India is a huge South-Asian country with ancient history, rich culture and tradition, and diversity in every aspect. With a marvelous diversity in its geography, religion,  culture, food and everything in between, India is a perfect getaway destination for backpacking in 2019. Brimming with cultural aesthetics, breathtaking natural terrain and the bustling metropolitan cities add …